Free Pattern Friday – Trellis Tee

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

TrellisTee_front blog

Today, the Trellis Tee in Saki Silk.

What a great blend of knit and crochet!  First, the front squares are crocheted, then the front, back, and sleeves are knitted, then the whole top is assembled and a crochet picot edging is added.  I’m excited – I’ve done a knitted picot edging before, but not a crocheted one, and it looks so much easier!

Trellis Tee detail for blog

The choice of Saki Silk (440yds/100g) for this was a good one.  The monochrome 301 Shadowscape body matches the gray in 304 Giverney, but Giverney’s addition of purple gives it the pop of color it needs.

 This would also look great with the front panel in 307 Hidden Lagoon (above), with its blend of gray and blue.  Cool in several senses of the word.

Have a wonderful weekend of crafting, everyone.

TrellisTee_back blog



Hello, Autumn.

Amphora Bowl 1 with graphic 150

And now it’s official.  A gray, rainy day with a dropping temperature – even here in the South we can’t deny it anymore.  Cold weather has settled in.  It seems like a good time to share some of our favorite Fall patterns, especially ones that we think deserve more attention.  Pull up something pumpkiny and spicy and let’s dive in.


Sandi Rosner’s Pacific Heights Pullover is a fave.  Originally made with the now-discontinued Classic Shades Solids for the gray portion, This would work beautifully with Deluxe Worsted Superwash (220yds/100g).  Keep the Classic Shades (197yds/100g) for the front and back panels, though.

Classic Shades 719 Midnight Ride ball_blogPick a bright color as Sandi has or something more subtle, depending on how much of a lift your mood needs to get you through these shortening days.  I’m thinking maybe something dark for the main color, but then with my favorite 719 Midnight Ride (right) for the slip stitch panels.

Hearth Rug with skein 1_150

Hearth RugThe crocheted Hearth Rug in Deluxe Chunky (120yds/100g) is another unsung hero.  I like how easy this is to customize.  Add more motifs, change the color to match your decor – this is one that you could really make your own.

The motifs are made separately and then sewn together, making it a great large-scale project that can still fit in your project bag.

Deluxe Worsted Felted Flat Bottom Tote__detail_blog

And speaking of project bags, Drew Emborsky designed the practical and beautiful Felted Flat Bottom Tote in Deluxe Worsted (220yds/100g).  As the name implies, the bag sits flat, making it great not just as a take-along but as a bag to sit beside you as you knit on the couch on those cool nights.

Deluxe Worsted Felted Faux Entrelac  Crochet Tote__detail_blog

Also from Drew Emborsky, the Felted Faux Entrelac Crochet Tote was originally done in discontinued Deluxe Worsted Long Print, but would look fabulous in any of the gazillion* colors of Deluxe Worsted that are available.  (*note: it’s actually 138 colors.  Gazillion is just how it looks all in one place.)

Formerly only available as part of a printed leaflet, we’ve made both of Drew’s felted patterns available for free exclusively for our local yarn store partners.  Ask your LYS to download a copy for you.

We hope you find some inspiration to tide you through these gray days.  Snuggle up with some good yarn and enjoy!

Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Sunshine Shrug

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Uptown Bulky Sunshine Shrug blogToday, the Sunshine Shrug in Uptown Bulky.

I can hear what you’re saying.  It’s Fall.  To which I respond: so what? We need some color and light now more than ever.  We’re crafters.  When the days get short, we can make our own sunshine.  And that’s what we’re doing with the lightweight Sunshine Shrug.

Uptown Bulky Stack blogI love the colors in Uptown Bulky (87yds/100g) and the entire Uptown Line.  They’re so rich and saturated.  The browns are a bite of chocolate, the orange is a glossy pumpkin, the mint green belongs perched on the edge of a glass. The colors at the right make me think of a wildflower bouquet brought in to brighten the kitchen.   And the bold but buttery yellow in today’s shrug shouts sunshine and dandelions.

Uptown Bulky Sunshine Shrug back_blogThis shrug is worked from the top down. Sleeves are shaped using raglan shaping. Stitches for the lace edging are worked after the body is complete.  I love that the encircling lace is supported by the stockinette framework and garter edging.  Practical and pretty.

This weekend, we hope you find a way to bring some warmth into a cool day.

Happy knitting!

Free Pattern Friday – Be Knotty!

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Be Knotty for social media

Today, the one ball Be Knotty Scarf in Poems Uno.

We’re not kidding when we say it’s the easiest scarf ever.  It’s a one row repeat, and on US Size 35/19mm needles,  it goes in a flash.

Poems Uno Be Knotty Scarf detail_blogWe call it the Be Knotty scarf for the obvious reason – it has a nice open lacy knotted look.  We also call it that because you can “be naughty” and pretend that you slaved over it when in fact, you worked it up in an evening.  That’s the nice thing about Poems Uno Superwash (90yds/150g) – it’s big, the colors are bold, and it works up fast.  Instant results.

Please enjoy this easy and gratifying scarf.

Happy knitting!

Poems Uno Be Knotty Scarf long_blog



IRL – Llamalini Love

I was so excited to see Katie this week in her Miranda Cardigan.

Katie Llamalini cardi blog

This is a project from the spring 2015 issue of Interweave Knits. It’s worked seamlessly from the top down, beginning at the back collar. I am so proud of Katie! She knits a lot of accessories but not as many garments. And she tends to have a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to WIPs (who doesn’t?!), hence my pride at her finishing it.

The best part about this sweater (aside from Katie’s perseverance) is that it’s made in Fibra Natura Llamalini. It takes very little prompting to get me to start gushing about this yarn. A blend of royal llama, silk bourette, and linen, it has a very unique feel. It is delicate, warm yet breathable, scrumptiously diverse, and drapes well. If you’re not ready for a garment in this luxury yarn, check out our 3-skein accessory project, the Ellery Reversible Cowl.

Way to go Katie!

Free Pattern Friday – Siren Sweater

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Infusion Sideways Yoke Pullover_back_blog

Today, the Siren Sweater in Infusion Handpaints.

Infusion Handpaints Sideways Yoke Pullover_sleeve up_detail_blogWe named this the Siren Sweater because just as the mythical Sirens of old drew in sailors with their sweet song, this design captures attention with the contrast of its cabled top half and reverse stockinette body.

Infusion Handpaints (291yds/100g) is a good choice for this.  It’s variegated, but not so busy that it’s going to obscure the lovely cablework.

The yoke is knit sideways from cuff to cuff.  Then stitches are picked up, and the body of the sweater is reverse stockinette worked downward to the hem.  Stitch up the sleeves and the sides, add edging for the neck, and you’re done.  We predict this Siren Sweater will turn heads wherever you go.

Happy knitting!

Infusion Sideways Yoke Pullover_front_blog


Free Pattern Friday – Bias Stripe Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Universe Diagonal Scarf 1 blog

Today, the Bias Stripe Scarf in Flax and Universe.

We’re moving into party season, and we’re delighted to have a new yarn in stock that’s just perfect for the occasion.  We designed Universe (246yds/50g) to celebrate Universal’s 10th anniversary, and we’re having a ball making new projects with it.

Universe Diagonal Scarf detail blogUniverse’s colors coordinate  with another popular yarn, Fibra Natura Flax (137yds/50g).  Both are used together in this project.  The matte bands of Flax linen are interspersed with the metallic glitter in Universe for a striking effect.  Since the yarns match so well, it’s easy to carry the colors up the sides between sections without having an obvious color streak at the edge of your scarf.  One ball of Universe and one hank of Flax – the only ends to weave in are at the beginning and end of your project.

Universe 10-04 and Flax 09 blogPersonally, I’m looking at another color combo, Universe 10-04 and Flax 09.  The robin’s egg blue with a hint of aqua appeals to me, and I think it will look very striking with the black and metallic.

We have more projects in Universe to share with you in the coming weeks, including something very wintry.  Hint: no two are alike.

Happy knitting!

Universe Diagonal Scarf white 1 blog