Amy Answers – Hole in One Scarf

A few weeks ago I got an email from a customer who was struggling to wrap her head around the pattern for our Hole in One Scarf.

ClassicShades_9945 Hole-in-One

This popular one-ball project uses self-shading Classic Shades yarn and is thoroughly visually entertaining.

Part of my job at Universal Yarn is emailing and talking with folks over the phone regarding pattern problems they’re having. This can be frustrating at times, because I can’t always “see” what they’re seeing. Often times, if I could only show the knitter or crocheter in person how to do a certain thing, it would be totally easy to explain. Or if I could take a look at their project in progress, I could spot the issue with no problem. Without this ability, often the best course of action is to take photos to try and illustrate. That is what I did in the case of this scarf.

Basically, the holes in this scarf are formed by binding off stitches on one row and then casting on stitches over the gap on the next row. I cast on for the scarf, worked a full pattern repeat, and then worked up to and through the first “action” row of stitches being bound off. Here is a photo of my scarf in progress:

after row 4

The real trouble this particular knitter had was with the following row. So I worked across that row, took a picture, and then identified each stitch in the row:

after row 5_with illustrations

And that’s all there is to it! Having trouble with one of our patterns? Let me know!

7 thoughts on “Amy Answers – Hole in One Scarf”

  1. I have a ball of Wisdom yarn Miami sock wool – self pattern. My question: I want to knit socks two at a time but don’t know if I can with this yarn? Does the self pattern need to be matching on both socks or is this a random self pattern?
    thanks for your help

    1. Hi, Lise! It’s not a random pattern – the stripes are consistent throughout. Here are pics of a couple of knitted socks to show what I mean. Marathon Socks - Miami color 291 Marathon Socks - Miami color 296

      So if you start both socks in the same place on the ball – at the beginning of a light section, for instance – then you should be okay.

      I myself knitted a pair of Skew socks out of this and loved it. I think you’ll really enjoy yourself.

  2. The Hole-in-One scarf pattern…I am an intermediate knitter. This pattern does not come out like it should, I am wondering if you left instructions out…something is wrong…I have ripped it our 7 times…please send me more detailed instructions or an errata for this pattern. I even typed out what looked like the first pattern row, section by section and it still is wrong. Please help me, I was given this kit as a gift and I need to do it.

  3. I am an intermediate knitter. I have knitted the pattern on the Hole-in-One scarf 7 times and it does not come out right. I am wondering if there is an updated pattern for this scarf…if stitches were left out…it just does not come out right. Please advise or send me a clearer pattern instruction. I even typed out each step and it still was wrong. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      There is no errata for this pattern – I believe it is correct as written. Can you tell me which row you’re having trouble with, and I can try to figure out where you might be having trouble? You’re welcome to send me an email at

      1. Hi Amy,
        what cast on do you use mid row…

        mine doesn’t seem real tidy..there looks like and unknit loop.. might be the bind off with the last on being a sl and bind off,,,
        I have only gotten as far as your picture and have torn out do you have a video to watch. I am pretty experienced but I am doing some thing differently than you. Thanks

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