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Free Pattern Friday – PC538 Tapestry Toys and Cardigan

It’s still Free Pattern Friday!


This is Pattern Collecton PC538, Classic Worsted Tapestry Volume 2.  Up until now, it’s never been available digitally, and never for free.  Happy Friday!

Uptown Worsted Tapestry swatch blogWe’ve had several requests for this leaflet, not least because although the original yarn, Classic Worsted Tapestry is gone, the colors in Uptown Worsted Tapestry are perfect matches for it.  You could substitute Uptown Worsted Tapestry 809 Capri Breeze at right for Michele Wilcox’s Mr. Whiskers and the only difference would be that the Uptown feels softer.
CroppedCapeCardi_blogLikewise, Purple Power, Emerald, and Mountain Blues are all available in Uptown Worsted Tapestry if you want to tackle Thanh Nguyen’s Cropped Cape-Cardi in its original color scheme.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quadruple-dose of free patterns today.

Happy crafting!







Free Pattern Friday – Sheldon Sheep & Friends

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Sheep group shot posed_blog

Today, Sheldon Sheep & Friends in Deluxe Chunky Naturals.

First things first: I am going to try to restrain myself from making sheep puns.  But no promises.  These little friends inspire a certain playfulness.

Our wooly friends made their debut at the Winter TNNA Trade Show, where we asked local yarn store owners as well as our Facebook family to help us name them.  And you delivered.  Meet Sheldon, Sheila, Sherry, Shirley, and Woolma!

Each is made in a shade of our Deluxe Chunky Naturals.  It’s particularly fitting, because those shades are completely undyed.  They come from different flocks, so each color of yarn is the color of the sheep that it came from.  In this case, the wool is literally going from one sheep to another!

Sheep single shot 1_blogThe construction on these is a blend of knit and crochet.  The limbs and face are knit in color 1900 Ebony, with the body and wool cap being crocheted in just one skein of the main color.  There are some nice details, like short row shaping on the heels for a more foot-like shape.

When crocheting the body and wooly cap, the wrong side faces you as you work.  The textured alternating triple crochet/single crochet naturally falls to the opposite side.  Simply turn the pieces inside out before completing.

Sheep cap_blogThe crochet cap surrounds the knitted face like a snug hood.  The ears are attached to the cap, but if you are a proficient crocheter you could surely leave openings for a completely removable cap.  We didn’t, though – we don’t want anyone’s head to get cold!

These guys and gals are adorable in the Naturals, but I’m also thinking about a technicolor toy in a non-natural shade of Deluxe Chunky.  Chartreuse sheep, anyone?

We hope you enjoy these adorable little friends.   Happy crafting!  Wool see you next time!

(Darn.  So close without a pun.)

Sheep two shot 1_blog
That was baaaaad.

Throwback Thursday – Felted Polar Bear

It’s Throwback Thursday!

TT_Felted Polar Bear_Deluxe Worsted_blogToday, the Felted Polar Bear by Michele Wilcox.

We were inspired to release today’s pattern by a note in Vogue Knitting’s latest KnitNews e-mail.  They polled the staff to see what they were gift knitting, and one responded, “I’m hurriedly knitting a toy with Universal Yarn’s Deluxe Worsted wool, for a new baby in my family—he was adopted, so I didn’t have much notice!”

That combined with the adorable knitted cat in Cotton Supreme Batik that a customer sent to us via Facebook got us thinking about stuffed animals.  And as usual, Michele Wilcox comes through!

The Felted Polar Bear was originally part of a pattern collection for Shepherd’s Own, which is now discontinued.  However, it looks perfect in Deluxe Worsted color 40001, Cream Undyed Natural.  There are a number of undyed Deluxe Worsted Natural colors that would work if you wanted a traditional teddy rather than a polar bear.

This bear is made in pieces and stitched together, then lightly felted to make it a little more fuzzy and snuggly.  Sew on an appropriately adorable expression and stuff it, and you have a squeezable friend to cozy up to.  Too cute.

We wish you beary happy knitting!


Throwback Thursday – Hearty Holiday Santa

It’s Throwback Thursday!TT_Hearty_Santa

This week, we asked our Facebook friends whether they’d rather see a knit or a crochet pattern today.  The knits won – but don’t worry, crocheters, we’ll have something for you next week!

Michele Wilcox’s Hearty Holiday Santa is mittens-down the most adorable Santa I’ve seen.  You just know that when he laughs, his belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly.

Santa was originally made in now-discontinued Classic Worsted Holiday.  We’re updating the selection to Uptown Worsted.  The 100% anti-pilling acrylic will stand up to quite a few hugs.

Make the legs, then the body and head, then add on details like ears, belt, and hat.  You can’t quite see it in the picture, but Santa has an adorable smile behind his beard.  We hope this project will make you smile too.

Happy knitting!

Throwback Thursday – Happy Little Elf

It’s Throwback Thursday!TT Happy Little ElfWe had someone on Facebook ask about this pattern a couple of days ago, and it reminded us of how close the holidays are.  So today, we offer this formerly paid pattern, now set free!

The Happy Little Elf is an adorable Michele Wilcox design (we love Michele!) that was originally only available as part of a kit featuring Classic Worsted Holiday.   We’re recommending Uptown Worsted as a substitute.

Uptown Worsted is 100% anti-pilling acrylic.  As a former yarn snob, I was skeptical of acrylics until I squeezed my first skein of Uptown.  This would definitely be soft enough for a beloved little friend who is also machine washable.

Uptown Worsted Happy Little Elf colors_blog
What I like about Uptown for this pattern is that it has a broad color palette.  Our recommendations to match the original Happy Little Elf are pictured here, but there are a good variety of skin tones and jacket and shoe options if you want to personalize your elf.

Looking at elf pictures online (I love my job) made me realize just how standard this elf costume is in popular culture, and how versatile this little elf could be.  You could make a little buddy, so to speak…

Buddy the Elf

…or you could make your own little offbeat elf to take on adventures.

Hermey the Elf


We just got that 356 Bright Blue in stock.  It’s like it was meant to be.

We hope you’ll enjoy making a little pal for yourself, or for someone in your life who could use some magic.

Happy knitting!


Free Pattern Friday – Bamboo Pop Dolls

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

blog BambooPopDolls cover

Did we say “free pattern?”  Try five free patterns, part of Bamboo Pop Dolls!

Bamboo Pop Kids is such a popular E-Book for us, and no wonder – Bamboo Pop is a versatile yarn for kids and adults.  One of the things we heard from stores was, “wouldn’t it be great if there were matching outfits for the kids’ dolls?”  Once we were done squealing over the adorableness of that idea, we got to work!


Blog TBall Tee composite

The T-Ball Tee keeps the sweet little ties at the arms and shortens the body, making this a very quick lace knit.  I can absolutely see the two little ladies above palling around town together!  Matches the T-Ball Tee from Bamboo Pop Kids (Ravelry link).

Blog Pixie Skirt composite

The Pixie Skirt removes one tie from the shortened waist of the 18″ doll at left.  It’s a shortened length of i-cord that can be made with either a crank machine or by hand.  This is a great skirt to spin in.  Matches the Pixie Skirt from Bamboo Pop Kids (Ravelry link).

Blog Little Patriot composite

The Little Patriot is all decked out and ready to go!  For me, what really makes this top pop is the red edging around the star and the edges.  Being a Southerner, I think this is a great top for a summer day of watermelon and fresh-churned ice cream.  Matches the Little Patriot from Bamboo Pop Kids (Ravelry link).

Blog Hoodie composite

The Fading Stripe Hoodie uses a slipped “pebble stitch” to give texture.  Something just a touch warmer for the girl on the left as she wait for her friend to come home from school.  Matches the Fading Stripe Hoodie from Bamboo Pop Kids (Ravelry link).

Blog Berry Blossom compositeThe Berry Blossom Pullover lends itself well to “dollification!”  This is one of our most popular designs for girls, and it looks great on an 18″ doll, too.  Matches the Berry Blossom Pullover from Bamboo Pop Kids (Ravelry link).

Many thanks to our store owners who brought us this great idea.  We always love to hear what you have to say.

Happy knitting!