Afghan Knitalong – Block Twenty

Block 20 is live!

20 Bee Mine with title blogIt’s our final block and we’re going out with a bang.  Bee Mine uses traditional honeybee lace for its center panel.  What a sweet pattern!  A mix of yarn overs and dropped stitches creates the gentle symmetrical column in the center of the block.  Amy Gunderson shares a video on the technique.

So pretty!  Wouldn’t this look lovely on a scarf or along the outside of a sleeve?

That’s 20 blocks – are we done?  Yes and no.  We’ll be back after the first of the year to talk about assembling the whole afghan.  I’m going to take that time to finish up a few stragglers and start laying out my squares to see how I want them to look.

Happy knitting!


2 thoughts on “Afghan Knitalong – Block Twenty”

  1. I have been madly knitting since I discovered this Afghan knitting project. My calculations indicated that all of the patterns would be presented in time for Christmas presents. It turns out that all of the squares have been presented. I will be able to get squares for two complete afghans done by Christmas. But I can’t give my gifts, because I don’t know how to put them together. Could you please post the instructions for assembling the squares, so I can give afghans for Christmas gifts?

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