Mystery KAL – Clue 6 is live!

It’s here! Clue 6 of the Mystery Sweater KAL is live!

I don’t know about you, but I made great progress since the last clue! Clue 2 took a while, but Clue 3 flew by and Clue 4 is moving along nicely. I’m looking forward to doing the Clue 5 pockets!


We had several people who were concerned about showing pictures of their sweaters because they had so many bits of yarn hanging off of them. Let’s face it, all of our sweaters look unfinished when we’re still making them. That’s because they areunfinished. They are diamonds in the rough. We’ll worry about polishing them up when the knitting is done! However, Elly was happy to share her Classic Shades Solids (197yds/100g)sweater again, and no wonder. Finished or unfinished, it looks beautiful. Her pockets look quite neat.

Nettle Lana ExpressionsAnother knitter was glad to share his Nettle Lana Expressions (98yds/50g) sweater. I’m still a little envious of the reverse stockinette body! We share the detail shot at right to show just how invisible those pocket openings are. I’m very happy to have learned this method of putting pockets into a garment. This is going to be a great little trick in my knitter’s toolbox.

Clue 6 brings us to the end of the body. We’re looking at button placement and finishing off the hem. The end is in sight, folks. You’re doing great!

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