Throwback Thursday – Bethany

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT Bethany

Today, we have Bethany!  Originally this was a “pay” pattern, but we’ve released it into the wild as a free pattern and bring it to you today to enjoy.

First stitched in Fibra Natura Cottonwood, this would make a great cover-up in either Bamboo Pop or Little Bird, which would provide great drape for this piece.  You might also try Uptown Baby Sport anti-pilling acrylic.  Uptown Baby Sport’s palette features some very sweet pastels, and at 361 yards per ball you’d only need three balls to make the smallest size.

In this traditional knit-flat cardi, the easy lace pattern is featured on both front and back.  A great lacy sweater to start now and have ready when the first chill creeps back into the air.

Happy knitting!

Ladies Who Lunch

Do you think I just came up with that out of the clear blue sky? Ladies Who Lunch? Nope, not me; but I love it! This is the title of the scarf project for this week’s weaving Wednesday, taken from Jane Patrick and Stephanie Flynn Sokolov’s book, Woven Scarves, 26 Inspired Designs for the Rigid Heddle Loom.


If you haven’t seen this book, I’m here to tell you it is inspiring, creative, and full of beautiful scarves all woven on rigid heddle looms. As I was deciding on a project for the blog and happened upon the Ladies Who Lunch scarf, I knew we had two yarns that would be just perfect: Felicity, a shiny ladder yarn with a unique a luscious wool slub; and Whisper Lace, the sweetest wool/silk laceweight yarn in our Fibra Natura line.

I don’t want to give away too many details since this is a pattern in a book. But here are some in progress photos.


In order to direct-warp to the loom I altered the warping plan slightly. Suzy, my yellow lab, may or may not approve of this plan. It’s hard to tell with her sometimes. I typically clamp my Cricket to a bench while I’m weaving. Here, this bench is in front of the door to my weaving/sewing/yarn room, blocking Suzy from entering. For this, she absolutely does not approve.


While warping the Whisper Lace (dark gray yarn), I left empty slots where I would later attach the Felicity (ladder yarn).



Yes, Suzy, it’s almost time to un-dog-block the door.

I’m pretty sure I said some unfair things about plain weave a couple/few blog posts ago. We had started out with a couple of simple projects and I was all raring to learn new tricks. But you know, plain weave doesn’t have to be “plain”. With some simple color changes and interesting yarn choices, it can be anything but “plain”! I am so sorry plain weave, I never meant to hurt your feelings.


As you can see, this is really just plain weave plaid. But with the textural difference between the  two yarns, this piece of weaving is really fun!



We’ve been working with machine washable cottons over the last few projects which has been nice! But this scarf is on the delicate side and required a gentle handwashing. After tying some simple fringe and said washing, ta-da:

Whisper Lace Felicity scarf on blog

Incidentally, Heather Hill who does most of the blogging around here also does most of our in-house photography. She’s responsible for making things look super-awesome. Thanks Heather!

Whisper Lace Felicity scarf with balls blog


The scarf pictured took just one ball of Felicity 02 Autumn’s End and one ball of  Whisper Lace 111 Charcoal. The price is right, and the weaving is fast.

See you next time with some more speedy weaving, color-shading style!


Free Pattern Friday – Swoop Tee

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Bamboo Glam Swoop Tee final_blog

Today, we feature the Swoop Tee in Bamboo Glam.

Bamboo Glam 3-shot hi-res_cutout_RavBamboo Glam is brand new for us, although as you can tell from the model we’ve already gotten some advance samples and have had a blast working with it.  It’s 96% bamboo with 4% glitter for just the right amount of glam.  Our full stock is due to arrive any time now and we can’t wait!

Bamboo Glam Swoop Tee detailThis top is constructed in a bit of an unusual way.  First the mesh sleeve saddles are knit sideways.  Then stitches are picked up off the sides of the saddles and the back and front are worked down. They’re joined after a couple of inches and the body is worked in the round down to the hem.

The “Swoop” lace is on both the front and the back of the tee.

What a great warm-weather project!

Happy knitting!




Throwback Thursday – Set Sail Top

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT Set Sail Top

Today, a perfect fit for summer – the Set Sail Top.  Originally knit in our Links cotton, we’re recommending Cotton Supreme DK (100g/230yds).  This is a particularly economical substitution – while it would have taken 20 balls of Links to make the largest size of this top, you could knit it with just 4 balls each of two colors in Cotton Supreme DK.  Score!

Set Sail Top DetailThis top is knit flat and stitched up, then the neck trim is crocheted and whipstitched to the neckline.  Presto – a cool and breezy cotton top perfect for warmer weather.

We hope you enjoy this light and fun multi-craft project.

Happy knitting!


Afghan Knitalong – Block Ten

Block Ten is live!

10 Carousel block_blogSo colorful!  Block Ten “Carousel” builds on the same center-out technique we learned in Block Nine “Best Buds.”  I love how Amy picked three colors for her block with high contrast – it’s so vivid!

Amy shares another video with us, this one on knitting in the round using one long circular and the “magic loop” method as opposed to DPNs (double-pointed needles).

This is the method I personally use for most of my socks and projects in the round.  For a small square like this, there’s not necessarily an advantage to circular vs. double-pointed needles, it’s all a matter of personal preference.  Give them both a try and see which one works best for you!

We have a bonus video as well, on weaving in ends to eliminate those pesky pointy corners, using last week’s block as an example.

Enjoy this second chance to knit from the center out.  We’ll be back again in a couple of weeks with our next technique!

Free Pattern Friday – Pathways Vest in Cotton Supreme

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme front view blog

Today, we share the Pathways Vest by Amy Gunderson.

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme side view blogI love this vest.  It combines so many different elements.  The scarf-like front can be worn straight or draped.  The ribbed back with its open expanse at the shoulders is dramatic and airy.  And Cotton Supreme 100% cotton gives the whole piece a lovely drape.

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme back view blogThe piece is knitted flat.  The pattern includes a schematic and a picture of the vest laid out to make it easier to visualize exactly what’s going on with this piece.  It seems complex, but it’s simple once you see it all put together.

We hope you take the time to knit something stylish for yourself.  You deserve it!

Happy knitting!

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme front view wrapped blog


Throwback Thursday – Ultraviolet Stole

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT Ultraviolet Stole

Something for the crocheters today!  The Ultraviolet Stole was originally designed for Endurance Sock, an offering from our Wisdom Yarns line.  Fortunately, we have a number of great yarns in the Wisdom family that would still work great with this pattern!

Saki Silk three balls B_100My personal favorite would be Saki Silk (100g/440yds), a merino/nylon/silk blend with a great sheen.  The yardage is about the same as Endurance Sock, so this would be an easy three-ball project.

If you wanted to venture outside the Wisdom family, Infusion Handpaints (100g/291yds) would be another good choice.

Regardless, there’s a lot to love about a gigantic loopy stole that’s a simple five-row repeat.  A big project that won’t tax your brain – excellent material to crochet while chatting with friends!