Free Pattern Friday – Cog Shawlette

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Cog Shawl color 801 Reef blogToday, something big and beautiful – the Cog Shawlette.

This fun accessory takes two balls of Classic Shades Big Time (color 801 Reef), the super-bulky big sister to self-shading Classic Shades.  The pattern takes its name from the unique curved gear-like edging.  Big yarn means quick knits, so we took the opportunity to work up a few different shawlettes to see how it looked in other colors.  Answer: great!

Cog Shawl color 804 Grapevine blog
Color 804 Grapevine

From the pattern: “This shawlette is worked in one piece.  First the Cog Edging is knit sideways.  Without breaking yarn, crochet slip  stitches are then worked all the way along the shaped side of the Cog Edging.  Without breaking yarn, stitches are then  picked up and knit along the straight  side of the Cog Edging and the Shawl  body is worked up and shaped with short-rows.”

Cog Shawl color 814 Jubilant blog
Color 814 Jubilant
Cog Shawl color 814 Jubilant backblog
Color 814 Jubilant – rear view









The unique construction makes this a great project to keep your interest, and the size 15 needles mean the work flies by.  Perfection.

Happy knitting!


Throwback Thursday – Celebrate Autumn Flora with Deluxe

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Deluxe Worsted e-book Big Leaf Mittens 1 - Fitzgerald

Autumn Flora E-book-1 coverWe’re not throwing back that far today, just a couple of years.  But it’s the perfect time of year to highlight the free e-book Autumn Flora with Deluxe.

This e-book features eight patterns perfect for staying toasty, all using the Deluxe family of 100% wool.

All the patterns below are part of this cozy collection of colorwork and cables.  Enjoy!


Wraparound Leaves Beret and Mitts

Pattern: Wraparound Leaves Beret and Mitts

Yarn:  Deluxe Worsted

• 12176 Teal Viper – 1 ball (MC)

• 41138 Brown Sugar – 1 ball (CC)




Deluxe Worsted e-book Sheaves of Wheat Scarf 2 blog

Pattern: Sheaves of Wheat Reversible Scarf

Yarn: Deluxe Chunky

• 3704 Gold Spice – 2 balls





Deluxe Worsted e-book Poplar Beret 2 blogPattern: Poplar Beret

Yarn:  Deluxe Worsted

• 12182 Gold Spice – 1 ball (A)

Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted LP

• 06 Harvest – 1 ball (B)



Deluxe Worsted e-book Felted Leaf 1 blogPattern: Felted Leaf

Yarn: Deluxe Worsted

• 1 ball will make multiple felted leaves


Deluxe Worsted e-book Big Leaf Mittens 2 blogPattern: Big Leaf Mittens

Yarn:  Renew Wool (Substitute Deluxe DK Superwash)

• 101 Sand – 1 ball (MC)
• 107 Cedar – 1 ball (CC1)
• 113 Garnet – 1 ball (CC2)




Deluxe Worsted Stranded Seed Pillow 1 blog

Pattern: Stranded Seed Pillow

Yarn: Deluxe Chunky

• 91901 Oatmeal Heather – 2 balls (MC)
• 3749 Forest – 1 ball (CC)

(There’s a gorgeous cabled edge on this one!)




Deluxe Worsted e-book Autumn Leaves Cap 1_blogPattern: Autumn Leaves Cap

Yarn: Deluxe Worsted

• 71601 Blue Ombre – 1 ball (A)
• 12501 Oatmeal Heather – 1 ball (B)

• 3649 Forest Green – 1 ball (C)
• 41138 Brown Sugar – 1 ball (D)
• 91477 Red Oak – 1 ball (E)
• 12188 Heather – 1 ball (F)
• 12180 Eggplant – 1 ball (G)
• 12282 Hunter Green – 1 ball (H)
• 12181 Bronze Brown – 1 ball (I)

Afghan Knitalong – Block Sixteen

Block Sixteen is live!

16 Miter Mayhem with title blog

Building on our last mitered block,  Miter Mayhem takes the opposite approach from Block 15.  Instead of increasing outward, we’re decreasing at two corners to create the U shape.

Amy Gunderson uses a centered decrease to keep the corners nice and tidy.  Here, she demonstrates how to “slip 1, k2tog, psso.”

I like the idea of using the removable stitch marker to keep track of where your decrease should be worked.  Unfortunately, my stitch markers tend to disappear to wherever second socks go, so I often find myself short one when I need it.  Well, if I must visit my local yarn store again, I suppose I must!

Please do share your thoughts and work with us here, on Facebook, or in our Ravelry group.    We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a new block and a new technique!

Free Pattern Friday – Dive Into Fall Jacket

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Dive Into Fall Jacket_UptownBulky_wood_blog

Today, something for the wee ones!  The Dive Into Fall Jacket is sized for kids 12-18 months.   This garment has a lot of stretch, so parents of fast-growing toddlers should be able to get a fair amount of use out of it.

Kat Koeller and Linda Ridder designed this jacket in our Uptown Bulky 100% anti-pilling acrylic.  In addition to being exceptionally soft, it’s machine washable.  Anyone who has ever had to wipe down a toddler after a trip to Ben & Jerry’s will appreciate the practicality of this choice.

The jacket is knit in one piece from the top down – first the collar, then the raglan sleeves go on holders while you make the body, then you come back and add ribbing to the ends of the sleeves.  Interestingly, the fabric is fully reversible!

We hope you enjoy this beautiful weather.  Knit something for a little one in your life – but be sure to make something for yourself, too!


Plaid, Part Two

A few weeks ago, Katie started on her plaid blanket using 6 different colors of Deluxe Worsted Superwash. After weaving 3 identical panels, sewing them together along the selvedges, and blocking, here is her reward:

Katie plaid blanket finished 1078 blog



After blocking, each panel measured about 12″ wide  x 48″ high. The finished blanket is 36 x 48, a perfect size for a couch throw or even a baby blanket.

Katie plaid blanket flat 1090 blog


Just 8 balls of Superwash and a few hours of weaving later, and Katie gets this awesomely colorful throw for her living room.

Katie, greys and greens and blues would look great in my house…hint hint. Kidding!

Next time, join me as I incorporate some beads and felting into my weaving!


Free Pattern – Wee Pumpkins

Okay, it’s not Free Pattern Friday yet, but we just couldn’t resist sharing this free pattern.

Poems Pumpkins blog

These are the Wee Pumpkins.  We’re sharing them now so you have plenty of time to work one up by Halloween!  Or what about Thanksgiving ?  Wouldn’t these look great on a dining room table?

They’re made in self-shading Poems 100% wool, which has some great fall colors.  The purple/green one on the left is 577 Bramble and the orange-toned one is 585 Autumn.

Poems Pumpkins bottom shot blogThe pumpkins are knit sideways, with short rows making up the wedge sections.  Take a look at the bottom and you can see how it all comes together.

Never done short rows before?  This is a great project to get your feet wet.  Amy Gunderson shares a video in how to do the wrap and turn.

Also of interest in there is the SSP (slip, slip, purl).  I’ve made things with short rows before, and inevitably had one side look seamless and one side marred with a big bump.  I’m delighted to learn a technique to make both ends of my short row look smooth.

Often, we’ll loan our knits to local yarn stores for them to share in trunk shows, but it’s going to be hard to part with these.  They’re just so pretty!

Happy knitting!

Free Pattern Friday – Go-Go! Hats

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Gray hats grid blog

Or should we say Free Patterns Friday?  Because today, we have a quartet of toppers:  the Go-Go! Hats.

Four different styles in one yarn, Uptown Worsted 100% anti-pilling acrylic.  You can see how well the yarn lets the stitch patterns show through.

What really makes these hats, though, is the colorful fluffball topper on each of them.  Those are our Luxury Fur Pom-Poms.  They’re very handy for finishing off a garment that may need something a little more polished than a yarn pom-pom.  Each pom-pom has a string attached to let you tie it right on to your work.  Easy-peasy!

Gray hats bottom 2 blogI’m not sure which of these is my favorite.  I guess it partially depends on whether I’m in the mood for knit or crochet.  For myself, I’m leaning toward the Lace Beanie on the lower right.  Then again, the Honeycomb Ski Cap (with the pink pom-pom) would also be fun to make.  Decisions, decisions.

Which one’s your favorite?