Afghan Knitalong – Block Fifteen

Block Fifteen is live!

15 Mighty Miter with title_blogBehold The Mighty Miter!

This block starts in one corner and increases along the center line, using the backward loop cast-on to grow outward.  For many of us, the backward loop was the first cast-on that we learned.  Others picked it up in the course of making buttonholes or adding stitches at the underarm of a sleeve.

If you haven’t learned it yet, here’s your chance.  Amy shows us how!

Easy as pie, eh?
The center stitch in this block is slipped on every right side row, creating that clean elongated line running through the center of the block.  It’s a nice touch for this diagonal block.

As always, you can share your thoughts and work with us here, on Facebook, or in our Ravelry group.    Check back in two weeks for a new block that builds on this technique!


Free Pattern Friday – Goldfish School Cowl

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Ravelry Goldfish School Cowl 2

Today, a “pay” pattern set free!  Michael del Vecchio’s Goldfish School Cowl appears in Bamboo Bloom Book 1: Backyard Blooms.  When we brought it to a knitting retreat the participants were so taken with it that we decided it should be released into the wild.

Ravelry Goldfish School CowlMichael has wisely used a simple pattern to let the yarn shine.  A basic 1×1 rib looks very striking in the thick/thin matte/shiny Bamboo Bloom Handpaints.

We’re glad that last weekend’s knitters were so enthusiastic.  They were right.  This pattern needs to be shared!

Thanks for your hospitality, Baskets of Yarn.  And keep knitting!

Throwback Thursday – Turtle Neck Cape

It’s Throwback Thursday!TT Turtleneck Cape

Today, we feature Thanh Nguyen’s Turtle Neck Cape.  This was originally knit in Contessa, a bulky-weight acrylic/mohair/nylon/polyester (whew!) blend.  We’re simplifying it a little by suggesting Uptown Bulky, our 100% anti-pilling acrylic as a good substitute.  Uptown Bulky has greater yardage than the original yarn, making it a better knit in terms of your budget, too.

Front and back are knit separately, then the collar is made and the whole shebang is stitched together.  From a color standpoint, I like this as a solid, but I can also see it with perhaps a few wide stripes for a dramatic, modern look.  Maybe something with a great deal of contrast?  I say, knit big or go home!

Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Wall Candy

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Wall Hanging 2_blog

Understated and elegant!  Wall Candy is a straightforward knit packaged in a unique way.

Wall Hanging 1_crop

Four strands of Deluxe Worsted 100% wool are knitted into a 10×10 stockinette square.  Thick wire is run around the edges, then the square is framed.  Don’t worry, the pattern contains directions and pictures showing how to attach the frame.  If you’ve ever run blocking wire through the edge of a shawl, you can do this.  If you haven’t… it’s time to learn!

Nettle Lana SwatchAlthough this pattern is written for Deluxe Worsted, I’m looking back over some of my Sunday Swatches to see what else I might have suitable for framing.  Maybe some Nettle Lana?  Hmmm…

Universal Yarn offers many thanks to Suzy, the Sweetest Dog in the World for her kind hospitality on this photo shoot.  Who’s a good dog, Suzy?  You are!

Susie 1

Happy knitting, friends!

Throwback Thursday – Stuffed Hound

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT_Stuffed Hound side

Awww!  Such a cute little puppy!  The Stuffed Hound was originally made in Classic Chunky with a print for the belly and feet.  We’re recommending Deluxe Chunky as the new choice.  I love this selection not just because it’s a sturdy but soft wool, but because there are 120+ colors.  You could make your little wiener dog in any color of the rainbow.  Match a real life pooch or create a whimsical little buddy that’s one of a kind!

Stuffed Hound faceThe Stuffed Hound is knitted sideways.  Knit a front and back leg, then proceed around the body to knit the other legs.  Make the underside similarly, then knit the ears, tail, and other bits and pieces.  Knitting those parts separately gives you many opportunities to switch up colors.  How about a patchwork pup?  Or one different ear?

We hope you have a great time knitting a new four-legged friend!

Sequins and Shading

We’re in an off week with our usual every-other Wednesday Weaving schedule. But Denise over at Schacht posted a really terrific article on weaving with shading yarn, in particular, our Classic Shades Sequins Lite, and I couldn’t resist sharing.


You may remember our very first Weaving Wednesday post a few months ago where I did a scarf in Sequins Lite. But what I didn’t talk about was how to wind your shuttles for weaving. Be sure to check out Denise’s post to find out how.

See you next week for the continuation of Katie’s amazing plaid blanket!

Deluxe Superwash – Fall Classics

New for Fall!


Deluxe Worsted Superwash and Deluxe DK Superwash have been so popular (just look at those crocheted slippers!) that we have released an e-book of all-new patterns specifically designed for those yarns.

Deluxe Superwash: Fall Classics features six projects from the simple to the sublime, each one satisfying to knit as the weather cools down.

There are lace panel projects like Moth Wing and Pebbled Path

…and cozy projects like Trail Wanderer and Split Rail.

(Split Rail would look great as a men’s sweater too, don’t you think?)

One of the patterns, the Scarf Cardigan and Bow Hat at right, uses a nifty technique to create its turned hem.  If you haven’t done a provisional cast-on before, it’s a great tool to put into your knitting toolbox.  It’s very easy and it creates a neat stockinette hem that doesn’t roll up.

Amy Gunderson demonstrates the technique in this video.  Take it away, Amy!

See? You’re just making a basic crochet chain, then treating the back loop like a row of stitches.  Then “unzip” the crochet chain when you’re ready to pick those stitches back up.

Provisional Cast-On hatHere’s a close-up of the brim of the hat from the Scarf Cardi set.  Work a few knitted rows, then a purl row at the point where the brim will fold over, then make a few more knit rows.  Pick the cast-on edge back up, fold it at the purl row, and knit the live edge and cast-on edge together.  Voila, a non-rolling stockinette edge!

Provisional cast-on shoulder blogThere are a variety of ways you can use this technique.  I’m using it myself at the arm of a sweater in Deluxe DK Superwash (Cookie A’s Katrina Rib).  When I’m ready to add the sleeves, I’ll pick up from those stitches for an invisible join with no bulky seam.

I’m almost done with this sweater, and I think the next thing on my list may be the Seashells Hoodie from this e-book.  I love knitting in the round, and I could use something light for the turn of the season.

The Fall Classics e-book is available from both Ravelry and Craftsy, and the patterns are also available individually.  We hope you enjoy picking up a new project as the weather turns.

Happy Knitting!