Crochet Slippers – 1, 2, 3…Win!

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One of the many fun parts of my job here at Universal Yarn is getting to see all the new projects about to go live in magazines. Not long ago I received an email and photo from the folks at Crochet! Magazine letting us know about an adorable pair of slippers made in our Deluxe Worsted Superwash yarn. This project is the Lucy Slippers by the talented Dora Ohrenstein.

CrochetGiftsIn1-2-3_Cvr-1 Lucy Slippers

This particular issue of Crochet! is jam-packed with tons of great projects. We’re so proud to have our yarn featured in such a cute, wearable item! I was so excited about these slippers that I wanted to do a small crochet along here in the office. Katie in customer service (you may know her for her recent weaving obsession) is also an avid crocheter. She was happy to participate!

Katie decided to do her pair in the same yarn used in original Lucy, but opted to mix things up by using several different colors. She chose 709, 710, and 731. After skimming the pattern and construction, I decided these would look great in one of our self-shading yarns. Poems was my yarn of choice, in color 584 Aurora.

Crocheted Slip‬pers hi-res

We’re partnering with Crochet! magazine to bring you a great gift, either for yourself or a loved one. We’re right on the tip of the beginning of gift-crocheting season, right? All you have to do is answer this question in the comments:

Who would you make the Lucy slippers for, and why?

One lucky winner will receive  a copy of the Winter Crochet Gifts in 1-2-3 issue of Crochet! Magazine, 2 balls of Poems and 2 balls of Deluxe Worsted Superwash in colors of her or his choosing. The cut-off for the contest is midnight, September 30. We can’t wait to hear your answers!




391 thoughts on “Crochet Slippers – 1, 2, 3…Win!”

  1. I would like to make these slippers for my daughter who has none..I just feel she would be more comfortable and her feet hurt her so much by the end of the day…these would be nice and comfy for her to slip into..besides they are really cute..Thanks..

    1. My daughter is a nurse and these would be perfect for her to slip into after a long day on her feet.
      These are so cute I will probably make them for my grand daughter’s too. Maybe s en a pair for myself.

  2. I would make these slippers for all my friends and family who live in snowy places! These are the perfect gift because they look so cozy but still small enough to mail. I probably need to work up another pair for myself while I’m at it! 🙂

  3. I’d make them for my mom…but I’d have to learn to crochet first. I’ve signed up for a class so hopefully I’ll be learning the skills I need soon. Thanks.

  4. I would make 2 pairs :). One to donate to my local Make A Wish Chapter to give to family. Long hospital stays deserve comfy goodness and a bright spot in their day. The second pair I would make for a wondeful lady at my local yarn sore that never knits or crotchets for herself but instead for others.

  5. I would love to win these for my Mom because she never walks around the house with bare feet. She would adore such a beautiful gift!

  6. My mom’s birthday is in mid October, and I would LOVE to make her a pair of slippers! She lives in Michigan, and I’m in California, so I know it would mean so much if she received a handmade gift in the mail from me!

  7. I would make one pair for myself because my feet are always freezing! That first pair would be practice. Then I would make more for my mom and my grandmother because they would love them. <3

  8. I would crochet some for my daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughters & mother-in-laws. I would make them for my mom if she was still with us. I would also make some for my sisters & possibly my nieces.

  9. I would love to make these for my mother-in-law, as is such a wonderful person, and does so much for everyone, and never asks for anything.. She would be so please to have these…

  10. I would make them for my mother and aunt. My grandmother always made them a pair of slippers for Christmas. She has passed and they miss her and her crochet slippers. It is a tradition I would like to continue in memory of my grandmother.

  11. I would make 3 pairs for definite. The first for my mom, who has had surgery on her right foot and that now makes it hard for her to find any shoes or slippers that are comfortable. The second for my sister whose feet are always cold and the third for me because I LOVE the looks of the finished slipper. Of course, I would make more for anyone that wanted them.

  12. I would make these for all the girls in the family, oh wait and probably the boys also , there is a few of each and would be a great way to use all the extra yarn i have and it will make great gifts to keep all those tootsies warm .

  13. I would make the Lucy slippers for me and my relatives for when they come visit me. At my home we don’t wear shoes and that it is not common for my relatives and every time they visit me they feel weird being shoeless so this model would be perfect for all of them! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Actually, I would be busy because I would make them for my daughter and my two granddaughters. They always seem to run barefoot in the winter and the floors get pretty cold that time of year.

  15. I am a social worker and geriatric specialist who also loves to crochet! I would like to make a few pairs of these slippers for clienrs in nursing homes!

  16. Hi,
    Im from germany and im sorry for my englisch. I would like to make rhis shoes for me and my pregnant Sister. we would be both very happy.

  17. Would love the pattern to make for my charity work… will make many… so more attractive than the pattern I have… thanks for the opportunity

  18. I would have to make a pair for my mother, since her feet are always cold. Then a pile in assorted sizes and colors for the local family shelter.

  19. I would make the Lucy slippers for my sister because they remind me of slippers my aunt made us when we were kids. They were warm and soft but not bulky. The best gifts in my family are always the ones that are homemade and my sister would love them.

  20. We are opting for a “homemade Christmas” this year, so I would make them for my two daughters and my four daughters-in law(and probably for myself, too, but not until theirs were all done.)

  21. I have used a few different patterns to crochet slippers. These seem to be more usable. Want to make for Christmas gifts.

  22. I would like to make these for myself and for all my favorite people. I would also love to donate a couple of pairs. They are adorable!

  23. I love the way the socks looks. it will be so nice to wear them at home or in the office after a long day. I would love to crochet a pair for friends family and even coworkers. Thank you

  24. I would make them for my Mom…she has Leukemia and is always cold. She is always covered up…something in some pretty colors would make her happy and warm at the same time 🙂

  25. I would make them for my self and my husband. Its getting chilly her in the Midwest and the old feet need to stay nice and toasty.

  26. I would like to make the Lucy Slippers and donate them to liver cancer patients. My mom lost her battle to liver cancer earlier this year. She was the one who taught me to crochet as a little girl. We both picked it back up during her many hospital visits to keep occupied. One of the side effects of her desease was alway being cold especially her feet. So this would be a great way to honor her fight and help keep toes toasty and warm!

  27. I would love to make these slippers, they would make such great gifts but most of all it keeps the art of crochet going. Would love to see more young people doing crochet its such a wonderful creative art!

  28. I would make these for my sister, who works doing the laundry for a retirement/rehabilitation center in our area and suffers from fibromyalgia. Despite her long, hot & tiresome days, she continues to help provide for her family, which includes many grandchildren. She is, in my opinion, most deserving and would be very appreciative. A big shout out to my sister, Dovie, and the countless others who contribute & sacrifice in so many ways.

    1. Hello, I’ll be honest. I’d make a pair of slippers for myself first. I’m always crocheting and giving stuff away. I have never crocheted anything for myself. If I liked them, then I would buy more yarn to crochet for others. I’m always looking for something new and exciting to crochet. I have never made slippers! It would be nice to try.

  29. I would make a pair for my daughter. She loves when I find a new pattern for slippers and make it for her. These look very comfy. I know she will enjoy them. She likes to pick out the color too. I would also make a pair for myself. I love Dora’s designs. She is a very smart lady.

  30. I would make a pair for my Grandma. She was just saying how cold her toes get & it’s still summer here!!! I’d also like to make a pair for both of my little girls!! They love for me to make them stuff!

  31. I’d make them for Christmas gifts. But the first pair would be for me as I never seem to keep anything I make for myself.

  32. Slippers all around! I have a charity I support for breast cancer patience and these slippers would be a great addition to our chemo caps!

  33. I would make these for myself, and many of the women that I know. Who couldn’t use a nice pair of soft slippers that will also keep their feet warm on those cool (and occasionally cold) Southern winter nights.

  34. I teach an early morning (6am) religion class to high schoolers. I would make a pair for each of my female students to keep their feet cozy and warm on those early cold winter mornings.

  35. i would make the slippers for my niece Katherine. She is a wonderful niece, mother, wife and working women. She works a full time job, comes home and is a great mother to her tween daughter, and adorable son. She helps me with things, and also takes care of her sister-in-law and niece. While still trying to be a person in her own right. She has been married for 12 1/2 years and loves her family and husband. But sometimes I think she forgets to do for her self. These would be a great relaxing item for her.

  36. I would love to make myself a pair. I have severe nerve damage in my legs and i need something comfy after work when they are all swollen and hurting. Kind of selfish huh.

  37. I would love to make these slippers for my best friend. I make her a different pair as a Christmas gift each year. These are so pretty.

  38. I have some very soft but thin yarn that is cozy too. I will have to use a different yarn for the bottom of these cute slippers to wear them around the house. Hope-a hope-a hope-a.

  39. I would make these slippers for my sister who has Type 2 Diabetes and has neuropathy which damages the nerves in her feet and makes them extremely cold. These would keep her feet nice and cozy warm during the winter.

  40. I would make some for me and my husband to keep our feet warm during this upcoming Wisconsin winter! I’d crochet them in our alma mater’s colors (since we met in college).

  41. I would stitch them for the group I belong to that crochet and knits things for indigent women and children, called Springfield Stitches For A Cause, which Is also located on Facebook. I give everything I now make away, as everyone here already has a handmade scarf, and I love to help others. All my yarn is donated, or purchased at yard sales, etc.

  42. Will do the slippers for my mom, nieces, sisters and myself because i want to share to them my love for crochet and also it would be nice if we all wear same kind of slippers right ^_^ a family slippers 🙂

  43. I would make them for my mum and dad whom i have not seen in 2 years because live in a different country. it would be a nice way to say I love and miss you.

  44. I would make the slippers for whoever would like me too. It is such a privledge when people think my crocheting is good enough to wear or display. When truley it is the pattern’s writer who deserves the praise. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  45. I would make the Lucy slippers for my aunt, Lucy! She has shared all kinds of garden veggies with me this year and just gave me a wonderful canister set she no longer needed. I love crocheting for family friends and thought it was so cute that these slippers has her name! She also has a terrible time finding shoes and slippers that fit, because she is 4′ 11″ and has super tiny feet!

  46. I would make these for my oldest daughter. They live on a large farm and have a very large house with wooden floors which are so cold early in the morning.

  47. I want to get back to crochet after crocheting a hat MANY moons ago. I’d make a pair for myself, my daughter, and my two granddaughters! Wonderful Christmas stocking stuffers they would be! 😉

  48. I would make as many pairs of the slippers as possible so that every single person (shut-in, supported living housing) could have something a little warmer on their arthritic feet. The floors in this building are concrete and being in northern Illinois, it gets pretty darn cold. Last winter, a couple of the ladies I talk with said they stayed in bed except to get to the bathroom, because the floors stay so cold and the cold makes their muscles and bones hurt. I work fast so I think I could probably get everyone a pair made!

  49. I would make these slippers for my best friend, Brittany, my sister-in-law, Amanda, and myself. We all get cold feet so having something warm and comfy to wear at home this winter is a must!!!

  50. I would make these for my granddaughter, who turns 8 September 27th. She has always loved and appreciated anything I’ve made for her especially socks and slippers. Her feet are really wide at the ball like mine so I always modify for her so she’ll have the perfect fit. She went through a stage when she was little where she felt all her socks were too tight and the seam at the toe would make her cry. That’s when I started making socks and customized them to her feet. She’s seen how long it can take and the work that goes into them and is always amazed at my work. Makes me feel like a better crocheter/knitter than I am!

  51. I would make these for my mother-in-law. She is wheelchair bound in a nursing home. She has severe bunions and cannot wear regular shoes. Slippers are a perfect solution. They are soft and pretty and will keep her feet warm. I would be very excited to try these!

  52. This would be a great gift for all my female cousins. Small, useful, and “keepers”. I think I will post on facebook what color pallets they like!

  53. Hi!
    I would make the first batch of slippers for my 91 year old Mother. She always wears house shoes of a certain type and I can’t find them any more so I’ve been looking for a replacement and I think these would be PERFECT! She is picky and I think she would really love these. After I have her supplied for a bit. I think I’d like to make a pair for her three sisters as well. Thank you so much for contest!

  54. I would make them for my mother. Her very are always so cold. No matter the temperature her feet are still cold. Plus I owe her. She made me a blanket once and I love it so I need to pass on the favor.

  55. I would make a pair for myself and a pair for my Mom who just beat lung cancer into remission. She likes getting cozy and warm in the evenings and LOVES slippers!

  56. I would make these for my mom and my sister for Christmas. They are both so wonderful and they deserve to get wonderful things.

  57. I’d like to make a pair for my daughter a freshman student and one as a surprise for her roommate …so that they are heated until the east wind blows in Belgrade …

  58. I would make a pair for each of my cousins who are brand new moms, because they deserve something snuggly to slip on when up in the night to feed babies .

  59. For me, for starters. Then my mom, then my niece and grand-niece. Then I would move on to a few friends that I know would love these.

  60. I would make these for my nieces, sisters, friends, great nieces, and for the Mission Box. Love the pattern and the color combinations are endless. Beautiful!

  61. I’d love to have this slipper pattern; they are much better than the other ones I’ve seen. I would make them for gifts and to donate. If I don’t win, I’d still like to get the pattern…how is that possible? Thanks!

  62. I would make them for my mom, MIL, aunt and all my SILs!! They all need warm feet!!! And I love the feeling of giving hand made gifts!!

  63. I would make these slippers for my granddaughters and for my sister and my mother. Maybe I could even keep a pair for myself. I usually start out making something for myself and then someone else ends up with it.

  64. For myself and my best friends ^_^
    To be honest i’m fascinated about the way you make them so i’ve always wanted to learn.
    Also ,they are cute and warm and awesome.

  65. I would make these for all the wonderful gals I work with. I am an office manager at a dental clinic. These are super cute like crocheted moccasins.

  66. I would love to do two pairs. One for my daughter who has so many things I don’t know what to give her. This will be something special, unique. One for me so that I don’t get to envy hers’.

  67. I would crochet these slippers for my daughter who has just gone away to college. She has low thyroid and her feet are always cold!

  68. I am a member of The Pink Slipper Project (on Facebook) and we make slippers for women and children in domestic violence shelters across the USA and I am always looking for great new slipper patterns to use!!

  69. I would make them for my friend who is living in her caravan because their house was destroyed by a freak storm and they are still waiting for the go ahead from the insurance company to start work. I know this would
    Cheer her up

  70. I would love to make these slippers for MYSELF!!! I always have cold feet and would love to wear them at home and also in my travel trailer when camping.

  71. I would make a pair of these slippers for my mother-in-law in the nursing home. She is always complaining about her feet being cold. Her favorite color is blue, and she loves anything I crochet for her!

  72. I would make the Lucy slippers for a very special young lady who is settling down for her 327th night in hospital, she has severe health issues, including Rett Syndrome, gut failure, internal bleeding and more. She cannot walk and her feet are very swollen, so regular slippers don’t fit her well or comfortably. The Lucy slippers look like they’d stretch nicely to fit comfortably. This special young lady deserves comfortable slippers, she suffers so much but always tries to smile! She’s my inspiration to always keep trying!

  73. they look so comfy and are so cute.. i would like to make a pair for myself to start with to keep my feet warm as I sit in my chair crocheting and I am sure all 4 of my daughters would like a pair. and maybe a few pair to doanate along with the preemie hats I crocheted to donate to the area hospital.

  74. I would make these for all of my grandchildren, because they run around in their stocking feet, and they always love everything that grandma makes for them. I would probably make them for their mothers also. I love crocheting for my friends & family. Oh gosh, my list is growing, I keep thinking of more people that I want to make these for. What a great thank you gift, also.

  75. As much as I would love a pair for me…just would not seem right. I never seem to keep anything I make. I would love to be able to make as many as possible and hand out to the homeless folks in and around my small town. And if any left over, I would like to make for disabled/ homeless veterans and foster children in my county. Our Veterans helped us so why not help them. As for the foster children, that would be the closest i could do to give them warmth away from home.

  76. I would make a pair for my 2 sons and husband, who lost his job today. i want him to know no matter what he is loved and slippers are a perfect way to show him comfort

  77. I’d like to make this slipper for my kids, because winter’s approaching. And for myself, cause It’s beautyful and I’m selfish a bit.

  78. My children and bonus kids would love these slippers! Oh my, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t love these … I would even make a pair for myself! 🙂

  79. I would make these for my Mom. She worked really hard to make sure I didn’t want for anything as a child. Now it’s my turn to take care of her.

  80. We are a yarn shop in Maine. When the snow gets deep outside, it rides in on people’s boots and melts on our floor. The longer people browse, the more they melt. I have wanted to put out a large basket of inviting slippers so folks could take off their boots and browse or sit in our comfy chairs and crochet while to snow flies outside. The Lucy slippers would be perfect to entice our crocheters to stay a while! We’ll probably make it a staff project. Can’t you just see it? A whole crowd of crocheters (and knitters) sitting around with Deluxe Wool in their hands, hot tea in their cups and Lucy slippers on their feet. Warms my heart just picturing it.

  81. I would love to make the Lucy slippers for my daughter in law, and grandchildren. They are always bare footed, so I think these slippers would feel as though they don’t have anything on their feet except for warmth. They would be perfect!

  82. I would love to make this for my husband’s aunt! She’s always been supportive and helpful since my mother in law has been absent from the beginning. I’d also make a few for friends as part of their Christmas gift. 🙂

  83. I would love to make these slippers for myself, our daughters, granddaughters, and my sister. I love the design of this pattern and they look soooo warm!

  84. I would make them for my niece that now resides in Chicago. I chose her because she is living in a cold city and it would be a nice handcrafted surprise from her aunt. It’s an added benefit to be able to do them in some of her favorite colors.

  85. Last year I made a pair of slippers for my grandmother and my dad for Christmas, with some crappy yarn I got on sale.
    I have seen my granny wearing her slippers since Christmas and they are sadly falling apart. She loved them so much that she started wearing the ones I made for my father, which are a couple sizes too big for her!
    She told me they were the warmest, comfiest slippers she’s ever had, and she even took them to hospital with her when she was really sick last winter.
    I’m going to make her another pair for Christmas, and I would love to make them with this pattern and some gorgeous yarn, instead of cheap yarn I had to buy to be economical. Also, let’s not kid ourselves, I’m totally going to make a pair for myself if there’s enough yarn left over!

  86. My daughter Danielle, she has just had surgery on her foot and big toe. They broke it in two places and pinned together to straighten her toe and stop her being in constant pain. I would make them for her to wear when the dressings come off and the swelling in her foot goes down

  87. I would make them for my mother because I love my mommy, and she hurt her foot falling off the roof a little while ago and deserves something comfy and beautiful for her feet

  88. I would make slippers to give to the local program here that collects hats, coats, shoes, etc for the children in our area that don’t have warm things to wear.

  89. I would like to make these for my three daughters as Christmas gifts. They are great moms and wives and I would like to make their lives a little more comfortable at the end of their hard working days. They are also really cute slippers.

  90. I would make slippers for my daughter in law….she has 6 kids(4 before she married my son, my son’s daughter, and they have 1 together)…she does not have time to learn to crochet and make herself anything so I would love to do these slippers for her. She deserves them to my way of thinking…Thank you for letting me enter the contest.

  91. I would make a pair of slippers with this pattern for my son who has a size 18 shoe! I would do it because I can’t find anything to fit him and I want to make him something to remember me by after I’m gone. I have stage 4 metastasized breast cancer and can’t work but I can still crochet and knit.:-D

  92. I would make two pairs. One for my mom since she could use a stylish pair of slippers, and the second for myself because regular slippers make my feet sweat and one pair of socks is never enough.

  93. I would use Green and Gold for my Boyfriend, he loves to wear the slippers I make him and they would be perfect in the Packer colors

  94. I would make these for my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my mother, and my two beautiful grand-daughters. I know my mother likes this kind of slipper and my grand-daughters have asked for some. My daughter and daughter-in-law would just be to see what they thought. I enjoy making things for people!!!

  95. Beautiful slippers! I love the shape of them, and the interesting top side. I would make several pairs for some of the older gals who attend our Needle Arts group once a week and the local library. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  96. I would love to have the pattern to make for the convalescing residents along with wraps and lap afghans for Christmas and their Birthday’s or just to make their Day , Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. I would make a pair for my daughter. She is a freshman in college and I am sure that she would love these. I think they would help make her feel cozier in that sometimes cold college dorm room and would help her remember how much her Mom loves her.

  98. I would make these for every woman on my Christmas list. This is the he cutest slipper pattern I have seen. I just love it!

  99. I would make a pair for the volunteer who comes to stay with my 91 year old aunt so my cousin can get away for a few hours at a time. The volunteer receives no pay for what she does, and yet time and time again she goes beyond her job description. She knows my aunt loves sweets and brings homemade cookies or bread or cake or a bag of candy. Almost every single time. She also does small chores around the house for my aunt, and depending upon the time of day will prepare and clean up lunch. I so very much appreciate what this lovely woman does for my aunt that I want to show her my appreciation by making her something special.

  100. I would make them for my mother and sister because they are both school teachers who need to come home to relaxing slippers/shoes after a hards day of standing on their feet for 7 plus hours 🙂 thank you

  101. After thinking long and hard about who deserves a treat I would make these slippers for my niece.
    She’s 31 and has all her life worked in a care home looking after the elderly, she works around 50 hours a week and then comes home and looks after her Nan and Grandfather (from opposite side of family) as he has advanced dementia. She takes her Nan shopping every week, stays overnight at their house and intervenes as he has been violent, something completely out of character for him.
    Despite all this commitment, she still remembers to bring my Mum (her other Gran) flowers on her birthday and the anniversary of my Dads death.
    She never forgets a birthday and will call every few months for a cuppa and a catch up.
    I have always promised if I win the lottery I ‘ll buy her a decent car as despite all the hours she works she drives an old rattly car as she lives at home with and supports her Mum.
    She’s an absolute cracker – slippers are such a small token but she would appreciate them. If my daughter grows up to be half the woman she is I will be so proud.
    In fact I have decided even if I don’t win, I’m going to make her some.
    Tams <3

  102. I would make these great slippers for several people on my ” I Love you list”. One of them is my lovely friend Robin, that way she could have toasty toes and think of me. We moved last year to Germany(military) and I miss my fiber buddy. I love giving and receiving hand made gifts.

  103. Well..I would have to make these for myself because I give away just about every other project to someone else! Plus, we tiled our whole house and our floors get chilly in winter…yes…even in Florida!

  104. I would love to make these for myself and my granddaughters. I also work with a bunch of great people at an organization that works with young adults with special needs, that deserve to have cozy toes with the weather changing to cooler temps. It would be great fun to see their faces, receiving them as a gift 🙂

  105. I want to make these for my teen & preteen daughters. I love making them handmade items & now that they’re older there aren’t as many things that they’ll wear as when they were little girls. These are adorable & would be perfect for the dorm and around the house.

  106. I would love to make some matching slippers for my little girl and me. Not only would that warm our feet (our tile floor gets very cold in winter), but it would also warm our hearts, every time we look at each others slippered feet. It would serve as a reminder that we belong together 🙂 (Oh the little wonders yarn can do)

  107. These slippers will be the perfect solution to giving my friend Chris shoes that will meet his needs. Chris has CP and is wheelchair bound. He up until recently has been able to wear regular shoes, but now can not wear then, due to pressure sores along his heels, side outer foot and toes. The contact with hard shoes materials is not possible and he must have his feet wrapped to foam, for the rest of his life. His mom and I were just discussing ways to protect his feet and I just saw these slippers…if I make them larger. Lined with foam and a soft fabric we will have a great solution.

  108. For me as a lovely treat. They are gorgeous. But I would put non-slip soles on the bottom because I slipped in the bathroom in cheap shop bought slippers (in the real sense of the name) a few months ago and broke my leg and ankle and now because of all the metalwork in my leg and my foot not working properly I have to wear horrible thick soled shoes around the house.

  109. I would love to make these gorgeous slippers using the shadowy yarn, for my mother who taught me to crochet. She can no longer crochet since having a stroke. I would also make these for my daughter and three grand daughters to carry on the tradition my mother taught me.

  110. i would like to make a pair for myself as I have recently had 3 vertebra fused in my lower spine and have very swollen and red feet and can’t get my slippers on. I would also like to make a pair for my daughter in Australia as she has tiled floors which are very cold and these slippers look really nice and warm and comfy.

  111. I would make these for my Mother, whom, just today went to see a doctor. She wasn’t eating real good & my brother & sister were worried that she might be dehydrated. She is 84 & her feet stay cold. Just got the phone call from my sister, who said they have to take her back to the doctor, tomorrow. They will find out if she is going to have to have fluids. I hope I can get them made before, too long. Would love the pattern for Christmas gifts for the family.

  112. I would make these for my best friend since 2nd grade! (53 years!) She loves crochet, but has never been able to figure it out for herself, so she would love these to walk around in on her wood floors, and cold climate, to keep her toes toasty.

  113. I would love to make these lovely slippers. I would give them to my sisters. They both do good work for the community. One finds homes for abandoned dogs. The other gives her time to the elderly. She does great work for them and gives up a lot of her time. She is 70 herself so she knows what their needs are. Either way good luck to everyone.

  114. When I see a pattern this cute I generally don’t make just one. I’d make at least three pairs — one for my niece, who is the mother of both a toddler and an infant and could use a break, another for my lovely new daughter-in-law because she is so good both for and to my son, and a third pair to be donated to either a local cancer or hospice patient. Then I just might make a pair for myself!

  115. I would love to make these for my mom who is on her feet all day and needs a comfortable slipper for her tired feet. Also would love to make these for a friend of mine who is a single foster parent to several young kids and does a fantastic job with those beautiful babies, she deserves a needed spa day with these slippers.

  116. I would make them for my best friend, Shelli, who loves slippers. She always liked the ones her grandmother made her. After grandmas passing Shelli wore holes in all the pairs she had. I have since tried to keep her in supply, with slippers, slipper socks, and socks, crocheted just for her.

  117. Thoroughly Modern Millie – my dear 92 year old friend who was a war bride. She has walked many years generously and now she is frail and learning to lean on others. I would love to gift her with a warm and cozy pair of slippers.

  118. I’ve never crocheted a pair of slippers…these look easy enough to tackle. With 4 Grand daughters, I’m sure they’d all love a pair from Grandma for Christmas. Even living in FL during the Winter, that tile is cold on the piggy’s. So I might make a pair for me too… 😉

  119. i would make these slippers for my daughters/grands and my sisters……………(and of course a pair for me) then i would make them and give them to our church for families in need.

  120. I would make them for my daughter who has cold feet in the wintertime and these would help keep her warm! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  121. I’d make these slippers for my daughter for Christmas. She and her husband moved to Switzerland last year and although they will be here for the holidays (Yay!), they won’t be able to pack a lot of gifts in their luggage. These adorable slippers would be perfect!

  122. I would make the slippers for my daughters and any of my friends or family that would want slippers and make me a pair to keep my feet warm. I would use either of the yarns.

  123. I would make these slippers for my daughter who is in college. She’s always complaining about how cold her feet get in her dorm room.

  124. I would make the Lucy slippers for charity. I would donate them to a shelter for homeless women. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  125. I’d make a pair each for both of my daughters & my best friend. I love creating gifts in crochet. Once they open their gifts & that awww moment that it is handmade is priceless.

  126. I would make several pair for the local children’s psychiatric center, I think the adolescent girls would love them. They would be great holiday gifts for the girls.

  127. Well I would start with a pair for my eldest granddaughter who has been sending me pins of slippers for months, but then all the oth3rs will want some too, and then my daughter and then my mother and then… Maybe I could squeeze in a pair for myself!

  128. I would love to make these for my Mother. She has spent her whole life working hard to make sure that i had everything i needed as well as taking care of her parents in their old age. She is truly deserving of a special gift from the heart.

  129. Me! Firstly because I keep making things for others and its time to make something for myself. Secondly because I lose my slippers all the time so I figure having more pairs around the house means I will always have cosy feet.

  130. All of my loved one will be wearing these slippers! When I learn to make something I make a lot, since everyone seems to love crocheted accessories!

  131. I am always looking for unusual crochet patterns to make for family & friends. I truly have not seen a slipper pattern as this. I believe my daughters & grandkids & certainly myself would be honored to wear these. We live in the northeast where the winters get quite cold. I love to make things, give them to my family & friends just to see their smiles. I’ve been crocheting for over 50 years & those smiles warm my heart.

  132. I had a similar pair given to me as a Christmas gift quite a few years ago, when they finally wore out I looked and looked for a pattern I liked, darned the slippers again and again and never found the pattern. I still have my much darned and tattered slippers, which even in their now sad state have received many “Oh I wish I had a pair” remarks, so I would make a pair for every member of my family!

  133. I would make these for my daughter. She just moved clear across the continent from me and I want her to know she is loved and missed.

  134. I would make them for a silent auction that I had been asked to donated some hand craft items to, and make one pair for myself!

  135. I would make multiple pairs for my daughter. She is 26 years old and suffering from arthritis in the big toe joint of one food. She is having difficulty getting shoes the fit and that don’t cause pain. I would really love the pattern. Thank you!!

  136. I was going to say that I would make them for my husband as he has neuropathy in his feet and legs from the effects of chemo but I don’t want to win. After reading several of the entries I would rather Laura Heipp won. I can afford good yarn and she can’t and since I know what it is like to have lost both parents I know how much it would mean to her son to have something to remember her by.

  137. I would make these beautiful slippers for my 5 granddaughters. They would love them, especially since their gramma made them.

  138. I really would crochet these slippers to donate for elders who are in beds at hospitals or homes. A simple and pleasant warmth for their feet with all my heart

  139. I have nieces ranging in age from 6-26, would love to make each pair the sisters matching slippers and maybe a couple of pairs for my sister and I…

  140. I would make them for my granddaughters and my grandsons. These are very versatile! I can see them in Ninja Turtle greens and Browns for the boys and pretty pinks and purples for the girls. 🙂 Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  141. I would love to make these slippers for my sister. She loves color and warm feet. Then, I would make a pair for my daughter, mom, all my nieces, my aunt, and my girl friends. Finally, I would make a pair for me. I like warm feet and color too.

  142. I would make them for my niece Missy because her feet are different sizes and she can’t buy slippers that fit properly. Plus she is a wonderfully kind person who I love.

  143. I would like to make one pair for my husband who is working far away from my place. We only get see each other on alternate weeks. And another pair for my mom who is also a rheumatic patient. This will make her feel comfy to wear it at home.

    Ps :by the way I am from Malaysia. Can I participate too?

  144. I have a friend whose beautiful sweet daughter has Rhett’s and is confined to a wheelchair. I would LOVE to make these for her…and about 20 other people I know who would adore them…including myself! 😉

  145. I’d like to make a new pair for my mom! Then my son’s girlfriend, a few friends and maybe for me! Although the me things never seem to happen! 🙂

  146. I would make these for my sister who has diabetes and nerve damage in her feet as a result. These would be nice and soft and comfy for her!

  147. I would love to make these for my family members that live in cold winter states. (That is most of my family.) Hand made is so much better than store bought. Love goes into every stitch, making it even more special.

  148. I would like to make for my mom. But I can think of so many others I would love to make them for. Christmas gift for everyone, even for me.

  149. I would make them for my sisters
    The slippers remind me of my grandmother and my sisters did not get the pleasure of meeting her.

  150. Gostaria de fazer esses sapatinhos para meus pes que doem muito, tenho artrose e nao posso calcar sapatos fechados no inverno e fico com os pes gelados.

  151. I would make two pairs. The first pair for my mother who is terminally ill and alwYs HS cold feet. And the second pair would be for my super wonderful sister who is my mother’s caregiver.

  152. I would make these adorable slippers for my daughter who is about to graduate from college. She loves moccasins, and these remind me of them. Also I would make a pair for my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over 6 months ago. She would love them and then I would make a pair for myself. They are adorable….

  153. It’s always best to be honest, so truthfully I would make the very first pair of these really cute slippers for myself. My feet are always freezing cold, and these look like they would really be cozy. They are so cute that they would also make great gifs for Christmas too. I can’t wait too see the pattern and get started on this wonderful project!

  154. I’d make them for my daughter and grandgirls but then I would make them secretly wear them because all of their friends and our family will want a pair too.

  155. I would make some for my husband and I who get cold feet, and for my grandchildren because they love anything I make them. I would also make some for some for charity as well.

  156. To be honest, the first pair would go to me. I work hard and am so tired by the end of the day that these slippers would be heaven. Once those are done, I can wear mine while I make some for my sister, sister in law, and stepmother.

  157. The Lucy slippers look so comfy and would keep the tootsies warm of the many relatives I have in Iowa, Indiana and Northern California. That would be at least 23 people I would like to give slippers to. They would be appreciative when the cold winter weather sets in…… get started now!! Ha!

  158. I would make these for my mother in law. She is a home care nurse and works really hard taking care of her patients who are dying or who are really sick. She live on the third floor of an apartment building and after working 12 or more hours at work. For her to come home and relax with a pair of slippers and a throw blanket I am working on making her it would be great way to say thanks for all the kindness and care you show to others now it’s your turn to relax and be cared for

  159. I would make a pair for my best friend who always goes out of her way to help others and several for an organization that does great things for people and animals in India called ‘Guardians of the Voiceless’. They do so much with so little.

  160. I would make a pair for my husband. He works from home on the lower level of our home and its always so cold down there because most of it is underground. He wears winter things down there all year round. He works so hard for our family and I know he would appreciate them. Thank you 🙂

  161. I plan to make these slippers for my daughters and fiance for the Midwest winter. I would also like to make some to donate to a family shelter.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  162. I would make these slippers for my Mom and my 2 yr old Daughter.As because of my mom I came to this world and what I am today is for her teachings and guidance only.Secondly my daughter for whom I live she taught me the real meaning of unconditional love.Love them both.

  163. It probably sounds selfish, but I’d make them for myself. I’m always barefoot when inside the house and can’t seem to keep the sock-type footies on my feet. I haven’t found a pattern to crochet, yet, that will stay on my feet, either.

  164. I would love to make these for my Mom and her new friends at the retirement home. She moved in there 6 months ago after trying to live alone for two years following my Dad’s passing. At the age of 85 she started a new life and has made new friends. It was scary but she loves her new home. The ladies there are wonderful and I’d love to make some of these so they have snuggly slippers for the coming winter months.

  165. I would love to make these slippers for my daughters in law and my daughter. The three of them are pregnant, and I would love to pamper them with them with these!!!!!!!!

  166. For EVERYBODY and their uncle!! These slippers are ADORABLE! I have been knitting slippers for years but never anything more then practical. These look beauuuutiful AND practical. I need this pattern, pleeeeeeez?

  167. Who wouldn’t I make these for 🙂 Firstly my Mother in Law as she has diabetes and her circulation isn’t so good, so these would help keep her tootsies warm, my mother as well, and a pair for myself of course, as well as a few of my friends, well looks like I’d be making a few pairs lol

  168. I will make one for my mom,because she has bunions and cyst on her feet,this will make her feet very comfortable after hours of work.

  169. I would make these for all the amazing women I have in my life daughter, sisters, sister in laws and bets friends. They deserve the best of everything

  170. I would make them for my mother, and grandmother. I would also love to make them for my little sister, cousins and their kids. We all are about homemade things for each other for each other it means so much more to the heart th an store bought. We believe is about the thought.

  171. I would do them for my sister, so she can take them into the mountains, as they do not have much weight… In huts in mountains you need some slippers.

  172. My daughter-in-law would absolutely adore these gorgeous slippers. I would make them for her for Christmas, she loves handmade things.

  173. “Who would you make the Lucy slippers for, and why?”

    Because I deserve them!
    And then one pair each for my grandmothers, who are 85 and 91 and always love to receive something I have made, which makes me happy, and in turn makes them happy, and then me happy again!

  174. OHHHH! I’d love to make them for myself with a pair of custom orthotics in them. I’m disabled and have difficulty walking. These would make me so happy and make it so much easier to walk around my home. Thanks!

  175. I would make these adorable slippers for my lovely daughter in the hope that she actually likes something I make for her!

  176. I would love to make a pair for my mother and for my kids; it would be the perfect christmas gift. Each year I make my own christmas gift by hand; The men in my life are done, but not the women. It’s a great pattern!

  177. I would make these for my mother-in-law. Her mobility and circulation are not what it was, so these slippers would keep her feet extra cozy

  178. I would want to make 3 pair, one for my niece who is having twins, one for my sister who is always cold and one pair for me. I go between hot and cold all the time. I love the pattern it looks so very cute.

  179. I would like to make these slippers for my sweet mom who is now in a wheelchair because of the side effects of the chemo she was having from breast cancer. she would love them and they would keep her feet warm during the cold winter.

  180. I would make at least one pair for my granddaughter! A couple weeks ago she told me she wanted me to make her a pair of slippers in pink or purple!!!
    And of course I would want my own pink pair!

  181. I would make them for my husband’s grandmother. She has stage 3 uterine cancer and has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. I know these slippers would keep her toes toasty warm on those cold hospital floors!

  182. I would make these for my daughter who love flip flops in the summer and slippers in the winter. Would make some for me too. We love strawberries…would try to incorporate that theme somehow. Thanks.

  183. My dear MOM! She’s always complaining of cold feet and has trouble walking due to numbness in her feet. She would love these! She’s 85 and I would love to surprise her with them! Thanks!

  184. Would love to make these for my co-workers. They work so hard for the students everyday…I would love to see them relax in these.

  185. I would make them fro my friend Dee, she is always putting others first and would give you the shirt off her back – She’d like them and in Northern Michigan old houses have cold floors.

  186. These slippers are so cute!
    I want to make a pair for me, of curse! My feets are ever cold…
    And for all my kids, sisters, friends! That are great little christmas gifts!

  187. I would make these beautiful slippers for my Grandmother, Marilyn! My whole life she has made me quilt after quilt so I think its my turn to make her something beautiful! These are truly gorgeous!!

  188. I would love to make these for my Mom my Aunt and myself. They look perfect for the chilly days of fall and winter coming up!

  189. I would make these slippers for my amazing husband. He recently had to have a medical procedure done and since then he is constantly wearing those horrible looking “slipper socks” they provide you with in the hospital. With the weather turning more “Fall” like everyday… These would be a great surprise for him to ROCK around the house in!!

  190. I adore slippers! I make them with leftover yarn and donate them to a senior center about a mile from my house. I have received many thank you notes from people that love them. Hope I win this so I can have a new pattern book and some free yarn!

  191. i would like to make this slippers for my mother who has always been there for us and have most of the time had to deny herself many opportunities for our sake

  192. I would make these slippers for my daughters , my mom, and my sister-in-law. I would love to try the yarn as I would be interested in how it holds up. My one daughter can wear out the bottoms of her slippers within weeks!

  193. I have gotten to know a lot of people who are barely getting by on what they have. They don’t ask for anything but work their butts off for minimum wage. I have a stash of yarn but I would love to have this pattern to make these slippers to rest their tired feet after a long day of standing on them. Day workers and night stockers at my local Walmart.

  194. I would make these for myself! i love them! i have only made myself one item and i would love to splurge on myself for once! i think i deserve it! a gift from me to me!

  195. I will make one for my father,in remembrance of my mom. She died a month ago because of breast cancer,she loved crochet a lot. Since I know basic crochet, i would loved to learn more of it in advance and I believed your slipper is a perfect gift that I can give to my father reminding him that the passion of my mother in crochet making lives on. God bless you more!

  196. I would make these for my grandmother. She loves this style of slipper. I would make them also for me my daughter my mother and of coarse my other grammy also. I love making slipper. I am working on some moccasin style camo slippers for my boyfriend right now.

  197. I would make these for my grandmother. She loves this style of slipper. I would make them also for me my daughter my mother and of coarse my other grammy also. I love making slipper. I am working on some moccasin style camo slippers for my boyfriend right now. Thank you for this chance

  198. I have just gotten into knitting and crocheting. I was taught how to crochet when I was younger (the basics) and loved it so much and was able to get back into it with no major problems. Now I have my own children, 11 god children, a home daycare with a mixed age group and my first grandchild on the way (a boy) and I’m so excited to create things that they will enjoy wearing and can say they were made especially for me. I have been seeing a lot of Face Book posts about your upcoming magazine and I’m overly excited. If I win this package as you see it will NOT go to waste all of my loves will get a pair of slippers for Christmas if I start making them now (including my lovely husband-man….hehehe).

  199. OOOOooo!! LOVE these! I would make a pair for ALL of the girls/women in my life – including myself! I have already started making my Christmas gifts and slippers is on my list but I have not been able to find a slipper pattern that I really like.

  200. I would like to make these for my friends & daughters for Christmas & they would also be nice to make & donate to our church craft sale the next time we have one. Thanks, jeanne

  201. I would like to make these slippers for my two daughters…both live in cold states and wear flip flops all season. I just want them to have something available when there feet get cold instead of all my blankets.

  202. I would make these for my 3 daughters in their favorite NFL team colors. They love wearing slippers and would love to show their support.

  203. I would make these for my daughter and granddaughters. They would love to wear them around the house! Thank you for this opportunity to enter.

  204. I would make these slippers for my 4children.due to certain life circumstances they are not with me.when I was home I always made them crochet blankets etc..I would like to make them and send it to them letting them know even if I’m not near they can have something I made for them with lost of love and that I’m always have them in my thoughts and my heart..until we can be together again..thank you for the opportunity universal yarn <3

  205. I am going to do the slippers to my mother who is 82 y/o, to my daughter, daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren. They do not live with me and want to give them a special gift made with love. This way every time they used them they will feel my love and somehow that I am with them.

  206. Let’s see – we have two daughters, one granddaughter, our sweet church pianist, dear friend in Virginia and one in Wisconsin, cousin in Idaho – I could keep going!! I’d love to win :o)

  207. I’d make these for myself as a practice run, then my daughters, mom and nieces as Christmas gifts. These are super cute, and I know they’d love them!!

  208. Wow, i would make these for myself. So my feet will keep warm when i have to walk to one of my little baby boys in the middle of the night. And i would make a pair for my husband so his feet will also be warm in those rare moments he gets up in the middle of the night 😉

  209. I would have to make them for myself. I just threw away my last pair of crocheted slippers because they had holes in the heels. I need to make more and these look really yummy!

  210. I’d make them for my mom. She lives in a country where there is no such thing as house heating/insulation and winters can be very cold.

  211. I would make the slippers everyone Sisters, daughter, daughter -in-law, friends. To slip on after work and keep our feet nice and cozy. could even make for charity.

    Too bad my Grandmother would have loved a pair.

  212. Going to make these for myself; and maybe my husband. I rarely make anything for myself and I could use a pair of those beautifully designed slippers. And he just got out of the hospital from a heart transplant and he could use some too.

  213. I would make them for my friend’s daughter. She asked me to make her pink slippers for Christsmas. It would be something special for her.

  214. I would live to make these for myself, my 3 daughters, my mom, my sisters and my nieces. These would make great Christmas gifts.

  215. I would likely make them for me…to wear around the house but if my grandma was still alive she would have worn them all over the place! LOL 😀

  216. I would make these for my lovely daughter and classy daughter-in-law. Of course I would need a pair as well. These are by far the nicest slippers I have seen to date.

  217. I’d make a pair for my daughter, she loves shoes ans slippers even socks and tights. she also often has cold feet, so it would be perfect!

  218. I would make the first pair for myself just so I would know of any problems. The next would be for family, then friends.
    Everyone needs a nice warm pair of slippers.

  219. I’d make AT LEAST 2 pairs: One for my daughter and one for me – we both suffer from cold feet (my husband even got me electric socks when we were first married to keep me from “branding” him with my cold feet!) – especially when we sit at the computer and look at knit and crochet patterns!! And winter is coming – HELP!

  220. As many do, I like to make Christmas gifts for my family. One year I made extra long, extra wide afghans for my dad, mom, brothers and nephew!! These slippers would be so nice to make for them!! Especially for my dad – he goes to dialysis 3 times a week and always says it’s cold there. These seem fairly heavy and I’m sure would keep his feet toasty warm!!

  221. I would make the Lucy Slippers for myself because they are adorable and I rarely treat myself to my own yarncrafting. Winter us coming and my floors are COLD!

  222. These Lucky slippers look so versatile that I could make them for my whole family, dad and hubby included to keep their tootsies warm as well but, I have to admit the first person I thought of was my 24 yr old daughter. She loves her shoes and slippers, she always has something on her feet because they get cold easily, so I think she would love a pair or three of these in all different colors. After everyone else was taken care of I would probably make a pair of Lucky slippers for myself because I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and am supposed to take extra care of my feet now so maybe some Lucky slippers would help me remember to put something on my feet. :o)

  223. I would want to make these cute little Lucy slippers for everyone on my Christmas list, but the first pair would be for my friend Janet. She had bunion surgery and it hurts her to wear shoes, and it hurts for her feet to be cold, in fact it hurts her all the time, poor thing. The second and third pair would go to my friend Joli and her daughter, who are both nurses. They take their shoes off as soon as they get home even when it’s cold out, because being a nurse is hard on the tootsies.
    OK, I lied; the first pair I make are going on my feet. Yep, I’m being selfish … but who will know, shhhh.

  224. I would make these slippers for my daughter who just found out she has Stage 3 Lyme disease. She is feeling poorly both physically and emotionally. She’s very frightened and she says that when she wraps up in an afghan I made her she can feel my love. Her feet are always cold so I’d love to put some of that love to work making her feet feel both loved and warm. Then I’d have to make a pair for each of 3 grandchildren so they feel loved too.

  225. I would make these slippers for my mum. She is a fibromialga sufferer and she has an incedibly sensitive body. Shes always has cold hands and feet and touching her can be painful and especially her extremities because they become very swollen sometimes. So its quite difficuly to find slippers that fit but it would be awesomeness to make a slipper that I can fit her comfortably and to keep her feet warm and snug.

  226. i actually would give the magazine and yarn to a friend who is an avid crocheter. she is undergoing chemo/radiation treatment and would probablly enjoy this activity as she will be home bound for a bit.

  227. These would make great gifts for each of my neighbors that we exchange gifts with…or maybe each of my sisters….or each of my grandchildren! Hummmmmmm……maybe all of the above!

  228. This slipper pattern is awesome!! I would make a pair for everyone in my family, donate some to a nursing home (these would be easy for caregivers and the elderly), neighbors – would even yarnbomb a few downtown for the homeless people that live on the streets. Can I stand on a corner and give them away?? Maybe!!

  229. I would make them for my mom. I am just learning how to crochet and I believe she would love to have a pair made from me to her.

  230. I would love to make a pair for myself as my feet always are cold. Would also make a pair for a friend who just moved from Florida to Maine, so she could have warm feet.

  231. My daughter and her family were just transferred to Northern England from the Southern USA. She is always cold and it doesn’t seem to be very warm over there. So I would make her these slippers and I would also make a pair for each of her daughters.

  232. I’m an avid beader. Myself and 3 other ladies run a small bead shop. Lately, I have taken up crocheting for a change of pace. When I saw this pattern for slippers I knew, I just had to have it. I think this little contest is wonderful. I think the first pair will definitely be for me. I love the design, the mix of colours, the way it fits on the foot, and the warmth of feeling it generates just looking at them. It’s very stylish. Please, please pick me.
    Signed: Cold feet in Canada.

  233. Would love to make these slippers, and love the yarn, I have five daughters and ten grandchildren, would like to crochet them for everyone. Please let me know how to get the pattern and yarn.

  234. I would probably make several of these. My niece needs them most, I guess, because her feet swell badly. But then, mine do too and they would feel wonderful on my feet. My two sisters and two sisters-in-law work every day and would love these on their feet each evening. I know there are others in my circle of family and friends who would love these.

  235. I would like to make Lucy’s slippers to pass my time while I undergo cancer treatment. These beautiful slippers can then be donated to someone undergoing treatment at one of the hospitals I attend for treatments 🙂 What a nice pattern and such an easy project to tote along with you!

  236. I’d make these for myself — first, because I love Dora’s designs, and second, because it’s the one thing I need when it does get cold in Florida — to walk on the cold floor.

  237. I never won anything in contests… but this one would be soooo lovely to get. Those slippers are very neat and would keep my icy feet warm for the canadian cold winter.

    Finger cross… toes cross… eyes cross… hope to win 🙂

    Have a wonderful day all…

  238. I have four granddaughters and a great-granddaughter that I make different things for all the time. I do love to make wearable items for them, and know that they are appreciated in so many ways! They would all love a pair of new slippers this xmas, as they have managed to outgrow and pretty much wear out the last pairs of socks and slippers that I made.

  239. First of all, thank you for such an incredibly beautiful pair of slippers, wow, wow!!!
    Well, I just LUV, LUV, LUV the slippers so may make them for myself, at my age I surely deserve something so beautiful in my life and what better time than NOW !!!! and, it goes without saying, a pair each for my daughters !!! not for Christmas but for an I LOVE YOU DAY which is every day!!
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.
    How can I get the pattern? LOL.

  240. I would make these slippers for my Mom. I seem to always be doing crochet projects for one of my three sisters or one of my 10 nieces and nephews. Some how my Mama gets left out. I think she would really enjoy these cute slippers, especially if they are made in one of her favorite colors

  241. These slippers are a classic style ~ like my mother-in-law. I would definitely make a pair for her and an additional pair for me. We are both presently homebound and going stir crazy. Ruth has been doing needlework since she was a child and it was her hobby for nearly 70 years. Unfortunately, her eyesight is failing. She has taken me ( a novice) under her wing and tries to help me with my projects. I am her “eyes” and she touches/feels my work during the process. Some results are quite comical ~ we enjoy our projects, regardless of their outcome…

  242. I would make these slippers for the upcoming Walk for the Cure walk in our area. I think this would be so wonderful to make these slippers for someone going through chemo. I know from a friend that they are always cold so a little warmth, no matter what part of the body it’s on, would be so SWEET!!!!! Thank you for putting on this contest! Oooooo, I pray I win! 🙂

  243. OOPS! I forgot to add that I see slippers for my entire family from this pattern. Not the guys though. They don’t appreciate hand made items the way us ladies do! I have two special needs cousins that would be thrilled beyond words with these! Sorry about the additional post but this came to mind after I hit “post comment”!!

  244. I would make these for my daughter-in-law, the mother of my adorable grandson. She deserves them for being such a good mother and she loves handmade things.

  245. I would like to make these for my sister who has Parkinson’s Disease and for my sister-in-law who suffers Fibromyalgia. I would also like to make different sizes to donate to people in need.

  246. I would make these for myself in several colors. I go barefoot most of the time but I’d like to have something quick to throw on for those late night trips to let my dogs out and to keep my feet warm. I’m 62 yo and hate cold feet esp. in bed so I would also slip a pair on to keep my feet warm when I initially go to bed. I’d love to know where to get the pattern if I don’t win the contest, too.

  247. I’d make these for my Grandma. She’s turning 100 years young in December and she’s recently become bedridden. She needs to keep her feet warm and these slippers will do the job and she’d look so cute in them!! It’s a small way to pay her back from years of crocheting me stuff.

  248. i have diabetes and need to protect my feet so I would start out making a pair for me and then for the rest of the family

  249. Cutest pattern ever!! I would make these slippers for my 10 granddaughters. They always ask for crochet slippers and truly seem to appreciate my handmade gifts. It is a nice way to connect with them since they live in other states and it is easy for me to mail them!

  250. I would make these slippers for my daughter, the school teacher. She has an OCD thing where she must always have something on her feet. These would be so much cuter than her unmatched socks!

  251. I would make these for myself. I hate wearing shoes but don’t want to go around barefoot either. Then I would probably have to make a pair for all my friends and family that see them and fall in love with them!

  252. for me, I make things for other regularly, but I am the only one I know that crochets /knits. and I would like to make something special for me.

  253. I would crochet a pair of these slippers in blue for my cousin Arlene who is battling cancer. I would also crochet these slippers in purple for my Aunt Marie who is 95 years old and living in a nursing home. She’s my godmother and I’m named after her — my middle name is Marie.

  254. I love the Lucy slippers. I would make them for my best friend Shirelle, members of my family and of course for me too. Good Luck to all entering. 🙂

  255. Lucy Slippers are so gorgeous! No one wears shoes indoors in my son’s homes. Rhonda is a hair dresser, Pippa is a teacher and Regina is a nurse. Pippa and Regina live in New Zealand and need the warmth Lucies would bring. I have bunions on both feet and don’t wear shoes either in the house. I have been trying to make croched slippers but none are even close to being classy like Lucies. Would so appreciate some of your beautiful yarn!!

  256. I would make them first for myself because my feet are always cold-then a pair for my niece in law simply because she is a very nice person.

  257. I would like to make at least two pars of these cute slippers; one for myself and one for my twelve year old daughter who always walks barefooted home, no matter how many pairs oslippers she has. Perhaps if she had beautiful hand made slippers she will wear them!

  258. The multi color yarn slippers make me think of Indian designs. I think my 3 grandsons would love these slippers. (We won’t mention that they are called “Lucy” slippers!)

  259. I know the name is Lucy Slippers, but I would make these for my husband in his favorite team colors, the Saints. Then I would make a pair for myself in my favorite team colors, the Steelers.
    I love the look of theses slippers! They really can be adapted for anyone.

  260. I would make these for myself. My apartment is built on a slab and floors are extremely cold in the northern winters. These look so cozy and comfy and really adorable.

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