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Free Pattern Friday – Summer Leaves Cloths

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Cotton Supreme Washcloths horizontal_blogToday, the Summer Leaves Cloths in Cotton Supreme.

Blue washcloth blogThese patterns come to us by special request from Jackie in Customer Service, who asked if we could add another one-ball project in Cotton Supreme (180yds/100g).

“The yarn is so soft!  When people touch it, they fall in love with it.  If we had another small pattern for it, then when I send kits as little prizes to our stores and customers, they’d get a chance to work with it and love it too.”

Mustard washcloth blogJackie’s wish is our command.  Voila, three lovely washcloths using leaf motifs.  One is an all-over lace pattern, the second is four leaves rising from a central column, and the third is a single leaf in the center of a field of reverse stockinette.  All three leaf lace patterns are charted, and all three cloths can be made from just one hank of Cotton Supreme.

Orchid washcloth blogWhen I look at these cloths, I can’t help but feel that they’d also make great afghan blocks, perhaps in Uptown Worsted or Deluxe Worsted Superwash on slightly larger needles.   There’s nothing wrong with re-envisioning a design for your own purposes.

Thanks for the great suggestion, Jackie.  We can always use another quick-to-knit pattern in our library.

Happy knitting!


Free Pattern Friday – Sprout Tank

It’s Free Pattern Friday!


Today, the Sprout Tank in Cotton Supreme DK.

Frilly top flat blogHot enough for ya?  It’s hot enough for most anyone, but that’s no reason to stop knitting.   When little ones still want to get out and enjoy the day, we have the perfect match of pattern and temperature.

The Sprout Tank is knit in two pieces from the bottom up, then seamed.  Pick up stitches around the armhole and knit the ruffled shoulder straps.  The mock cable eyelets around the bottom are both written and charted.  It’s a sweet detail that also gives a little more ventilation.

Universal_FrillyTop1_blogThe suggested yarn is Cotton Supreme DK (100g/230yds), part of our popular Cotton Supreme family of yarns.  It’s machine washable, soft, and long-lasting; a good choice for a kid on the go.

The whole tank takes just 2-3 hanks on US size 5 (3.75mm) needles.  Knit it, pop it on your little one, then sit in the shade while they enjoy the sandbox.  Don’t forget the hat and sunscreen for both of you – it’s a scorcher out there!


Free Pattern Friday – Water Ski Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Seaspray Tassel Scarf 1 blogToday, the Water Ski Scarf in Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray.

We featured Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray  not too long ago in the popular Color Block Scarves, but it’s so perfect for the season that we couldn’t resist sharing it again.

Seaspray Tassel Scarf 2 blogI love this yarn, and I love this scarf.  The pattern is knitted flat (obviously) and both written and charted.  Lace on US size 6 (4mm) needles goes quickly, and the tassels make this such a fun and kicky piece.

Cotton is great for summer, of course, and the pastel tones of Seaspray go great with the current bright trends.  We put together a couple of fantasy outfits below that would look great with the scarf.

Seaspray Scarf outfit 1


First, toss on a tank and your keds and you’re ready to go, no fuss no muss.  You could use pretty much any pastel top and then just a pop of whatever color you’ve made your scarf in at the bottom to pull it together.

Seaspray Scarf outfit 2


Next, dress it up a little!  Neutral sandals keep it from being too matchy-matchy.  You could even do a nice braided leather bracelet, although I do like the melony orange accent with the gold here.  The purse and turquoise/blue earrings bring it together.

We hope you enjoy this free pattern, and that you always feel fabulous in your handmades wherever you go.

Happy knitting!


Knitspiration – Bannai Taku

It’s a glorious Monday morning.  How about a little knitspiration?

Bannai Taku 09 Bicycle with chips

I have no idea what this piece by Bannai Taku is called.  It’s difficult to find information about this Japanese illustrator’s work, since I don’t speak Japanese.  But something about this speaks to me.

Some of it is the fresh colors

Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray
Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray

And some of it is the spirit of freedom in the outdoors.

Hagakiri Tee in Cotton Supreme
Hagakiri Tee in Cotton Supreme

It brings a feeling of lightness and peace.

Daffodil Top in Garden 10
Daffodil Top in Garden 10

When’s the last time you climbed on a bike and just rode?  Were you still a child?  Did you feel like you were flying?

Pixie Skirt in Bamboo Pop
Pixie Skirt in Bamboo Pop

Can you still capture that sense of joy in the world around you?

Diagonals Tee in Llamalini
Diagonals Tee in Llamalini

I hope that sometime today, you’ll step outside and pause for a moment.  Look up.  Take a deep breath. Let your mind be still and be in the moment.

Then take another deep breath and move through your day with a smile.

Edited to add: A reader who cycles informs us that the Japanese text for our cycling illustration translates to… Cycling.  Thank you for letting us know!

Free Pattern Friday – Color Block Scarves

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Three Color Scarf B 1 blogToday, the Three Color Scarves in Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray.

Three Color Scarf B 2 blogIt’s hard to believe that something so simple can look so stunning.  We use the phrase “let the yarn do the work” a lot, but it’s very applicable here.

This is a very basic four row pattern consisting solely of knits, purls, and slipped stitches.  It creates a pebbled texture – not quite a stockinette, not quite a garter stitch.  A subtle pattern to match a subtly variegated yarn, Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray (230yds/100g).

Three Color Scarf B 3 blogThis 100% cotton drapes beautifully.  The DK weight means it’s light enough to work for warmer weather, and to wrap around with adding a lot of bulk.

This scarf was a delight to style on our mannequin (we call her Molly), to the point that I had to stop myself from finding more ways to wear this.  Three coordinating colors brighten up any outfit – mix and match to suit your style.

Three Color Scarf A 1 blog

Happily, each scarf only takes about 40 grams of each color – less than half a hank.  So you could easily get two scarves out of your color choice.  Above, we use  306 Storm,  305 Ink Blue,  and302 Sun Lime.  Below we use, 301 Carmine, 304 Blue Skies, and 302 Sun Lime.

Not only is this going into my queue, I’ll also be recommending this to the newer knitters I know.  There’s nothing like an easy project that looks smashing to build confidence.

Happy knitting!

Three Color Scarf A 2 closeup blog



Knitspiration – Mast and Lines

Shall we have some Monday Knitspiration?

Mast and Lines with chips
Mast and Lines by Morris Blackburn (1902-1979)

The geometry is perfect here – the angles and colors, the twists of the sails.

Cotton Supreme for Masts
Cotton Supreme
Ladder Scarf in Cirrus Cotton
Gossamer Shawlette in Cotton Gold
Art Deco Stole in Mohair Mountain
Cornelia Lattice Cowl Poems Silk
Lattice Cowl in Poems Silk

The masts and lines of Blackburn’s piece call to mind the waves of Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton’s Lattice Cowl above.  The combination reminds me of a family favorite poem, Sea Fever by John Masefield.  It’s read beautifully here by Tom O’Bedlam.

In the poem, John Masefield wishes for “a merry yarn.”  It may not be the kind that he’s thinking of, but we wish you much merry yarn as well.

Happy knitting.





Gorgeous Giveaway!

Annies yarn-shop_banner_500x400

Have you visited Annie’s Craft Store’s new site yet?  I love features like Build-A-Kit, which makes it easy to grab everything I need for a project that catches my fancy.  The stitch guides are a great help too – it’s nice to have that resource at my fingertips.  Annie’s is proud of the new site too, with good reason, and they’re having a sale to celebrate!

From now until Jan 23rd, use the code NEWYARN at the Annie’s site and get 20% off any yarn purchase.   This is great, because we all know, even if you’re on a yarn diet, sale yarn doesn’t count!

To keep the celebration rolling, they’re also giving away a subscription to Crochet! magazine.  We’re partnering with them for one of our favorite projects from the Spring 2015 issue, Amy Gunderson’s Bruges Edged Round Throw shown below (Ravelry link here).   What a great burst of color for Spring!

Crochet Spring 2015 Cotton Supreme Bruges-Edged Round Throw_B

So here’s the deal:  comment on this post and tell us your favorite kind of project to crochet.  We’ll select one entry to win a year’s subscription to Crochet! magazine as well as enough yarn to make the Bruges Edged Round Throw.  Enter by Jan 30th to be counted!

We can’t wait to hear from you!