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Free Pattern Friday – Picket Cardigan

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Little Bird Picket Cardigan 1 blogToday, the Picket Cardigan in Little Bird.

More than one person walked by my desk this week and picked this up to fondle it.  Little Bird (100g/344 yds) gives it a lovely sheen, and the smoothness of the fiber really makes those cables and ribs stand out.  It’s not stiff or bulky at all, but very soft and comfy.  The machine washability makes it a home run for baby knits.

This cardigan is knit in pieces and seamed. The back and sleeves are worked in plain stockinette stitch, while the fronts are cabled.  The pattern is written and charted and contains a schematic.

This would look great on a little girl or a little boy. The buttonholes can be placed on either side – although truthfully I always forget which is which.  Eh, the baby won’t care.

Happy knitting!



Free Pattern Friday – Kauai Cardigan

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Kauai cardi_blogToday, the Kauai Cardigan in Alana.

Summertime… and the livin’ is easy.  This cardi makes me feel like I should be strolling on the boardwalk in my sandals with a frosty beverage in my hands.  Maybe  I could wear a giant Yashi Sunblock hat with it.

It’s made in Alana (164yds/100g) , a tropically colorful viscose blend.  It’s a great choice for bright color with a sheen.  Speaking from personal experience, I haven’t noticed pooling or flashing – just bright colors and happy hues.

And since we’re talking about free patterns, here’s one that flew under the radar!

The Butterfly Scarf is also in Alana.  We released this fun broomstick lace design a couple of weeks ago, but never actually made it part of a Free Pattern Friday.  Consider it a bonus wish for warm, leisurely days.

Happy crafting!


Free Pattern Friday – Loft Jacket

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Allore Loft Jacket_blog

Today, the Loft Jacket in Allore.

Allore 101 Nero hi-res
Allore Color 101 Nero

Allore (109yds/50g) is new for Rozetti Yarns this season, and we love it.  It’s light and lofty, with a brushed, slightly fuzzy appearance.  But what takes it to the next level is a) it’s got lovely gradations in shade, and b) glitter!  A metallic strand running through it makes it easy to make instant “dress up” pieces. Working on a US 9-11 needle means knits go fast.

This jacket is worked flat from the bottom up and then seamed.  Regularly spaced twists give it just the right amount of texture.  Add buttonholes at the collar or secure it with a pin, as we’ve done here.

I love this jacket.  What a great mix of cozy and elegant.

Happy knitting!

Free Pattern Friday – Frog Hoodie

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Bella Chenille Frog Hoodie wide blog

Today, a great project to leap into the new year with.  The Frog Hoodie in Bella Chenille!

Bella Chenille (131yds/100g) is a fuzzy polyester chenille that’s very soft and easy to work with.  I used this for a Sunday Swatch a while back, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that it machine washes well.  This is a great yarn choice for a kid project.

Knit the sleeves in the round and put them aside, then work the body and attach the sleeves.  Work upward to the neck and hood, then add the frog eyes.  The coordinating buttons are nice and big for little hands to fasten.

Happy knitting!


Free Pattern Friday – Insulate Cardigan

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Insulate Cardigan_blogToday, the Insulate Cardigan in Superwool.

Insulate Cardigan back blogYesterday on the blog we were talking about how slowly knitting could go with tiny needles and tiny yarn.  This, on the other hand, could not go faster.  The cardigan is actually knit as one rectangle.  That’s it.  Knits and purls, worked straight from end to end, then folded and seamed, creating this neat swallowtail hem.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy project, we’ve got you covered.

Insulate Cardigan mannequin_blogSuperwool (100g/66yds) is a super-bulky, springy wool blend that stretches and moves with you.  This is a great project to wrap yourself up in, nice and cozy.

Our sales manager Yonca designed and knitted this cardigan, and we passed it around the office modeling it.  Our accounting manager tried it on upside down, and guess what – it still looked great!  Here it is “upside down” on a mannequin.  Pretty versatile for one long rectangle.

Happy knitting!



Throwback Thursday – A Walk in the Woods

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT Walk in the Woods

Today, a beautiful cool-weather knit, A Walk in the Woods.  Originally knit in Eden Silk, this lightweight cardi would look great in either Uptown DK 100% anti-pilling acrylic or Deluxe DK Superwash wool.

I’ve been knitting a lot with Deluxe DK Superwash lately (I just need to bind off my ribbed Katrina top!) so for this, as a personal choice I think I’d go with the Uptown DK.  I’ve been making a long cowl in Uptown DK Colors, the striped version of the yarn, and have been very impressed with how soft it is (and yes, it really is not pilling).  I like the idea of an entire garment that luxurious.

This cardi is knit flat in the traditional style – back, then fronts, then sleeves.  The textured stitch in the pattern is written and charted and is fairly easy to “read” in your knitting as you go – it’s the same few rows, staggered by a few stitches.

We hope you’re able to bring your projects outdoors and enjoy this beautiful weather.  Happy knitting!

Throwback Thursday – Antonia

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT Antonia

Today, Antonia!

Antonia was originally designed for Dolce Merino, a great 50/50 merino/microfiber blend.  Fortunately, we have two excellent substitutes!

Merino XF Superwash is 100% extra fine merino.  Very soft, very springy, and just the right weight to make this cool-weather cardi.  Alternately, we’d recommend knitter-favorite Deluxe DK Superwash 100% superwash wool.  If you want to perfectly duplicate the look of the original, several of the greens are a very good match.

The braid portion of the pattern consists of right twists of the type we’ve been working on in our Afghan Knitalong.  The bobbles are made by knitting multiple times into the same stitch, then immediately decreasing to make a raised bump in the fabric.  They really pop against the reverse stockinette column background.

We hope you enjoy this free stylish cardi-style jacket.  Happy knitting!