Mystery KAL – Clue 2 is live!

It’s here! Clue 2 of the Mystery Sweater KAL is live!

So, how’re we doing? Personally, I love it so far. The reversible right twists look great and are easy to keep track of. I’m feeling good about the path that I’ve chosen… and now it’s time to choose again!

Amy Gunderson gives Harder Path followers another fork in the road – choose stockinette or reverse stockinette. “One reason the reverse stockinette path might be a good choice for you is if you’re working with a variegated yarn. I happen to prefer the look of variegated yarn over a reverse stockinette fabric rather than stockinette, but it’s your choice!”

We have people in the office using both solid and variegated yarns. Above is Jennifer’s collar in Poems Silk. I may just wander over to her office and try to nudge her in the direction of reverse stockinette – I really want to see what the yarn is going to do!

This weekend will be a good opportunity to stay (or get) caught up on what we’ve done so far. We’ll be back on Monday with Clue #3!

Mystery KAL – Clue 1 is live!

It’s here! Clue 1 of the Mystery Sweater KAL is live!

True to her word, Amy Gunderson has written two versions… and hints that there will be further twists and turns down the road for those who wish to choose their own adventure.

Amy: This pattern is going to be a bit of a “choose your own adventure” sweater. There will be different “paths” to choose along the way to having your very own seamless sweater. At the very beginning of this pattern, you will find yourself at a large fork in the road. In one direction you will find a slightly more complex path. There will be right twists (RT) and reversible cables. In the other direction, you will encounter a more pared down version that involves 2×2 ribbing and garter stitch. Choose your path according to your experience level and willingness and ability to keep track of rows.

Your humble blogger and most (but not all) of the participants here at Universal Yarn are picking the harder path. Where that will lead us? We’ll just have to see!

The first clue, including charts and abbreviations we’ll need for the entire sweater, are available on the pattern page. Ravelers, we also have a Ravelry group going.

We’re planning on releasing another clue on Thursday. Cast on and join in the fun!