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Free Pattern Friday – Solitaire Stole

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Lumen Multi Solitaire Stole wrapped_blogToday, the Solitaire Stole in Lumen Multi.

Lumen Multi 202 Essence_blogWow.  If there’s a match of design and yarn more suited to Spring, then I don’t know what it could be.  Lumen (right) and its variegated sibling Lumen Multi (134yds/50g) are both a great warm-weather blend.  Mostly matte cotton with stretches of shimmering viscose, it’s got just the right amount of shine to be eye-catching. While it’s perfect in the pastel 204 Reflect, I’m also wondering how it would look in a solid – or even with a variegated body and a solid border, picking up a new color as you knit across.

Lumen Multi Solitaire Stole_blog

This rectangular stole is worked sideways in one piece.  The Diamond Border pattern begins with 25 stitches. On WS rows 2-24, 1 stitch is increased at the beginning of every row. On rows 25-47, stitches are decreased back down.  The border pattern is charted and easy to anticipate without referring to the pattern once you’ve got the hang of it.

This is a great wrap for a brisk evening, when the weather’s a little uncertain but you still want to be prepared.  This is going on my list – after our Rocked knitalong is done!

Happy knitting!


Free Pattern Friday – Diamond Cross Pullover

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Ariana Diamond Cross Pullover Today, the Diamond Cross Pullover in Ariana.

Things I love about this pattern:

  • The way the lace crosses over each other, as if it’s woven.
  • The fact that it’s made on 6.5mm needles, so it’s a quick knit.
  • The choice of yarn is Ariana (91yds/100g), so it’s a bulky weight yarn in lightweight materials.

Ariana color 108 GrapeAriana is a bamboo tube with light polyamide fibers inside, achieving its size without a lot of weight to stretch and drag.   It’s great fun in accessories like the 2 ball Rivel Cowl (free pattern!) and in larger garments as well.

Sometimes laceweight is great, but sometimes, I want to knock out something gorgeous in a hurry.  I’m keeping this pattern in mind next time I get that urge.

Let’s hear it for big yarn!

Phat Knits by Bauke Knottnerus


Happy knitting!


Free Pattern Friday – Billow Sweater

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Billow_GoodEarth_blogToday, the Billow Sweater in Good Earth.

Billow_GoodEarth_detail_rtWhat a great fit for the changing of the seasons.  Big and slouchy, but in the cool cotton/linen blend of Fibra Natura Good Earth (204yds/100g) so it won’t be sweltering in the Spring.  I love the natural, relaxed look of this piece – so comfy with a pair of jeans.

This is a lovely piece, but not a hard one.  Front and back pieces are worked from the bottom up. Stitches are cast on for sleeves and worked up in a single piece with front and back.  The hems feature 2×1 knit/purl ribbing moving up into a garter stitch body.  A seed stitch panel along the sides and along the outside of the arms keeps the design interesting.

This design would be as relaxing to make as to wear.  It’s calming just to think about.  Maybe tonight I’ll have a glass of mint tea and knit a swatch.  Bliss.

Happy knitting.




Free Pattern Friday – Varia Pullover

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Varia Sweater in Llamalini_blogToday, the Varia Pullover in Llamalini.

Llamalini ComestiblesI may have mentioned this before, but Fibra Natura Llamalini (109yds/50g) is a favorite around here.  A blend of royal llama, linen, and silk bourette, it has a rich, heathered depth of color.  I’ve got a hank of Mulberry on my desk right now that I snuck out of our samples (don’t tell!) just so I can look at it and think about what it wants to be.

Varia Sweater shoulder_blogOur sales manager Yonca clearly had bigger plans than me when she came up with this design.  She’s got a good eye – we note that the upcoming Vogue Knitting has several solid cable sweaters with stripe detailing.  This design is very on trend.

Varia Swater pocket_blogThe garment is knitted in pieces and seamed, and the pockets are added afterward, so it’s easy to leave them off if you prefer.  For myself, I love the bursts of color that they lend, breaking up the line in a way that’s flattering for those of us who might be wearing something, let’s say, a little bigger than the extra-small size.

This is a great transitional piece – the Llamalini is warm but not stifling, and the half sleeves would work well in Spring or Fall.

Maybe I should grab a few more skeins from our samples and dream a little bigger…

Happy knitting!


Cotton True Collection 1

Ready for Spring?

Cotton True Sport Cover blog

So are we!  We’re proud to present Cotton True Collection 1, our first collection of patterns for Fibra Natura Cotton True Sport.

Cotton True Sport 3 balls blog

Cotton True Sport (50g/197yds) is a new 100% pima cotton in our luxury Fibra Natura line.  It’s light, smooth, and pleasant to work with.  This is one we’ve been dying to knit with, so we were delighted when Amy Gunderson dreamed up these five beautiful designs!

Craftsy Chase 1 Craftsy Chase2_cu

The Chase is a classic vest, worked in pieces and seamed.  The right and left twists require no cable needle and are charted.  In addition to the lovely chase of designs along the front, there’s a twisted cable ribbing at the edges that provides a lovely finishing touch.


Craftsy KeyToMyHeart1B Craftsy KeyToMyHeart3

Key To My Heart is worked in pieces from the bottom up, with a sweet edging of lace leaves that’s written and charted.  The lovely keyhole in the back is an eye-catcher.


Craftsy Parting1B Craftsy Parting3

Parting is aptly named for the back pleat that sets this top apart.  The pleat in this A-line tee will naturally fold inward on its own thanks to strategically placed slipped stitches and a little reverse stockinette.


Craftsy Rocked1B Craftsy Rocked3

Rocked adds a little wow to your wardrobe.   The mesh pattern is surprisingly easy, and front and back are identical.  If you want a fantastic piece that you can knit with ease, this is the one. The button tab  on the sleeve is a great touch.  Very on point.


Craftsy Stinger 1 Craftsy Stinger 2

Stinger is very swingy and versatile in fit.  Worked in pieces and seamed, the cardigan is has a great shape that looks stylish but still feels “at home.”

Download the designs via Craftsy or Ravelry, either as an e-book or as individual patterns.

And hey, you know what?  We’re feeling so good about Cotton True Sport that we have a freebie for you.

Lace Scarf in Cotton True Sport

The Lace Scarf is a free pattern, written and charted, taking just two balls of Cotton True Sport.  That twisted ribbing border is a lovely accent to the columns of lace.

We hope you find something that sparks your imagination.

Happy knitting!

Free Pattern Friday – Mermaid Tunic

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Lumen Mermaid Tunic blogToday, the Mermaid Tunic in Lumen.

We were actually going to wait for warmer weather to release this, but it got so much love at Stitches West that we just had to set it free.

This tunic is worked in pieces from the bottom up and seamed.   The lace pattern is a simple six-row repeat – no cable needle needed for those twists.

Lumen 3 ball stack blogIt’s designed for Rozetti Lumen (134yds/50g), a chained cotton ribbon with shiny viscose stretches.  Its vivid color is delicious.  There’s a multi version, too.

We hope you enjoy this little burst of Spring in the midst of winter.

Happy knitting!


Free Pattern Friday – Seabird Shawl

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Good Earth Adorn Seabird Shawl_blog

Today, the Seabird Shawl in Good Earth and Good Earth Adorn.

This shawl is aptly named!  The colors are reminscent of sea and sand, and the triangular shape makes you want to spread your wings.

Good Earth Adorn Seabird Shawl back_blogIt’s a warm-ish weather shawl, designed for our cotton/linen blends Good Earth (103 Desert) and Good Earth Adorn (304 Breeze).   A look at the back shows how Adorn works up into subtle variegated bands.  It’s a nice touch.

It goes without saying that this would be good beach knitting – light on your lap as you soak in the sun.  I’m looking at this shawl and dreaming of warmer days.

Happy knitting!