Bella Cash Socktober Mystery Knitalong – Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Bella Cash Socktober Mystery Knitalong! Time is flying, but hopefully, you’ve had time to finish up the first portion of the pattern. We’ve seen some lovely peeks at your Sweet Dumplin’ Socks progress, and we can’t wait to see more!
Use this graphic on Ravelry and on social media to share about the knitalong.
Just like my last post, I want to give a refresher about the knitalong for those who might be joining in late. Don’t worry – if you haven’t started, there is plenty of time and all are welcome.

Each week in October I’ll be revealing a different portion of the pattern. The pattern is updated on our website every Wednesday and you can find it here (link).

This is a mystery knitalong, but if you don’t want to commit without seeing the socks first you can find spoiler images here (link).

If you join, we’d love for you to spread the love and share your progress on social media using the hashtag #UYSocktoberMKAL and tagging us on Instagram (link) and Facebook (link). Join in with chatter here on the blog and in our Ravelry forum (link).

Please add your project to Ravelry, too! You can find the Ravelry listing here (link). You can use the graphic above and on the Ravelry listing for your project page, too.
The cuff features a twisted stitch rib pattern, bordered by a purl row at the bottom. Ready for the next step?
Last week was all about casting on and working the cuff of your socks. If you’ve completed this portion of the pattern, it should like the image above. The cuffs are worked in a contrast color and feature a decorative rib pattern with twisted stitches. Midway through the cuff, the twisted stitches reverse directions. This detail echoes the motif you’ll be working this week on the leg of the pattern (hint, hint!).
Heather made great progress on her cuff this week, and it looks gorgeous in Bella Cash #121 Cabernet.
It has been so exciting to see your progress photos on social media! Some beautiful socks are being born right now in a variety of fun colors. Here in the office, everyone is chipping away at their patterns, too. Heather, our social media maven, shared the picture above of her cuff. Aubrey, designer and Instagram superstar, got a bit of a late start, but it’s coming along, too.

Yonca, our wonderful managing director, hit a bit of a bump in the road. Earlier this week she proudly stopped by to show me her progress. Her stitching looked fantastic – but one thing was off – the color! She accidentally used her main color for the cuff. It would have been totally fine, except that there isn’t enough contrast between her contrast colors to make the next section shine. Determined and always optimistic, she simply ripped back her work and cast on with the right color. I actually ripped out my cuff three times before settling on the stitch pattern and making a mistake or two. Mistakes happen in knitting, folks, it’s part of the process!
I couldn’t resist sharing this cute photo that 4Laurel shared on Ravelry of Bella Cash with pumpkins for the Sweet Dumplin’ Socks. Do you see the color inspiration?
This week you’ll see the work you put into picking your colors really come through because you’ll be doing stranded knitting! If you’re new to stranded colorwork, fear not! The pattern repeat is small and can quickly be memorized. It’s just a four stitch repeat with floats no more than three stitches. Let me warn you…this section is downright addicting. It’s longer than the last section, but it works up so quickly.

Although last week I provided a tutorial as part of my post, this week I want to direct you to a post I wrote in 2018 that includes useful tips and tricks for stranded knitting. You can find that post here (link). In that post, I talked about working with charts, managing your yarn, and ensuring your tension is just right. It’s relevant to this week’s portion of the pattern, so I encourage you to take a look.

That’s it for this week. I am looking forward to seeing more of your progress! Remember, you can share your progress on social media using the hashtag #UYSocktoberMKAL and tagging us on Instagram (link) and Facebook (link). Join in with chatter here on the blog and in our Ravelry forum (link).

Happy knitting – I’ll see you next week!

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