Free Pattern Friday – Kenan’s Hoodie

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Today, Kenan’s Hoodie in Deluxe Worsted Tweed superwash (pattern link).

Everybody say hi to Yonca!

Yonca is our Sales Manager, and an excellent knitter and crocheter.  That’s her, sporting the Lace Leaf Pullover that she modified from the free Lace Leaf Cardigan in Garden 10.

Yonca’s kids are off at college, and like many crafting parents, she’s sending them a couple of things to help keep them warm while they’re away.  She gave her daughter a beautiful cardigan – the one we shared last week – and now her son gets his turn.

Kenan’s Hoodie is worked in pieces from the bottom up in Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash. It’s made in one of our newer colors, 915 Cloud Blue, which just straddles the line between blue and gray.

The design features a dropped shoulder and roomy hood for a casual look.  Although we’re calling this a men’s sweater, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work for a woman as well.

We love hearing stories of all the knitted and crocheted “hugs” that people send to loved ones far away.  They’re so satisfying to give and to receive.

We hope you stay warm and cozy this weekend, and that you’re able to reach out to someone you care about.

Happy crafting!

5 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday – Kenan’s Hoodie”

  1. I am new to this site. At first I was excited about “Free Pattern Fridays,” but I as I looked through the current and prevous postings I became disappointed. Why? There a so few patterns for crocheting. It really seems like knitting is the “favorite child” and crocheting is the “red-headed step-child”. If having a crochet and knit pattern is too much work each Friday, could you please alternate Fridays?
    Thank you for all the work that is put into this blog.

    1. It’s a fair point, Pennie. We do share more knit than crochet patterns. It’s something that we keep in mind, but we could always do a better job. In fact, it might be a good idea for us to start highlighting some of the crochet patterns we’ve released that kind of slipped under the radar and didn’t get their own Free Pattern Friday post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. I have a question:

    Would this be appropriate to be knit as a first sweater? I find no rankings on difficulty. Thank you

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