Free Pattern Friday – Marley

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Today, Marley in Alaska and Whisper Lace (pattern link here). Isn’t this just beautiful?
Marley manages to be cozy, while still being delicate.
The hem is worked in Fibra Natura Whisper Lace, a blend of silk and superwash wool with a luminous sheen. To keep the body and hem in color harmony, the Whisper Lace is held with a strand of Rozetti Alaska, a lofty yarn with a lovely alpaca halo.
So soft. Soooo soft.
It’s just the thing if you’re looking for warmth without weight, all with immaculate style.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend. Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Paint a Leaf Vest

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Today, the Paint a Leaf Vest in Fibra Natura Dona (pattern link here). This is an Amy Gunderson pattern, formerly found in the Dona Loft Collection.
These bold, graphic knits look great in Dona extrafine merino, with its saturated colors. Its high twist also gives it great stitch definition, which works well in projects like this vest.
The traveling lines are created by working cable crosses. Sized Small to 3X, this is a fun, bright piece to layer for spring or fall.
We hope you have a fantastic, joyful weekend. Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Watermelon Blanket

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Today, the Watermelon Blanket in Cotton Supreme (pattern link here).
Simple and sweet are the words that apply to this charming little throw.
It’s an easy knit on size US8 (5mm) needles, in a quickly memorized stitch pattern. Machine washable Cotton Supreme makes it super practical, too!
Cotton Supreme 510 Magenta and 607 Blush
There are a lot of ways you can go with the colors for this pattern. If you choose not to stick with watermelon, tone on tone to match someone’s nursery would be a nice choice.
We hope you enjoy this soft, calming blanket. Have a safe and pleasant weekend! Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Blooming Chorus

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Today, Blooming Chorus in Uptown Super Bulky (pattern link here). Blooming Chorus was originally part of the popular collection, Uptown Favorite Afghans 2.
There are some real beauties in here, both knit and crochet, all using the Uptown family of 100% anti-pilling acrylic yarns.
Personally, I love Uptown Super Bulky. I’ve made several Coffee Beans and Sugar Cubes hats in this, and the yarn is so thick that they fly by. And since this blanket is crocheted on a US Size K-10 ½ (6.5 mm) hook, it ought to go pretty quickly too.
There are two sizes included here, the smaller on the child’s bed, and the bigger one in red/grey/navy/white above.
What a fun bit of texture! And if you’re thinking of trying your own color combo, the pattern comes with its own coloring page to let you try it out before putting your hook into motion.
If this blanket is a blooming chorus, what song do you think it sings? Personally, I think it might be this one. (Hey, if I can’t have fun on the Friday before a 3-day weekend, then when can I have fun?)
Have a safe and happy Labor Day. Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Wakame Placemats

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Two placemats knit in raffia Yashi yarn.
Today, the Wakame Placemats in Yashi and Yashi Iro (pattern link here). The Wakame placemats take their name from a kind of edible seaweed, a nod to both the blue green color Ocean Dreams, and to the 100% raffia plant fiber of solid Yashi and multi Yashi Iro.
Closeup of knitted raffia fabric
We love Yashi and Yashi Iro for home decor projects, both knitted like the free Garter Baskets, and crocheted like Rick Mondragon’s clever Japanese Knot Bag.
Image of placemat underside
These are a very simple stitch. They’re worked flat, with just knits, purls, and slips to create a tweedy effect. You’re only using one color at a time.
Corner of Yashi placemat showing aqua fringe
When you’re done, give it a light spritz with water and pin it flat to block. Then, add the fringe for the perfect summery touch. Such a fun and simple pattern!
We hope you have a safe, fun, and festive weekend.
Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Hope Springs

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Woman facing away from camera showing blue shawl knit in Cottonwood
Today, Hope Springs in Cottonwood (pattern link here). Hope Springs is a formerly pay-only pattern, found in the e-book Cottonwood: Arboretum.
The cover piece, no less!
There are some really beautiful knitted tops featured in the collection. But the design we’re setting free today is the shawl on the cover, Hope Springs.
We took a few extra pictures of this piece here in our studio, to highlight its construction for you. Like how its 3/4 circle shape lets it sit beautifully on the shoulders…
…and what a smooth fabric organic Cottonwood makes. Look at that stitch definition.
Hope Springs is a beautiful sampler, featuring cables, lace, and ribbing.
Designer Amy Gunderson calls for an i-cord bind-off. It’s the perfect finishing touch for this polished piece.
We hope you have a safe and joyous weekend, full of hope and beautiful things.
Happy crafting.

Free Pattern Friday – Majorca Top

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Today, the Majorca Top in Fibra Natura Lina (pattern link here).

When I was 17, I was lucky enough to go to Majorca (or Mallorca), the Spanish island this top takes its name from.
Yes, it’s that pretty. Couldn’t you just dive right in? No wonder the designer chose this as the inspiration for the gorgeous warm-weather lace top in cotton/linen Lina.
Fibra Natura Lina
Mmm… Lina. I feel relaxed just looking at it.
Majorca’s lace sails traverse both front and back, as well as each sleeve. A loose V-neck keeps this light and comfortable.
And those bell-shaped sleeves! So many beautiful touches on this piece.
I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to dive in.
Have a relaxed, safe, wonderful weekend.
Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Sandpiper

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Woman wearing tank top knitted in Cotton Supreme Waves
Today, Sandpiper in Cotton Supreme Waves (pattern link here).

Ah, endless summer. In our neck of the woods, it means cicadas, fireflies, and clothes that let us enjoy the outdoors without combusting. Enter: Sandpiper, and Cotton Supreme Waves.
Side view of woman wearing knitted ribbed tank top
Waves has been a popular yarn since its recent introduction.
Blue and green yarn cakes of Cotton Supreme Waves
Wound into a cake, its long, harmonious color repeats make it simple to create pleasing and colorful garments and accessories.
Four balls of Cotton Supreme Waves yarn
Some are solids, and some are speckled. But each ball is designed to blend to make beautiful projects.
Ball of Cotton Supreme Waves yarn showing color stripes
Sandpiper uses the sand and sky tones of 905 Saltwater. It’s a great choice if you want something subdued and calming.
Seated woman wearing ribbed knitted cotton tank top
Simple ribbing gives the naturally relaxed cotton definition in this piece.
Rear view of woman wearing blue, grey, and taupe tank top
We’re imagining wearing this while dipping our toes into the edge of the surf, watching them sink into the sand as the water moves back out.
Standing woman wearing Sandpiper knitted tank top
We hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend. Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Lemon Drop Socks

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Today, Lemon Drop Socks in Bella Cash (pattern link here).
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Bella Cash is the unsung hero of socks. I’ve knit myself several pairs in Bella Cash, and they’re still soft and good-looking even though I just toss ’em in the washer and dryer. Which is why I’m so happy to see a brand new pattern using Bella Cash today!
The Lemon Drop Socks are knit in the round, cuff-down. Colorwork is Fair Isle stranded.
They feature an afterthought heel, so-named because you’ll be putting the stitches on either side of the heel on waste yarn, then knitting the rest of the sock, then coming back to work the heel as an afterthought. Amy Gunderson shared a tutorial on this technique on our blog a while back – you can find it here.
This pattern is sized from toddler on up to adults, so it’s easy to make sets for anyone in the family! Matching tootsies, anyone?
A big “thank you” to our Design Lead Rachel Brockman for being willing to stand on her toes and model these for us. She’s talented in so many ways. 🙂
PS – if you like these, check out the free Bunny Got Back socks. Super fun!

Have a great weekend, and happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Piquilla Shawl

It’s Free Pattern Friday!
Today, the Piquilla Shawl crocheted in Wool Pop (pattern link here). How beautiful is this?
This two-color crochet pattern was named after piquillo peppers, a sweet variety that won’t burn those of us with more delicate taste buds (by which I mean me).
There’s a sweet bit of shaping at the front there, too. The arrangement of stitches along the neckline can give a neat collar effect…
…or simply help it to lie flat and be more comfortable around the neck.
Three skeins of the MC and two of the CC in wool/bamboo Wool Pop makes a lovely shawl with great drape. It’s a fun yarn to work with, too!
We hope you have a safe and fun weekend.
Happy crafting!