Free Pattern Friday – Guadalupe Stole

It’s Free Pattern Friday!CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl 1_blogToday, the Guadalupe Stole in Classic Shades Metallic.

CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl 2_blogI love this loose and airy crochet shawl.  It’s long and luxurious, and the Classic Shades Metallic gives it just the right amount of sparkle in the light.  Of course, if you’re not a glam kind of person, Classic Shades works up to exactly the same gauge, so you can still get the great color shifts without the bling.

This stole is comprised of 18 Motifs that are joined as you go on round 3.  Amy used almost all of four balls of Classic Shades Metallic for this, so you may want to grab another ball just for safety.

If I were pairing this shawl up with an outfit, I think I might try to pull out the lavender as an accent color.  Actress Minka Kelly (photo from denimology) has a good base outfit here that many of us could also pull off.  Top it with this shawl, maybe pick up another color with some cute earrings, and you’re ready to turn heads.

Happy crocheting!


CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl detail_blog



Rocked Knitalong – seaming

I finished up the second side of my Rocked over the weekend – man, that felt good!

Rocked two halves A blog

You’ll notice those long ends hanging off the finished pieces. When I know I’m going to be seaming, I like to leave generous tails both when casting on and binding off. It means I have less ends to weave in which makes me very happy.

Rocked two halves B blog

Here she is all pinned up the dressform. The end is so near! But first, I’ve got some seams to sew. My go-to method for seaming is almost always good ol’ reliable mattress stitch. If you joined us for the afghan knitalong last year, you may have already read our post on mattress stitch. It is a way to produce an even, sturdy seam. Here’s that video again:

But mattress stitch is not your only option. You could also try the crochet slip stitch seam:

Or you could hold the pieces right sides together and whipstitch, although I find it difficult to produce a nice looking seam this way.

In the Rocked pattern, you are instructed to sew the shoulder seams first. Then, pick up and knit stitches for the sleeves, and then sew the side and sleeve seams. Personally, I’m going go ahead and sew all my seams first so I can knit my sleeves in the round. This will require the use of double pointed needles or a long circular needle in order to employ the magic loop method. If you prefer knitting your sleeves flat, then I would advise following the pattern instructions. But it’s nice to have options, right?

Regardless of how you sew your seams, an important next step is to steam them. This will help to even out any unevenness with the seam, and will smooth them down helping the garment to drape better. I like to take my iron, hold it a few inches from the seam, and shoot steam at it. I then take my hand and help to press it down and relax.

I’ll be back in a couple of days to talk about picking up stitches off of your Rocked to work the neckline and sleeves. Wherever you’re at with your piece, I hope you’re enjoying it!


Knitspiration – Bannai Taku

It’s a glorious Monday morning.  How about a little knitspiration?

Bannai Taku 09 Bicycle with chips

I have no idea what this piece by Bannai Taku is called.  It’s difficult to find information about this Japanese illustrator’s work, since I don’t speak Japanese.  But something about this speaks to me.

Some of it is the fresh colors

Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray
Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray

And some of it is the spirit of freedom in the outdoors.

Hagakiri Tee in Cotton Supreme
Hagakiri Tee in Cotton Supreme

It brings a feeling of lightness and peace.

Daffodil Top in Garden 10
Daffodil Top in Garden 10

When’s the last time you climbed on a bike and just rode?  Were you still a child?  Did you feel like you were flying?

Pixie Skirt in Bamboo Pop
Pixie Skirt in Bamboo Pop

Can you still capture that sense of joy in the world around you?

Diagonals Tee in Llamalini
Diagonals Tee in Llamalini

I hope that sometime today, you’ll step outside and pause for a moment.  Look up.  Take a deep breath. Let your mind be still and be in the moment.

Then take another deep breath and move through your day with a smile.

Edited to add: A reader who cycles informs us that the Japanese text for our cycling illustration translates to… Cycling.  Thank you for letting us know!

IRL – kite cardigan

Back in the fall of 2013, I designed this openwork cardigan in Deluxe Chunky for knit.wear magazine, an Interweave publication:


It’s called “Kite Cardigan“, and takes between 5-10 hanks of Deluxe Chunky. I had a lot of fun with this sweater. It’s knit bottom-up in two pieces. There is a bit of shaping involved, but the shape of the cardigan is largely due to directional lace. Done in a bulky yarn, it goes super fast, but because the fabric is so open, it’s fairly lightweight.

I am lucky enough to be in possession of my Kite Cardigan again, and can now add it into my rotation of daily sweater wear. It was a little chilly here in Charlotte last week, so I was able to squeeze in one last day of wool-wear for the season.

IRL Amy Deluxe cardi back blog IRL Amy Deluxe cardi front blog


Yes, my desk is a little messy…I know! We knitters have more important things to do than clean, right?

Free Pattern Friday – Acid Wash Pullover

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

denims Acid Wash Pullover blogToday, the Acid Wash Pullover in denims.

If there’s a yarn that has captured the imagination of our customers this season, it’s denims.  A bulky cotton/wool tape with hues ranging from sky blue to indigo, it’s perfectly on-trend for the current year.  Looking at this pullover, you can see why it’s so popular.

This bulky-weight pullover knits up on 6.5mm needles, but the cotton content means you won’t swelter.  Right twists and cables run the length of the body to a 1×1 ribbing at the hem and collar.  The contrasting sleeves are a nice touch, as is the lowered back edge.

Worked in pieces and seamed, this pattern is both written and charted and contains a schematic.  The right twists are easy as pie to do.

Having just finished a quick one ball project in this yarn, I’m eager for more.  This would fit the bill nicely.

Happy knitting!

denims Acid Wash Pullover cable closeup_blog