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IRL – Goldleaf Tank

Spring has definitely sprung here in Charlotte, NC. The grass is green, the dirt is red, and everything outdoors is getting covered in pollen. As a result of this seasonal change, our knitwear here in the office has switched from wintery sweaters to warmer weather alternatives.

Yonca in Goldleaf Tank

This past week I spotted our sales director, Yonca, wearing her Goldleaf Tank designed by Moira Engle which is part of our Cotton Supreme Book 5 collection. This piece was originally knit in Cotton Supreme DK color 703 Beige. Yonca’s version is in color 708 Celery which really enhances the leaf motifs. It’s a beauty – nice job, Yonca!

IRL – Two-In-One Hat

Sometimes the best things in life come easy, right? In this week’s IRL, Heather’s Two-In-One hat shows off the beauty of Poems Chunky‘s self shading colors with a simple hat pattern. And the best part? You can squeeze two hats out of just a single ball of yarn.

IRL_Poems Chunky_Heatherhat_ms_150

I spotted Heather earlier this week in her adorable hat and had to know the details. When she told me it was her own hat pattern and that she had enough yarn to make two hats from her single ball of Poems Chunky, I knew I had to share it with the world!

The Two-In-One Hat pattern is available for free on our website. Thanks, Heather!

IRL – Ellery Cowl

The weather is finally warming up here in North Carolina, but it’s still chilly enough to wear our knitting. Thank goodness!



I caught up with Katie as she was filling orders and wrangling paperwork earlier this week. I had glimpsed her in her new cowl and had to try and convince her to let me take a photo for the blog. She was shy but willing!

Katie is donning her version of the Ellery Reversible Cowl in Llamalini. She used color 112 Caspian which looks stunning with her fiery red hair. Llamalini is a favorite with all of us in the office. It’s a lovely choice for sweaters. The linen and silk add the most sumptuous earthy feel in combination with the llama, making garments that are breathable and not overly toasty.  But for those of us who aren’t ready to commit to a large project, just 3 50-gram hanks will make the lovely cowl above.

IRL – Woven Whisper Lace

Whisper Lace two weeks in a row! Can you tell that’s one of our favorites here in the office?!


Today we’re sharing an “In Real Life” with Katie who works in customer service. She’s adorned with a scarf woven on a Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom. She used both Llamalini and Whisper Lace for the warp, and just Whisper Lace for the plain-weave weft. It only took one ball/skein of each!

Thanks for sharing, Katie. Your scarf looks fantastic!

IRL – Wisp Scarf mod

I am lucky enough to work with a great group of ladies here at Universal Yarn. We mostly consist of Yonca (sales manager), Heather (social media goddess), and Katie and Jackie (customer service wizards), me (Amy) the design person. We’re a small group of 5 women, but we all knit, crochet or both. There’s hardly a day that goes by where one of us is not wearing our handmade preciousness.

Thus begins a new series I am calling “IRL”, or In Real Life. Every day I come to work in a building that houses more yarn than you can imagine. It can be overwhelming to look at it all boxed up in the warehouse, sitting on shelves, or piled on my desk. It’s always calling to me, “knit me! make something out of me!” We sell yarn here, but we also love using and wearing it. I thought you might be interested in some of the things we make, so here goes.

I’ll start first:


I’m wearing a scarf I knit up last year made out of Whisper Lace. With just 2 balls of color 103 Harbor, I came up with a whopping 20″ x 60″ scarf/stole. It’s long enough that I can keyhole it, or when it’s really cold, double wrap around my neck like the photo above. The pattern is a modified Wisp by Cheryl Niamath, free on Knitty. I didn’t add buttons; I just cast on extra stitches, added a couple of random vertical garter stitch columns for interest, and knit until I ran out of yarn. For me, a person who almost exclusively knits garments, it was a refreshing change!

How about you, what Universal Yarn are you wearing today?