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Free Pattern Friday – Mary Layering Tee

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Mary Layering Tee_blog

Today, the Mary Layering Tee in Merino XF Superwash.

Mary Layering Tee_back_blogThere’s an old song by George M. Cohan called “Mary.”  It’s all about how these days, some girls named Mary might change their names to Marie to be cutting edge, but there’s something reassuring about sticking with Mary and having the confidence to know that you’re a classic.

That’s what we have in the Mary Layering Tee.  It’s worked from the bottom up in pieces, with short row shaping at the hem.  The front henley placket is decorative rather than functional.   Overall, this design is sweet and simple, like the name Mary in the song.

Also sweet and simple is the called-for Merino XF Superwash.  Very soft, but also practical in its ability to be machine washed.  I did a swatch in this last February and can tell you that it is very pleasant to work with.

We hope you make time to appreciate the sweet and simple things in your life this weekend.

Happy knitting!


Free Pattern Friday – Four Stripes Pullover and Legwarmers

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Four Stripe Pullover with legwarmers_blog


So cute for Fall!  The Four Stripes Pullover includes matching legwarmers, perfect for staying warm on a crisp day.

Four Stripe Pullover back_blogThe set is designed for Merino XF (137yds/50g), an extrafine merino that’s machine washable and very soft.  The pullover is worked flat and seamed, with short rows shaping the curved rear hem.  Seed stitch borders the cuffs, hem, and neckline.

I love these cool tones.  This is one design where I wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy knitting!

Four Stripe Pullover front_blog


Throwback Thursday – Winter Afternoon Sweater Jacket

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT Winter Afternoon Sweater Jacket_blog

Luxury!  The Winter Afternoon Sweater Jacket was originally made in our Dolce Merino 50% fine merino/50% microfiber blend.  Sadly, Dolce Merino is discontinued, but we have several DK weight yarns that this garment would look great in.

First, Uptown DK 100% anti-pilling acrylic.  As you can see in the (free) Green Lace Scarf pattern at right, it holds cables well, making it a good choice.  We frequently recommend this for baby knits since it’s machine washable and durable, but it’s also a smart pick for adult garments that you want to last a long time.  Personally, if I’m going to invest time into knitting a jacket, I want to be able to show it off well into the future.

Next, Merino XF Superwash.  This is another one that is machine washable and sturdy.  As the XF in the name implies, it’s extrafine merino, so softness is not a problem.

Finally, Deluxe DK Superwash.  As seen in the popular free Wishing Cowl pattern at right, it’s another great choice for cables.  And again, it’s long-lasting and machine washable.

The Winter Afternoon Sweater Jacket is knit flat in the traditional style.  This would be a cozy project to spread out and knit on your lap on a cool night.  Lovely to make and to wear during brisk weather.

Happy knitting!

Free Pattern Friday – Heavenly Henley

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Jubilation Heavenly Henley 5 blog

We’ve got a treat today!  The Heavenly Henley by Emma Welford.

Jubilation Heavenly Henley 4 back blogThis is a great combination of solid Merino XF, a soft extra-fine merino, and Jubilation Kettle-Dye, also extra-fine merino but single-ply in a riot of bright colors.  It’s a great way to use variegated yarn as a bold accent.

And speaking of accents, check out the back!  I love this little detail.  You could choose to include or omit it, depending on your taste.

Emma is a thoughtful designer, in that she considers the impact of the final piece as well as the process of knitting.  If you haven’t seen her Convertible Cowl from our Poetry at Home e-book, take a gander.

Convertible Cowl 4-shot 100

This has been a popular garment because it’s so versatile.  Like the Heavenly Henley, it’s a great use of multicolor yarn, in this case Poems 100% wool.  We’re so happy to have the chance to work with Emma again.

Happy knitting, everyone!

Throwback Thursday – Antonia

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT Antonia

Today, Antonia!

Antonia was originally designed for Dolce Merino, a great 50/50 merino/microfiber blend.  Fortunately, we have two excellent substitutes!

Merino XF Superwash is 100% extra fine merino.  Very soft, very springy, and just the right weight to make this cool-weather cardi.  Alternately, we’d recommend knitter-favorite Deluxe DK Superwash 100% superwash wool.  If you want to perfectly duplicate the look of the original, several of the greens are a very good match.

The braid portion of the pattern consists of right twists of the type we’ve been working on in our Afghan Knitalong.  The bobbles are made by knitting multiple times into the same stitch, then immediately decreasing to make a raised bump in the fabric.  They really pop against the reverse stockinette column background.

We hope you enjoy this free stylish cardi-style jacket.  Happy knitting!