Afghan Knitalong – Block Nine

Block Nine is live! 9-Best-Buds-block_blog_100

How are we doing, gang?  I loved cables, but I’m rarin’ to go on a new technique!

This time, Amy introduces knitting in the round!  Today’s counterpane block “Best Buds” goes from the center out, using the lace techniques and M1 increases we’ve already learned from previous blocks.

Amy shares this helpful video on starting your square on DPNs (double-pointed needles) and increasing as you work out.  It’s not something we’ve done before in this afghan, but it’s a very useful trick! We’ll also be sharing videos this month on weaving in ends, and on other ways to work center-out. I’m grabbing my DPNs and casting on.  It’s so exciting to move in a new direction – literally! See you next time!

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