Free Pattern Friday – Happy Magic Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Chevron Scarf 1 blogToday, the Happy Magic Scarf in Wisdom Yarns Pix.

Chevron Scarf 2 blogThis one has a special place in my heart, mainly because I designed it myself.  It was my carry-along knitting everywhere, and it got compliments while still in progress at quite a few coffeehouses.

Chevrons are everywhere in knitting, and with good reason.  It’s an easy way to give a lot of visual interest without memorizing a complicated stitch pattern.  When I saw samples of our new Pix yarn, the lighbulb went off.   The colorful print is a great choice for a pattern that zigs and zags.

Chevron Scarf 5 detail blogIt’s true that with 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon, Pix is a bright and durable choice for socks, but there’s no reason to stop with just socks (although how great would this look as a pair of Jaywalkers?).  This pattern is a very simple two-row repeat that shows off the somewhat “Fake Isle” printed quality of the stripes.  I love that the color bands aren’t solid – a bit of other colors are mixed in to give the finished scarf a Bohemian quality.
This scarf only used 85 grams of a 100 gram ball.  You could certainly lengthen or widen the scarf with no worries.  Or keep thinking outside the box – I’m visualizing some chic sideways chevron wrist cuffs, maybe even with a tiny pocket to hold a key.

Hmm… where’d I put the rest of my Pix?

Happy knitting!

Chevron Scarf wide 2 blog



5 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday – Happy Magic Scarf”

  1. Is the 85 stitch cast on correct? This seems way too much for a 7 in. width. Mine is way too wide with a size 5 needle.

    1. Good catch, Denise. It is, in fact, a 45 stitch cast on. We’ve corrected the pattern on our site – if you got it elsewhere, be sure they know too. 🙂

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