Free Pattern Friday – Pathways Vest in Cotton Supreme

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme front view blog

Today, we share the Pathways Vest by Amy Gunderson.

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme side view blogI love this vest.  It combines so many different elements.  The scarf-like front can be worn straight or draped.  The ribbed back with its open expanse at the shoulders is dramatic and airy.  And Cotton Supreme 100% cotton gives the whole piece a lovely drape.

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme back view blogThe piece is knitted flat.  The pattern includes a schematic and a picture of the vest laid out to make it easier to visualize exactly what’s going on with this piece.  It seems complex, but it’s simple once you see it all put together.

We hope you take the time to knit something stylish for yourself.  You deserve it!

Happy knitting!

Pathways Vest Cotton Supreme front view wrapped blog


3 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday – Pathways Vest in Cotton Supreme”

  1. Hi, I am working on this vest, I think it’s awesome. I do have A question. Where it tells me to ‘rejoin scarf’ where exactly am I supposed to rejoin? I appreciate your response. Thanks Meg

    1. Hi Meg,

      Glad you’re enjoying the project! If you take a look at the schematic/diagram on the last page of the patter, this should help you visualize what is going on.

      The vest begins with the left front, then the scarf/collar stitches are place on hold while the side of the back is knit. Then you cast on for the other side of the back and rejoin these right back stitches with the scarf.

      Hope this helps!

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