Free Pattern Friday – PC538 Tapestry Toys and Cardigan

It’s still Free Pattern Friday!


This is Pattern Collecton PC538, Classic Worsted Tapestry Volume 2.  Up until now, it’s never been available digitally, and never for free.  Happy Friday!

Uptown Worsted Tapestry swatch blogWe’ve had several requests for this leaflet, not least because although the original yarn, Classic Worsted Tapestry is gone, the colors in Uptown Worsted Tapestry are perfect matches for it.  You could substitute Uptown Worsted Tapestry 809 Capri Breeze at right for Michele Wilcox’s Mr. Whiskers and the only difference would be that the Uptown feels softer.
CroppedCapeCardi_blogLikewise, Purple Power, Emerald, and Mountain Blues are all available in Uptown Worsted Tapestry if you want to tackle Thanh Nguyen’s Cropped Cape-Cardi in its original color scheme.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quadruple-dose of free patterns today.

Happy crafting!







Free Pattern Friday – Exploded Pineapple Halter

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Exploding Lace Halter front_blog

Today, the Exploded Pineapple Halter in Good Earth.

We’re calling this an intermediate project, good practice for crocheters who have never tried reading a crochet chart before to do so. One of our resident experts notes, “Crochet stitches can take on such organic form, that a chart really tells the story of the finished piece. Written instruction for crochet can be very clunky, especially in a large repeat pattern such as the exploded pineapple hem.”

Good Earth (204yds/100g) is an excellent choice for this layering piece.  The cotton/linen blend is quite breathable, so even over another top it won’t leave you sweltering.

The piece is worked seamlessly.  Crochet the hem first, then pick up for the body and continue upward.  It’s easy to customize the length just by adding or subtracting a few rows of the v-stitch mesh.

I love the ribbon at the neck – that’s another bit that would be very easy to alter to your own taste.

We hope you enjoy this summertime project.  Happy crocheting!

Exploding Lace Halter back_blog