Free Pattern Friday – Planetary Shawl

Let’s have a double Free Pattern Friday today!

PlanetaryShawl_Back_Universe_blogThis morning, we just have to highlight the Planetary Shawl in Universe.

We were going to wait just a little longer to share this heart-shaped top-down shawl, but it got such a great reception at the TNNA Fashion Show last weekend that we couldn’t help ourselves.

Universe samples for social mediaUniverse is the very special yarn we designed to celebrate Universal Yarn’s 10th anniversary.  It features combed cotton, linen, glitter, and a classic black thread holding the whole glorious package together.   We haven’t seen anything else quite like it.

Expect Universe to hit shelves later this summer,  We love this yarn and we think you will too.


We’ll be back later today with another another yarn and another free pattern – this time for crocheters.  Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday – Planetary Shawl”

  1. Maybe you have updated this post but I’m not sure where! I have been given this pattern and the universal yarn and would like to get knitting. However, the pattern asks you to follow the chart…. I however do not read charts and am wondering if you could send me the written instructions, please. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting started on this interesting project.

    1. Sheila, I’m afraid there really aren’t written instructions, just the chart. Do you have an LYS that might be able to help you translate?

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