IRL – Gradient Garden

Talented Jen has done it again! Our Garden 5 + a tie-dye kit = awesome!

Jen Garden 5 crochet shawl colors blog


By nature I am a cool colors kind of girl. Jen’s color choices really speak to me in this crochet masterpiece.  I also love the color-block effect and the definitive lines. Here is Jen in her own words on this striking shawl project:

I had a bunch of white Garden 5 laying around the house, you know, like you do.  I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to make with plain white cotton so I decided to play around with dyeing it.  I bought one of those three color tie-dye kits at the local big box store and went to town.


I split my yarn into three hanks and dyed each hank with a separate color so that I could crochet a shawl with super long color stripes. Once the yarn was dry I Russian joined all of them together and wound a big giant ball on my ball winder.  I don’t recommend doing that since it broke my ball winder, but I had an absurdly giant ball of yarn at the end, which was kind of cool.


There is a fantastic free shawl pattern on Ravelry called the Seraphina Shawl by Doni’s Stuff.  It’s super easy once you have the repeat down and it looks awesome in just about any yarn and gauge.  This is the third time I’ve used it and I really love how it came out.  The shape of the shawl makes it easy to wear over your shoulders without it falling off and depending on the yarn you use it can be super warm for cold weather or a great layering piece for in-between weather.  I’m excited for the weather to cool down a little so I can wear it.

Jen Garden 5 crochet shawl blog

Thanks for sharing, Jen! We bow down to your fine crochet skills.