Free Pattern Friday – Ocean Breeze Cap

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Yashi Iro Crochet Cap blog

Today, the Ocean Breeze Cap in Yashi Iro.

Yashi Iro ball blogCute, right?  This summery cap is crocheted in 100% raffia Yashi Iro (124yds/50g), the multi-colored sibling to solid Yashi (99yds/40g).  We love this yarn.  It’s great for home dec and accessories, and it’s really caught on with crocheters.

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Delphi Stole – How to Do Filet Crochet

Have you seen our new ebook, Contrarian Shawls 2 ?

Contrarian Shawls 2 cover with sidebar

As the cover promises, this collection contains 10 shawl and scarf projects to knit and crochet in some of our Fibra Natura yarns. To be precise, there are 3 crochet and 7 knit projects in this book. All of the patterns are available for download on Ravelry or Craftsy.

This collection is dubbed “contrarian” because each project is a little (or a lot) out of the norm for a shawl project. There are a lot of different shapes and techniques in these shawls, so over the coming weeks and months I’ll be delving into many of the specifics of each project. It’s time for some skill building!

The first project I’d like to talk about this week is the Delphi Stole, crocheted in our 100% sportweight Pima cotton, Cotton True Sport. This is a lovely and fine cotton yarn. This stole requires only 6 balls, making it quite an affordable project.


Filet crochet consists of double crochet and chain spaces – it’s as simple as that. Even if you’re not a very confident crocheter, I’m confident this is something you can do!

Here is a small example of what the filet chart looks like in the pattern:

This doesn’t look like most crochet charts that typically have crochet symbols on them. Because filet crochet is really just “Solid” squares and “Empty” squares, a grid like this tends to make more visual sense. A Solid square represents 3 double crochets, while an Empty square represents chain 2 + double crochet.

Here is what this same chart looks like done in a traditional crochet charted style:


A row in a filet crochet pattern is typically a multiple of 3 stitches plus 1. The chain 3 at the beginning of the row counts as the “plus 1”, and then each Solid and Empty square uses 3 stitches.

For a Solid Square worked on top of another Solid square, simply work 1 double crochet into each of the next 3 double crochets. If it’s worked on top of an Empty Square, work 2 double crochets in the chain-2 space, double crochet in the next double crochet.

For an Empty Square worked on top of a Solid square, chain 2, skip the next 2 double crochets, and then double crochet in the next double crochet. If worked on top of another Empty Square, chain 2, skip the chain-2 space, double crochet in the next double crochet.

Let’s see our little mini-chart in action. If you’d like to follow along for practice, chain 30. For Row 1, double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook and each chain across, turn – 28 double crochets. Those first 3 chains count as a double crochet.


On the next row, chain 3 (counts as double crochet), double crochet in the next 3 double crochet (1 Solid square made), chain 2, skip next 2 double crochet, double crochet in next double crochet (1 Empty square made), and so forth.


The finished swatch:


One little trick I’ve come up with when following a filet chart, is to be able to count the number of double crochets in a long strip of Solid squares at a glance. I find it helps me to keep track of my place more easily without having to constantly consult the chart. If I look at the chart and see, for example, 7 solid squares in a row, I know I will be working 22 double crochets in that spot (7 x 3 dc each + 1). If there are 5 solid squares in a row, I’ll be working 16 double crochets in that spot (5 x 3 dc each + 1). And so on.

I’ll get back to this same swatch and project next week where we’ll be talking about how to add an edging to this shawl.



Here at Universal, we love our pets.

There’s Amy’s dog Suzy…

Susie 1


(That’s Suzy in front of Wall Candy in Deluxe Worsted)

my cat Calvin…

Calvin on Dolce Merino

(That’s Calvin on Yumiko Alexander’s Poppies)

and various other animal friends that couldn’t be bothered to pose for us.  That love of animals is why we want to draw attention to World Spay Day – and to share a free pattern.

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Free Pattern Friday – Dreaming of Spring

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Dreaming of Spring blog

Today, the Dreaming of Spring Hat in Classic Shades Frenzy.

Here at Universal Yarn, the plants are getting mixed signals.  Is it time to bloom?  We as crafters are getting mixed signals too – shall we turn to warm weather fibers, or bundle up just a little while longer?

We thought we’d split the difference – a warm hat, but a quick project, so we can enjoy it and then be done when more moderate weather rolls in.  And because, like the flowers, we are ready to see the sun, we’re calling this one Dreaming of Spring.

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Amy Answers – Hole in One Scarf

A few weeks ago I got an email from a customer who was struggling to wrap her head around the pattern for our Hole in One Scarf.

ClassicShades_9945 Hole-in-One

This popular one-ball project uses self-shading Classic Shades yarn and is thoroughly visually entertaining.

Part of my job at Universal Yarn is emailing and talking with folks over the phone regarding pattern problems they’re having. This can be frustrating at times, because I can’t always “see” what they’re seeing. Often times, if I could only show the knitter or crocheter in person how to do a certain thing, it would be totally easy to explain. Or if I could take a look at their project in progress, I could spot the issue with no problem. Without this ability, often the best course of action is to take photos to try and illustrate. That is what I did in the case of this scarf.

Basically, the holes in this scarf are formed by binding off stitches on one row and then casting on stitches over the gap on the next row. I cast on for the scarf, worked a full pattern repeat, and then worked up to and through the first “action” row of stitches being bound off. Here is a photo of my scarf in progress:

after row 4

The real trouble this particular knitter had was with the following row. So I worked across that row, took a picture, and then identified each stitch in the row:

after row 5_with illustrations

And that’s all there is to it! Having trouble with one of our patterns? Let me know!

Free Pattern Friday – I Heart You Shawl

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

I Heart You Shawl in Naked Sock_blog

Today, the I Heart You Shawl in Naked Sock.

Me? Oh I have big plans for Valentine’s Day.  A horse drawn carriage, a bottle of champagne, and a candlelit dinner on top of the Empire State Building.

I kid.  I’m staying home and knitting, spending a quiet evening with my significant other.   If you’re keeping it low-key too, here’s a gift from us to you, a great pattern for crafting on what it seems will be a very chilly night.

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Free E-book – Hot Hats

Here at Universal Yarn, we woke up to this headline this morning:

5 inches of snow predicted for Charlotte on Monday

Well.  We had been looking forward to some of the great new Spring designs out now in magazines (more on those another time) but it looks like we still need to think warm.  Fortunately, we have a free e-book that is perfect for the weather!

Hot Hats ebook_cover 150

Here’s the free Hot Hats E-book.

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