Knit a Clover Family

What is it about the four leaf clover that intrigues us? It’s said that only 1 in every 10,000 clovers has four leaves (as opposed to the more common three-leaved clover). So finding a four leaf clover is considered lucky. The clover has also become a symbol of all things Irish, and upcoming holiday, St Patrick’s day. St Patrick himself is said to have explained the holy trinity of Christianity to the Irish (at that time, Irish pagans) using the three leaf clover as illustration.

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Holidays can be a nice way to pass the year, regardless of what our beliefs are. Traditions can be soothing and familiar and fun. And in any case, I happen to love the color green, all shades. And I enjoy any excuse to knit cute little frivolous things and entertain the math-geek part of my brain.

Finished clovers 2 blog square

The Clover Family is shown knit in 3 different yarns – Bamboo Pop (small), Uptown Worsted (Medium), and Deluxe Worsted held double (Large).

The 4 identical petals are knit separately. Then the stem is knit, turning into I-Cord at the end.

Dark Green Clover in progress blog

Then the I-Cord is threaded through eyelets along the lower edge of the petals. I used a crochet hook along with my long tail to bring the I-Cord through the eyelets, but you could use a tapestry needle or even your fingers.

Uptown Clover in progress blog

Draw the I-Cord taut, weave in the end, and voila – your very own four leaf clover.

Bamboo Pop Clover with tools blog

You could just as easily make a three leaf clover by leaving off one of the petals, or turn it into the super rare five leaf clover by adding an extra petal.

These clovers are pure whimsy. But I could see these pinned to a bag or a headband, giving them a little functionality. At the very least, we all need something green to wear next week on St Patrick’s day to avoid getting pinched.

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