Afghan Knitalong – Block Eight

Block Eight is live!

8 Posts and Links block_blogLinks and Posts builds on last week’s cables lesson and neatly folds in the lace we worked on in April.  There are both left and right twists, as well as the centered double decrease of Block Four.  I love this block!

Did you find it fiddly to work the last block’s cables?  Amy has put together a video showing us how to work cables without a cable needle – a very handy technique!

I’m very eager to get started on this block.  If it looks intimidating, just remember – there’s nothing here you haven’t done before.  It’s just put together in a new and exciting way.

We’d love to see your blocks! You can share with us on Facebook, or in our Ravelry group.  We’ll see you in two weeks with a new block and a new technique!

Happy knitting!

6 thoughts on “Afghan Knitalong – Block Eight”

  1. On Block 8….row 7 indicates there are 3 increased stitches for a total of 39 st. I only seem to have 2…. The 2 M1’s. My total for the row is 38. Have counted and re read pattern several times. Is something missing or am I misinterpreting something in this row. Thanks for your help!

    1. After another go at it , I discovered the third M1 was omitted from the written directions in Row 7. I had not looked at the chart on this one. This M1 was on the chart but not in the written directions.

      1. Good eye, Betty! You’re right. We’ve updated the pattern online and also issued an erratum. Thanks so much for catching this!

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