Free Pattern Friday – Sunshine Shrug

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Uptown Bulky Sunshine Shrug blogToday, the Sunshine Shrug in Uptown Bulky.

I can hear what you’re saying.  It’s Fall.  To which I respond: so what? We need some color and light now more than ever.  We’re crafters.  When the days get short, we can make our own sunshine.  And that’s what we’re doing with the lightweight Sunshine Shrug.

Uptown Bulky Stack blogI love the colors in Uptown Bulky (87yds/100g) and the entire Uptown Line.  They’re so rich and saturated.  The browns are a bite of chocolate, the orange is a glossy pumpkin, the mint green belongs perched on the edge of a glass. The colors at the right make me think of a wildflower bouquet brought in to brighten the kitchen.   And the bold but buttery yellow in today’s shrug shouts sunshine and dandelions.

Uptown Bulky Sunshine Shrug back_blogThis shrug is worked from the top down. Sleeves are shaped using raglan shaping. Stitches for the lace edging are worked after the body is complete.  I love that the encircling lace is supported by the stockinette framework and garter edging.  Practical and pretty.

This weekend, we hope you find a way to bring some warmth into a cool day.

Happy knitting!

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