Afghan Knitalong – Block Three

Step Up Your Game block

How’d your intarsia go?  Ready for something new? How do you feel about lace?

Block 3 is called “Step Up Your Game” (link here).  It’s both written and charted so you can do whatever you prefer – but if you haven’t tried reading a chart before, we hope you’ll give it a go.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s a handy skill to have.

Amy shares a video with us in which she talks about charts and walks us through the basic increases and decreases.  Try out her modified ssk (slip, slip, knit) – it lays flatter than the traditional version for a neater look.

Continuing our theme of building blocks (no pun intended), our next square will be more lace, with one additional type of decrease.

We hope you learn something new – and have fun!

4 thoughts on “Afghan Knitalong – Block Three”

  1. Hi can you give some more general information like;
    What will the dimensions of the finish product is planned?
    How many colors do I need?
    I want to plan my yarn on hand accordingly so I do not rush to buy yarn.

    1. Sure!
      Amy Gunderson says, “Each block, barring heavily cabled blocks, will require about 30g of yarn. So the finished 20 blocks will require, at minimum, about 600g or 6 balls. I’d like to recommend preparing for 2 balls of each color if a person is using 5 or 6 colors because the 600g doesn’t take into consideration edging.”
      Amy’s recommending a minimum of four colors, but most of us here in the office are using five or even six. The finished afghan will be 4 x 5 squares, or 34” x 42½.

  2. Hello! I am working on some fun ideas for an afghan that has been hibernating for a while, and I think your block ideas would make an insanely awesome trim! Could you please tell me how often y’all are posting up new squares? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Victoria! Great idea!
      We’re posting a new block every two weeks, so the next one will pop up on April 28th. We’ll check back in before then to see how folks are doing with their blocks so far. Happy knitting!

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