Free Pattern Friday – Refracted Lace Shawl

It’s Free Pattern Friday… again!


This afternoon, the Refracted Lace Shawl in Whisper Lace.

We once had a popular pattern called the Refracted Light Shawl in a discontinued yarn called Swiss Mohair.  Alas, when Swiss Mohair went away, so did the pattern.  But it was one of those patterns that kept being passed around from crocheter to crocheter, in a “have you seen this?  It sounds like just what you’re looking for” kind of way.

RefractedLaceShawl_Front_WhisperLace_blogWell, you can’t keep a good pattern down, so here it is, back again.  This time, it’s in Whisper Lace (440yds/50g), our wool/silk blend from the Fibra Natura line.

Front and back post crochet create an open, airy fabric that can fan out across your back or twist artfully at the shoulder or front.

We hope you enjoy this classic, available once more for you to enjoy.

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday – Refracted Lace Shawl”

  1. I have come across your refracted lace shawl pattern, which I would like to make. However, I don’t understand the instruction for the 1st row. Row 1 instructs ch4, 11dc in 4th ch. How do you make 11 dc when you have no foundation chain. Please will you explain this to me?

    1. Hi Lin,

      This shawl is worked from the top down. Your chain 4 at the beginning will be in the center of the top of the shawl. To start, you work 11 dc into the fourth ch from the hook (the first 3 chs of the ch 4 act as a dc). You will be working all 11 dc into the same chain – does this make sense?

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