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Free Pattern Friday – I Heart You Shawl

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

I Heart You Shawl in Naked Sock_blog

Today, the I Heart You Shawl in Naked Sock.

Me? Oh I have big plans for Valentine’s Day.  A horse drawn carriage, a bottle of champagne, and a candlelit dinner on top of the Empire State Building.

I kid.  I’m staying home and knitting, spending a quiet evening with my significant other.   If you’re keeping it low-key too, here’s a gift from us to you, a great pattern for crafting on what it seems will be a very chilly night.

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Free Pattern Friday – Warmth Wrap

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Warmth Wrap 1 hi-res

Today, the Warmth Wrap in Rozetti Yarns Allore.

Folks, I don’t think we could have planned this week’s free pattern better if we’d tried! As I write this, the weather here in North Carolina is doing some sort of sleeting-icing-freezing rain kind of thing. And baby, for the south, it’s cold! This is a perfect day for wrapping handknitting around ourselves, no?

Warmth Wrap with yarn blog

The Warmth Wrap is a relatively simple knit and goes pretty darn quick in bulky weight Allore and size 10 1/2 needles. The Eyelets lace pattern is just a 4 row repeat and is easy to memorize and keep track of.

Allore is a yarn that is right on trend. It’s also brushed, which we’ve been seeing a lot of in the yarn world this past year. Plus, it incorporates a metallic strand for an understated sophistication. It’s a complex light and lofty yarn and very easy to work with.

As shown, the Warmth Wrap requires 6 balls of Allore for a large, snuggly, almost blanket-like wrap. If you prefer a narrower scarf, just cast on 35 stitches instead of 65, and you’ll only need 3 balls.

Warmth Wrap closeup blog

And look – if you can’t find a shawl pin to close your wrap, just skewer in your needles and call it done. Stay safe and warm this wintery weekend!


Free Pattern Friday – Lightning Strikes

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Lightning Strikes Shawl spread blog

Today, the Lightning Strikes shawl in Bamboo Bloom Handpaints and Deluxe Worsted.

Lightning Strikes Shawl wrapped front blogIs it corny to say that Lightning Strikes hit me like a bolt out of the blue?  Too bad, because it did.  Amy Gunderson created this luxurious shawl using variegated Bamboo Bloom Handpaints (154yds/100g) and Deluxe Worsted 100% wool (220yds/100g) It’s such a great combo.  The Deluxe Worsted comes in a multitude of shades.  It’s easy to find a color to bring out whatever tone in the Bamboo Bloom you wish.

Lightning Strikes Shawl 1 blogShort rows are worked back and forth in the contrasting color to create widening and narrowing rows of solid color, bending to a V-shaped lightning fork across the shawl’s spine.  The natural thick/thin quality of the Bamboo Bloom helps soften the edges of the short rows into more organic curves.  I love the fringe – it reminds me of rain in a storm.

Calling for one hank of Deluxe Worsted and two of Bamboo Bloom Handpaints, worked on size US Size 10½ (6.5 mm) needles, this is not a particularly time or money-intensive project, although it is one with electrifying results (pardon the pun).  It’s also available as a kit from your LYS in the blue above, or with Bamboo Bloom Handpaints color 302 Koi Pond.

I’m considering making in Bamboo Bloom Handpaints 319 Forest Light for a friend with a Spring birthday.

Like a new meadow.  I’ll just sit here and sigh contentedly for a few minutes.

We hope you have a strikingly good weekend.

Happy knitting!

Lightning Strikes Shawl detail blog


Free Pattern Friday – Whimsical Wrap

It’s Free Pattern Friday!

Whimsical Shawl 1 blogToday, the Whimsical Wrap in Universe.

Can you tell we love Universe (50g/246yds)? It’s our tenth anniversary offering, and we’ve been having great fun with it.  In addition to today’s offering, we’ve recently released a collection of ornaments.  If you haven’t seen our Universe of Snowflakes e-book yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out – the collection is available as an e-book or as individual patterns.

Whimsical Shawl detail blogUniverse excels at lace, and the Whimsical Wrap is proof.  This center of this rectangular wrap is knit sideways from one end to the other. Then stitches are picked up from the perimeter of the center. The edging is worked as a knit-on edging. The last edging stitch is knit together with a stitch from the shawl body to attach.

The pattern is both written and charted.

We hope you’re able to bring something delicate and sparkling in your life this weekend, whether it’s glittering lace or a sky full of stars.

Happy knitting!



Free Pattern Friday – Refracted Lace Shawl

It’s Free Pattern Friday… again!


This afternoon, the Refracted Lace Shawl in Whisper Lace.

We once had a popular pattern called the Refracted Light Shawl in a discontinued yarn called Swiss Mohair.  Alas, when Swiss Mohair went away, so did the pattern.  But it was one of those patterns that kept being passed around from crocheter to crocheter, in a “have you seen this?  It sounds like just what you’re looking for” kind of way.

RefractedLaceShawl_Front_WhisperLace_blogWell, you can’t keep a good pattern down, so here it is, back again.  This time, it’s in Whisper Lace (440yds/50g), our wool/silk blend from the Fibra Natura line.

Front and back post crochet create an open, airy fabric that can fan out across your back or twist artfully at the shoulder or front.

We hope you enjoy this classic, available once more for you to enjoy.

Happy crafting!


Free Pattern Friday – Planetary Shawl

Let’s have a double Free Pattern Friday today!

PlanetaryShawl_Back_Universe_blogThis morning, we just have to highlight the Planetary Shawl in Universe.

We were going to wait just a little longer to share this heart-shaped top-down shawl, but it got such a great reception at the TNNA Fashion Show last weekend that we couldn’t help ourselves.

Universe samples for social mediaUniverse is the very special yarn we designed to celebrate Universal Yarn’s 10th anniversary.  It features combed cotton, linen, glitter, and a classic black thread holding the whole glorious package together.   We haven’t seen anything else quite like it.

Expect Universe to hit shelves later this summer,  We love this yarn and we think you will too.


We’ll be back later today with another another yarn and another free pattern – this time for crocheters.  Happy crafting!


Free Pattern Friday – Guadalupe Stole

It’s Free Pattern Friday!CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl 1_blogToday, the Guadalupe Stole in Classic Shades Metallic.

CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl 2_blogI love this loose and airy crochet shawl.  It’s long and luxurious, and the Classic Shades Metallic gives it just the right amount of sparkle in the light.  Of course, if you’re not a glam kind of person, Classic Shades works up to exactly the same gauge, so you can still get the great color shifts without the bling.

This stole is comprised of 18 Motifs that are joined as you go on round 3.  Amy used almost all of four balls of Classic Shades Metallic for this, so you may want to grab another ball just for safety.

If I were pairing this shawl up with an outfit, I think I might try to pull out the lavender as an accent color.  Actress Minka Kelly (photo from denimology) has a good base outfit here that many of us could also pull off.  Top it with this shawl, maybe pick up another color with some cute earrings, and you’re ready to turn heads.

Happy crocheting!


CS Sequins Lite Crochet Shawl detail_blog