Sunday Swatch – Superwool

Today’s Sunday Swatch is in Superwool.

Sunday Swatch Superwool_blog

Superwool is one of those yarns that you touch, then you pause and squeeze because you can’t quite believe what you’re feeling.  Superwool is super stretchy!  It’s an acrylic/nylon blend that’s specially spun to provide a lot of give.  Frankly, as, shall we say, a “substantial” knitter I am delighted to find a yarn that’s going to be kind to my curves – especially a super bulky one that knits up quickly.

Quick Cowls Lava Flow Cowl Superwool_blogThis swatch is a cable taken from the Lava Flow Cowl pictured at right, a one ball pattern that’s part of our free Quick Cowls e-book.  It works up very quickly on size 17 needles.  I knitted this swatch in a coffee shop and foolishly left my cable needle at home, so I wound up using a Sharpie magic marker to hold my stitches.  I felt quite resourceful.

If I hadn’t had my tools, I still could have made a quick project – this yarn works great for arm-knitting.  It’s simple to make this 50″ long “Supercowl” using just your hands and one skein.  Superwool’s elasticity makes it a natural fit for arm-knitting.  It’s very easy to move the yarn over your wrists.

I just might unravel this swatch and use it to teach my daughter how to arm-knit.  What a fun project in a fun yarn!