IRL – Ellery Cowl

The weather is finally warming up here in North Carolina, but it’s still chilly enough to wear our knitting. Thank goodness!



I caught up with Katie as she was filling orders and wrangling paperwork earlier this week. I had glimpsed her in her new cowl and had to try and convince her to let me take a photo for the blog. She was shy but willing!

Katie is donning her version of the Ellery Reversible Cowl in Llamalini. She used color 112 Caspian which looks stunning with her fiery red hair. Llamalini is a favorite with all of us in the office. It’s a lovely choice for sweaters. The linen and silk add the most sumptuous earthy feel in combination with the llama, making garments that are breathable and not overly toasty.  But for those of us who aren’t ready to commit to a large project, just 3 50-gram hanks will make the lovely cowl above.

4 thoughts on “IRL – Ellery Cowl”

  1. love this pattern but the mistakes have gotten the best of me. I’m stuck after row 2. Does the pattern account for the edge stitch in each row? After I work set up row 2 the instructions say repeat rows 2-56, 6 times but there are only 5 rows? And do I truly do row 2 a second time? This is frustrating. The errata does not address any of this.

    1. That does seem frustrating! Let us dig a little deeper into the pattern and see what we come up with. Offhand, though, I think it’s a safe bet that “rows 2-56 should definitely be “rows 2-5.”
      Bear with us, this might take a little longer over the holiday weekend, but we’re on it!

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