Free Pattern Friday – Starry Road Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Universe Starry Road Shawl loose blog

Today, the Starry Road Scarf in Universe.

Breathtaking, isn’t it? Universe (246yds/50g) is the yarn we created specifically for our tenth anniversary, and it’s unlike anything else out there.  A cotton/linen blend held with a metallic strand, wrapped in polyamide for greater strength, it’s perfect for lacy shawls and scarves like the Starry Road Scarf.

Knit from end to end, this pattern Universe Starry Road Shawl detail blogis written and charted.  An open central path bordered by stockinette and small cables runs the length of the scarf like a road among glittering stars.  The disparate elements, including cables, lace, and four-stitch decreases, make this a rewarding project for intermediate knitters and those wishing to hone a variety of skills.  And since it’s only a two-ball project, this scarf will cost less than the perfect dinner out that you’ll wear it to.

We hope you enjoy this celestial pattern, and that you find time to look up at the stars and make a wish this weekend.

Happy knitting!

Universe Starry Road Shawl wrapped blog

10 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday – Starry Road Scarf”

  1. Has anyone knitted this scarf?
    The written instructions are not correct. Rows 13 -18 (6 rows) repeat rows 1 -8 (8 rows) ????
    Please Help….

    Thanks, Snoozen

    1. Good eye, Snoozen!

      The scarf sample was knit from the chart, and the text instructions were transcribed from the chart which is how this mistake occurred. We’ve updated the pattern on the website. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    1. These stitches are defined in the stitch guide in the beginning of the pattern. They are not LPC and RPC (purl crosses) as they are worked over 3 knit stitches:

      2×1 RC: Sl next 2 sts to cn and hold in front, k1
      from left ndl, k2 from cn.
      2×1 LC: Sl next st to cn and hold in back, k2 from
      left ndl, k1 from cn.

      Hope this helps!

  2. I am a little unclear on

    4-st Right Dec:
    Knit the next st, then pass the “following” 3 sts over the knit st one at a time

    by following do you mean sts from right needle that have been worked

    1. Hi, Karen!

      By “following”, we mean to pass the next 3 (unworked) stitches from the left needle over the stitch just knit.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hello, and thank you for the beautiful pattern!
    I need clarification on row 45. Knit as written it would need 48 stitches to work on (not 47 ), and after knitting it still end up with 47 stitches. I did a k1 in the middle instead of a k2tog and still end up with 47 stitches.
    Couldbe I’m reading something wrong.
    I appreciate any help you can give me!

    1. Hi, Daphne Good eye – you are absolutely right! This is how that row should read:

      Row 45 (RS): K1, [k2tog, yo] 11 times, k3tog, [k2tog, yo] 10 times, k1 – 46 sts rem.

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