Free Pattern Friday – Ellery Reversible Cowl

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Llamalini Ellery Cowl_blog

Today, the Ellery Reversible Cowl in Llamalini silk/linen/royal llama blend (50g/109yds).

This yarn is a favorite around the office for its lovely heathering and soft feel.  The blend of luxury fibers gives it a rich depth.  And it’s well suited to this design, which I love for many reasons – not the least because it’s reversible.

Llamalini Ellery Cowl wrapped blogWhat look like cables are really faux-cables.  No cable needle required.  Wear it long or wrap it for warmth – Llamalini is quite toasty!

We hope you craft something luxurious and wonderful this holiday.  Whether it’s for you or someone else, the process itself is such a joy.

Happy knitting!

3 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday – Ellery Reversible Cowl”

  1. Even with the errata, this pattern has errors. Does the pattern account for the edge stitches in each row? Then it says to repeat rows 2-56, 6 times. Really? There are only 5 rows. And do you really repeat row 2 or start with row 3. The errata doesn’t address this.

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