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Free Pattern Friday – Garter Baskets

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Today, Garter Baskets in Yashi and Yashi Iro (link here).

It’s been a while since we’ve shared something for the home.  These baskets are a quick and easy knitting project.

Worked from the center to edge, judicious placement of “wrap and turn” every few rows forms a curved edge.   100% raffia Yashi (solid) or Yashi Iro (multi) give a nice texture to the finished bowl.

We hope you enjoy this tasteful and decorative project.

Happy knitting!

Spotlight on Yashi

With Spring coming, we want to highlight a great yarn for warm weather.

Yashi and Yashi Iro 2 balls blog

Yashi is 100% raffia.  It has a papery but soft feel and works great for accessories and home decor.  Yashi Iro is its multi-colored companion, dyed in shades that coordinate with the solids.  Our Sales Director Yonca has made a video to tell us all about it.

In the video, she mentions Rick Mondragon’s Japanese Knot bag, which is now available as a free pattern on our website.

Yashi Bag Rick Mondragon_hi-res

This was originally available for STITCHESWest attendees, and we’re very grateful to Knitting Universe for sharing it with us. By the way, if you haven’t been to a STITCHES show yet, put it on your to-do list.  They’re a blast.

You can find the Japanese Knot Bag pattern at this link.

We hope you enjoy this fun free crochet pattern.  Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Ocean Breeze Cap

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Yashi Iro Crochet Cap blog

Today, the Ocean Breeze Cap in Yashi Iro.

Yashi Iro ball blogCute, right?  This summery cap is crocheted in 100% raffia Yashi Iro (124yds/50g), the multi-colored sibling to solid Yashi (99yds/40g).  We love this yarn.  It’s great for home dec and accessories, and it’s really caught on with crocheters.

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Amy Answers – Basketry Handbag

I got a call today from Ginger at In Sheep’s Clothing, a friendly LYS in Torrington, CT.  She told me about a customer of hers who is working on the Basketry Handbag in Yashi and is having trouble with the Basketry stitch pattern.

Yashi Purse 2_DSC1262

The main stitch pattern on the bag body is really cool looking. In Yashi (100% raffia), it creates a rustic woven look. The stitch pattern is easy enough once you get the hang of it, but can be tricky to wrap your head around it by reading the text instructions only. I decided the best way to help Ginger’s customer was to take a short video demonstrating the technique.

One key piece of advice I have on knitting this handbag in Yashi, is to keep the work very loose on the needles. Yashi is not elastic, so if you’re not conscious of the tautness of the work, things go downhill very fast.

Free Pattern Friday – Loop Bag

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Yashi Two-Color Handbag blue blog

Yashi ball blogToday, the Loop Bag in Yashi.

Yashi is our brand new 100% raffia yarn, great for accessories and home decor projects.  I love it in this crochet bag.  The handles are from JUL Designs, which has a good variety of high quality leather and metal bits and bobs for customizing your designs.

I love this bag, so I worked a little rough Photoshop magic on it to see what it would look like in other colors.  Answer: nice!  I particularly like it with the pink.

Yashi Two-Color Handbag red blog     Yashi Two-Color Handbag gray blog

You could keep the neutral base, or go for an even more Spring-like look by substituting white for the natural.

In the pattern, the base and sides are crocheted separately and sewn together.  Plastic canvas stiffens the sides, and the entire purse is lined with fabric.  It’s a kicky summer bag in a great yarn.

We hope you like this fun crochet project.

Happy crafting!

Free Pattern Friday – Sunblock Hat

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Yashi Sunblock Hat blog

Today, the Sunblock Hat in Yashi.

Yashi ball blogWe are looking forward to summer, partly because it gives us more excuses to use this great raffia yarn.  Yashi (40g/99yds) has a papery texture, but is much softer and more pliable than others we’ve seen.  It’s easy to work with and is proving a fast favorite around the office for crochet.

Because it’s so soft, with a project like this very wide hat, we’d suggest you crochet it tightly and maybe give it a little starching to stiffen the brim.  You’ll start at the top and work your way out.

I can see myself lounging in a chair by the pool in this hat, reading a good book and sipping… uh… tea.

Yes. That’ll do nicely.

Happy crafting!