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Free Pattern Friday – Quilt

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

CS Metallic Quilt Throw blog

Today, the Quilt in Classic Shades Metallic.

Today, we have a great use of color in a very simple design.  Two complementary colors of Classic Shades Metallic (100g/175yds) are used in this basic but colorful quilt.

CS Metallic Quilt Throw detail blogEach square is knit individually, then stitched together in an eye-pleasing way.  A diagram is provided in the pattern for easy assembly.

It’s unusual to find a four foot long  blanket that’s such perfect on-the-go knitting, but the small size of the individual squares (4 1/2″ along each side) makes it easy to knock out a piece of the quilt wherever you are.

This could also be a fun group project that could include all levels of knitter – get together with your friends for a quilting bee to gab and knit individual squares, and sew them together.  Begin at one corner of the square, increase to the middle, switch colors, then decrease and bind off in the opposite corner.  Toss your square on the pile, take a sip of wine, and start up another one.

Other great choices of yarn for this would be self-shading Poems wool and regular Classic Shades.  There are nearly limitless color combinations.

Happy knitting!

CS Metallic Quilt Throw center square

Free Pattern Friday – Crochet Coin Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

CS Metallic Crochet Coin Scarf 2 blog

Today, the Crochet Coin Scarf in Classic Shades Metallic.

Something for crocheters in a yarn that we love.  Classic Shades Metallic (175yds/100g) is the same great base as our Classic Shades, but with a metallic thread wrapped around it for even more bling.  Here’s the colorway used in the scarf, 604 Tahitian.  It’s a magical shade.

Classic Shades Metallic works up at exactly the same gauge as our regular Classic Shades, so if bling’s not your thing, it’s a snap to swap.

CS Metallic Crochet Coin fringe blogThe scarf is worked lengthwise, then the coin fringe is added after the main body is complete.  We call for an adjustable ring for the center of the coin.  If you haven’t tried an adjustable ring for making center-out circles, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.  CraftyDeb has a good photo tutorial, although nothing beats your local yarn shop for showing you how it’s done.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend of yarn and relaxation.

Happy crafting!

CS Metallic Crochet Coin Scarf 1 blog


Free Pattern Friday – Guadalupe Stole

It’s Free Pattern Friday!CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl 1_blogToday, the Guadalupe Stole in Classic Shades Metallic.

CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl 2_blogI love this loose and airy crochet shawl.  It’s long and luxurious, and the Classic Shades Metallic gives it just the right amount of sparkle in the light.  Of course, if you’re not a glam kind of person, Classic Shades works up to exactly the same gauge, so you can still get the great color shifts without the bling.

This stole is comprised of 18 Motifs that are joined as you go on round 3.  Amy used almost all of four balls of Classic Shades Metallic for this, so you may want to grab another ball just for safety.

If I were pairing this shawl up with an outfit, I think I might try to pull out the lavender as an accent color.  Actress Minka Kelly (photo from denimology) has a good base outfit here that many of us could also pull off.  Top it with this shawl, maybe pick up another color with some cute earrings, and you’re ready to turn heads.

Happy crocheting!


CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl detail_blog



Free Pattern Friday – Back to School Backpack

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Back to School Backpack 1 blog

Are you ready for school?  Me neither!  But the Back To School Backpack is a reminder that it’s time to gear up for Fall.

Back to School Backpack 2 blogI love the combination of  self-shading yarn with a solid Deluxe Worsted Superwash accent and tie.  The entire backpack is worked in one piece.  Begin by knitting the back piece from the center out.  Next, work the side and bottom sideways and attach to the back piece as you go.  Stitches for the front piece are worked from the outside in.  Voila!  A minimum of seaming!

This design is made in our brand new Classic Shades Metallic (175yds/100g).  When I say “brand new,” I mean that we literally just got our first shipment from the mill a few minutes ago.  Classic Shades Metallic has the gorgeous self-shading tones and sheen of Classic Shades, plus metallic thread for extra bling.

Now that it’s arrived, there goes my productivity for the day.

Business Cat ball of yarn

Happy knitting!