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Free Pattern Friday – Hibiscus Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Today, the Hibiscus Scarf in Garden 10.

It’s summertime, but that’s no reason to skip the pretty accessories! This scarf calls for two balls of Nazli Gelin Garden 10 mercerized cotton, using one of the variegated shades in that yarn. The colors in this cotton are rich and saturated.

The body of this shallow shaped scarf is knitted at the same time as its border. As with all stockinette, this scarf will curl some, allowing bits of the lace to peek through depending on how you wear it.

This is a lovely lightweight piece that won’t sit heavy on your lap as you work it.

We hope you have a great weekend.  Happy knitting!

Just for you – Garden Metallic Lacy Knits

If you’re a good little crafter, you’re already busy making your holiday gifts.  Or you could be more like me and have the best intentions, but then somehow it’s the last minute and you’ve knocked out an emergency pair of Felted Scuffles and are frantically drying them with a hair dryer.

Somehow it seems that every year, one thing is true:  in all the confusion, I never wind up knitting for myself.

Not this year.

Kristin Hansen's Garden Metallic Lacy Knits

Ever since this gorgeous book of Kristin Hansen knitted lace for Garden Metallic came out, I’ve had my eye on… well, on all of the patterns.  I had the pleasure of helping prepare the garments for this photo shoot. Touching each delicate masterpiece was enough to make me fall in love.  The one that sets my pulse racing, though, is the Midnight Sun Shawl, perhaps because it shares a name with one of my favorite songs.

Fetch my wrap, dear. The night is young and so are we.

The printed book is now also an e-book, as well as individual patterns.  So this year, I’m going to myself something beautiful.  I’m telling myself there’s still time this season, although realistically, I know myself and it will probably be next year before this sees the light of day.  And I have nowhere to wear something this glamorous – but I have faith that if I make it, then the opportunity will present itself.  Or perhaps I’ll be more likely to make my own opportunity.

If you’d like a lovely length of lace to call your own, don’t wait until everything else is done.  It never will be.  Do it now, just for you.

You’re worth it.

Happy knitting!

Weaving Wednesday – Start Today

weave yarnbomb done 1

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
-Arthur Ashe

Today’s Weaving Wednesday was inspired on a walk down my street.  I was having difficulty getting motivated, and paused at a fence by a stream to look at the water and be in the moment.  Watching the stream wind along reminded me that oftentimes, we just need to overcome our own inertia, take that first step and move.  We’ll figure out the direction along the way – starting is the important part.

weave yarnbomb with yarn

With that thought in mind, I brought my tiny little 2″ square Weavette loom and a few colors of Garden 10 cotton thread with me to our local Worldwide Knit In Public day and started to weave with the thread held doubled.  I had the idea that the squares would make good individual oversized embroidery backgrounds.  Garden 10 is a lovely, fine mercerized Egyptian Giza cotton, and I knew it was hardy enough to stand up to the elements, an important consideration for this project.

weave Yarnbomb embroideryOver the next week, in the lovely evenings of late Spring in the South, I sat on the front porch and embroidered a letter on each square with Deluxe Worsted.  My embroidery skills are rough, but again, the point is to start now.  If we wait to begin until conditions are perfect, we’ll never begin.

weave yarnbomb STARTWhen they were ready, I began taking a square, a length of thread, some scissors, and a needle along with me on my walks.  Each night, I paused at the fence by the stream and added a letter.

weave yarnbomb START TOI can’t be sure what the neighbors thought, but by the time the end was near, I was getting smiles from others who were out for an evening stroll.  I’d like to think they were curious to see the final message.

The holes in the chain link were larger than I realized, so a little creative stitching was necessary.  I had to be careful not to pull too tightly when attaching the squares – the weaving pulled out of true on some letters.  Nonetheless, at the end of nine days, it was done.

weave yarnbomb done 2

 It’s stayed in good shape over several months now.  I hope this little yarnbomb brings a smile and perhaps a moment of motivation to someone else as they walk by.

Mark Twain said that the secret of getting ahead is getting started.  What have you been putting aside that you can start today?

Knitspiration – The Long Fence

How about a little summer in the midst of winter?

The Long Fence by Romare Bearden
The Long Fence by Romare Bearden (1986)

Romare Bearden (1911-1988) has a special place in my heart.  He hails from my hometown of Charlotte, NC, just down the road from Universal Yarn.  He moved to New York and contributed to Harlem’s vibrant arts scene in the 30’s and 40’s, often using imagery from his home state.  Romare Bearden was that fortunate artist who gained respect and recognition in his lifetime, with his works displayed in important collections around the globe.  If you’re ever in Charlotte, take a pleasant stroll through Romare Bearden Park – then come up the road and see us.

His use of color is inspiring.

Uptown Worsted pinwheel


The bright colors…

Northanger Abbey_blog
Northanger Abbey Shawl in Garden 10
Goldenrod in Flax
Goldenrod in Flax from Back to Natura
Seashells Hoodie in Deluxe DK Superwash from Fall Classics
Seashells Hoodie in Deluxe DK Superwash from Fall Classics

…with more natural tones.

Timbers Hat in Uptown DK
Timbers Hat in Uptown DK from e-book Mountain Ridge Knits
Emerald Isle Lap Blanket in Deluxe Worsted from 50 Knitted Gifts
Emerald Isle Lap Blanket in Deluxe Worsted from 50 Knitted Gifts

So many choices.  So many directions to explore.

Happy knitting!




Free Pattern Friday – Inspired Dolman

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Inspired Dolman 7_blog

For the 4th of July, how about something with a little sparkle?  Today, we feature the Inspired Dolman in Cotton Gold and Garden 5.

Cotton Gold (25g/200yds) is a lace weight yarn with plenty of pizzazz.  Strung with a generous number of sequins, it’s great for dramatic projects that really catch the eye.  Here it’s paired with Garden 5 (50g/175yds) cotton thread in a similar color so that it knits up easily into a more substantial garment.  Several rows in the pattern repeat are knitted just with Cotton Gold, though, for an almost lacy texture.

Inspired Dolman 10_blogThis top is meant to fit with a few inches of positive ease and is sized from a 34″ to a 54″ bust.  The stitch pattern is a snap.  All in all, it’s a great piece to add some sparkle and punch to your wardrobe.

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends – and happy knitting every day to everyone!

Free Pattern Friday – Bodrum Beach Cover-up

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Garden 3 Bodrum Beach Coverup 1_blog

Everybody say hi to Yonca!

Sunday Swatch Garden 3 blogYonca is our sales director, and also the designer of today’s free pattern, the Bodrum Beach Cover-up in Garden 3.  You may recognize part of this pattern from this past week’s Sunday Swatch (right).

Yonca wanted to make a gift for her sister-in-law in Turkey, so she whipped up this colorful number in our Garden 3 cotton thread and graciously shared her pattern with us.  Garden 3 ( 136yds/50g) is 100% mercerized Egyptian Giza cotton, a favorite for durable and beautiful garments and a great pick for this breezy summer project.

It’s called the Bodrum Beach Cover-up after the town of Bodrum in Turkey, a beautiful resort with gorgeous weather, a medieval castle, and of course the beach.  I was so happy Yonca told us about this place – it’s one more spot to put on my bucket list.

We couldn’t resist sending Yonca on a virtual trip there, if only for this blog post.  Have a great time, Yonca, and keep crocheting!

Garden 3 Bodrum Beach Coverup 5_beachified

Sunday Swatch – Garden 3

Today’s Sunday Swatch is in Garden 3.

Sunday Swatch Garden 3 blog

This crochet swatch in Garden 3 is actually a WIP by a member of our sales team.  It’s a piece that she’s made the front of already, and is now making the matching back for.  I’ve seen it in person, and it’s beautiful!

Garden 3 is excellent quality 100% mercerized Egyptian Giza cotton, smooth with a bit of a sheen.  Garden is part of our popular Nazli Gelin line and is available in both 50 gram balls and 500 gram cones perfect for larger projects.

Our diligent salesperson is using a US E/4 (3.5mm) hook and it’s working out beautifully, as you can see above.  Another of my favorite Garden 3 designs, Sarah Read’s  Love Ewe Nesting Dolls to the right, works up on smaller hooks.  It’s available as a free download (yay!) with website signup from CrochetMe.com.  Here’s the link.

Happy crafting!