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Allegro Back to Basics Socks

Everybody say hi to my dad.

Hi, Dad!
Hi, Dad!

As you may have guessed, it’s not a recent picture.  However, he’s still got that youthful spirit and twinkle in his eye.  He still has a wicked sense of humor.  And he’s astonished (in a good way!) that his little tomboy grew up to be such a prolific knitter.  What’s better, he appreciates my knitting.

We all know there’s nothing like crafting for someone who truly cherishes what we’ve made. Dad’s great about that. When I made him his first pair, he proclaimed they were “like butter” and that he never knew socks could feel that good. Obviously, this is someone knitworthy.

When we got our first shipment of Allegro, a no-wool sock yarn, I knew this is what I’d be using for his 2017 birthday.  It’s so smooth!  I chose color 803 Slate Minstrel.

Knitting in the grass in summertime. Bliss.

Although there’s no wool content, Allegro has a bounce to it that makes it perfect for socks. They stay up and keep their shape nicely. Allegro would also be great for any projects where wool allergies are a concern, or for those who simply want to avoid animal products.

Ready to close the second toe!

As you can see,  there was plenty in one ball to make a pair, and the striping matched pretty much perfectly. There’s enough left over that I could have extended the cuffs or made a larger size with no worries.

No, these are not my father’s legs.

My go-to pattern is Back to Basic Socks, a free pattern on our website for a cuff-down heel flap sock.  It goes fairly quickly and stands up well to wear.  It’s also a great starting point for those who want to customize by adding, say, an eye-of-partridge heel or patterning along the leg.  For Dad’s socks, though, I kept it basic.  Ribbed leg, plain heel, nice and simple.  I knew he’d appreciate them just as they were.

Also not a recent picture of my Dad.

Dad’s birthday was at the end of January.  Alas, I don’t have a picture of my dad with the socks, so please enjoy this picture of a previous birthday.  Once again this year, he was delighted by his hand-knitted socks.  And I am once again picking out yarn for his next pair.

We wish you joyful knitting for an appreciative audience.

(And happy birthday, Dad!)


Free Pattern Friday – Holly Jolly Socks or Stockings

It’s Free Pattern Friday!Holly Jolly socks or stockings 1_blog

Today, Holly Jolly Socks or Stockings in Uptown Worsted Tapestry.

Ho ho ho!  Have you been very good?  A little bit good?  Well, Knitting Santa says you’ve been good enough, so we offer this holiday sock/stocking pattern as a gift!

Uptown Worsted Tapestry (180yds/100g) is a machine washable favorite for babies and adults, but there are a couple of colors that really stand out for the holidays.

Official uniform of Santa’s workshop.

812 Yule Time, with its classic red, white, and green color scheme, is used in the popular free Elfkin set for sizes 6 months to 6 years at right.  We’re also partial to color 806 Emerald, which has a lovely blue spruce feel to it that fits right in under the tree.

These socks are worsted weight, knitted on US size 6(4mm) double-pointed needles.  As you can see, they’re small enough to fit as socks great for sliding across the floor to see what Santa left you.  They also include a small crochet loop so you’re free to hang them as stockings if you wish.  We use size 6 needles for a tight fabric so no little gifts fall through the holes.

Holly Jolly socks or stockings 3_blogKnitted toe-up with a Turkish heel, one ball of Tapestry and one ball of Uptown Worsted 302 White Glow for the heels and toes ought to do it for small sizes.  If your feet are longer than 9″, consider grabbing an extra ball of Tapestry.  This handy guide to foot sizes from the Craft Yarn Council may be helpful in estimating, although I wear a US women’s size 8 1/2 or 9 with 9 1/2″ long feet and these socks fit me just fine.

We hope you have a great weekend of crafting and good times.

Happy knitting!

Holly Jolly socks or stockings 2_blog

Sunday Swatch – Infusion Handpaints

Today’s Sunday Swatch is in Infusion Handpaints.

Sunday Swatch - Infusion HandpaintsInfusion Handpaints is a 50/50 blend of acrylic and superwash merino wool, a good combination of softness and durability.

Painted Wings Shawlette in Infusion HandpaintsI picked some bright colors today to chase away the winter blahs.  Wouldn’t these be great for a machine washable children’s garment?  Of course, if you want something more grownup you could try the Painted Wings Shawlette shown at right, a nice single skein project.

This stitch pattern on the sock swatch uses the same yarn-crossing principle as the smocked stitch on our Jubilation Kettle Dye sample a couple of weeks ago, but it’s even easier.  It goes like so, over a multiple of four:

Round 1: Knit.

Round 2: *K2, with yarn in front slip 2 purlwise* over round.

Round 3: Knit.

Round 4: *With yarn in front slip 2 purlwise, k2* over round.

It’s good “on the go” knitting since it’s so easy to memorize.  This sample is 56 stitches on a US Size 2 needle, so the rest of the sock should go pretty quickly.  The Infusion Handpaints page has  a couple of socks patterns using size 3 needles and a 48 stitch leg for even more instant gratification.

We’re fans of this yarn here in the office, and we have good things in the works for it – stay tuned for more details!