Afghan Knitalong – Let’s get started!

And away we go!

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Amy Gunderson starts off our knitalong with a geometric square called “Cubed.”  You can get the pattern at this link.  It takes our “don’t be a square” theme and turns it on its head with squares within a square.

This square is a great basic introduction to intarsia, a method of working blocks of color without carrying your yarn over long stretches across the back of your work.  We’ve put together a video tutorial to further explain.


Our next square in two weeks will be slightly more advanced intarsia (but only slightly!) and will also feature a video.  Amy will also take us through some great methods for weaving in ends.

We’re casting on here at at the office and are already enjoying seeing how each others’ colors are working up!   Feel free to share your own work here, or on Facebook or in our Ravelry afghan group.

Let’s get going!

4 thoughts on “Afghan Knitalong – Let’s get started!”

  1. How many oz/yds of each color should I have to complete an afghan? (give or take) This would be a great stash buster, but I do want a consistent look and feel about it. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Rellie! Each block, barring heavily cabled blocks, will require about 30g (just a hair over one ounce) of yarn. In Uptown Worsted, that’d be roughly 54 yards per block total.

      The finished 20 blocks will require, at minimum, about 600g or 6 balls. Amy recommends 2 balls of each color if a person is using 5 or 6 colors because the 600g doesn’t take into consideration edging.

  2. Do you think it would look ok if I used sock yarn????
    I have a lot of sock yarn.! I know that it would be smaller and to make up for that I thought I could make 2 blocks. Or just have a smaller blanket. Say for a baby.

    1. Hi, Lori! Good question!
      Short answer: yes, you can make this with sock yarn.
      Long answer: If each block is about 36 sts wide, a block made out of sock yarn (assuming the gauge is 7 stitches per inch), would be about 5 x 5”. At 20 blocks, 4 blocks x 5 blocks, the finished dimensions before edging would be 20” x 25”.
      It would be a small baby blanket but could work.
      As you say, you could always just make another row or two of blocks. There are a lot of color combinations possible!

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