50 Garter Stitch Gifts Giveaway!

Labor Day weekend is the traditional start of Fall – a time when thoughts turn to warmer wools and holiday knitting. Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing to start you off with a bang!

50 Garter Stitch kit blogWe’re giving away a copy of the popular 50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit.  All the patterns feature our Deluxe Worsted wool (220yds/100g), a favorite stash staple that comes in 120+ colors.

Zigzag Mosaic ScarfTo fire your imagination, we’re including enough Deluxe Worsted to make the ZigZag Mosaic Scarf, a lengthwise-knit scarf that makes clever use of slipped stitches to create a mosaic effect.

To enter, just comment on this post and answer this question: what’s the longest a project has stayed unfinished in your WIP pile?  I’ll start the ball rolling by saying that during a recent cleaning binge I conceded defeat and ripped out the baby blanket that I started… a couple of decades ago.  That baby is long grown.

There are no wrong answers, and there’s no shame here.  What there is, is a desire to jump start your holiday crafting, assuming you’re not already neck-deep in projects.  Comment by Monday, Sept 21st for your chance to win.  We’ll randomly select one entry to receive the prize.

Good luck – and happy knitting!


173 thoughts on “50 Garter Stitch Gifts Giveaway!”

  1. A scarf that took 16 months to complete. I lost interest and I forced my self to knit a row or two to finally get it done.

  2. I have a black and white long cardigan that I started over thirty years ago. It has different stitch patterns in the sleeves, fronts and back. Assuming I can find the finished parts, as I remember both sleeves and one front, I am afraid the style is totally dated.

  3. I think it’s “Holly” by Kaffe Fassett. I have one row on the needles and just can’t seem to get going on it. It’s a few years old and I spent waaayyy too much on the yarn to let it go. I think maybe I’d better start knitting!
    Thanks for the chance.

  4. There is a lovely burgundy sweater waiting for me to complete the sleeves. It has sat there for 20 years. I have finished several other projects though. Maybe I will finish this sweater before the end of this decade! Thank you for this give away.

  5. I have a sweater I started when my son (now 34) was a baby. I hated the pattern and the yarn and I have no idea why I haven’t ripped it out yet!

  6. I have a ripple crochet afghan that I started in the 70’s in dazzleaire yarn that is still hiding out waiting to be finished…

  7. I was cleaning a closet a couple months ago. I found a bag with an unfinished knitted baby afghan inside. I date my patterns and make notes in case I ever want to knit that pattern again. I started it April 10, 2004!!! Can’t remember why I didn’t finish.

    I’ve put it my to-do pile and hopefully will finish it by the end of the year.

  8. hmmm … Let’s see … My first attempt at knitting was at a 1-to-1 class at my LYS in March 2014 … And it’s now September 2015 … So the longest a project has stayed unfinished in my WIP pile is … 16 months.

  9. I have this book checked out from the library and will renew it! I hope I win! I have an u fished pullover short-sleeve sweater I started about 5 years ago. I made 3 (only 1 for me for a class) from the same pattern and zipped through them. Not sure why I don’t want to finish this one!

  10. I began knitting a vest in the 1960s and completed two rectangles in the 1990s. I’m thinking again about how to put the knit together.

  11. Fun, would love to win! Love the question!.. Hmm, let’s see, I have A LOT of unfinished projects (guilty!) I think my longest was one scarf that just needed the ends woven in, and it must have been sitting in the bottom of my WIP bag for at least a few years!

  12. I’ve got a “neck-warmer” that’s at least three years old that I really do want to finish if I can find the pattern. I have a long infinity-loop scarf in mohair that my cat snagged and I haven’t been brave enough to frog back and fix. That one is two years old. I have a baby romper that got set aside and now the baby is almost four years old. If/when I finish that one, I’ll donate it to a charity. I’m thinking 2016 will be the Year of Whipping WIP’s into Shape!

  13. An afghan. I’ve been making squares for the afghan for, um…roughly 6 years. 49 squares total. Different patterns and colors. Just plain HATE SEWING the squares together to make the afghan…I’m not sure I’ll ever finish this. Might have to donate it to a knitter that likes sewing! LOL

  14. I’m working on a lace scarf I started shortly after learning to knit in 2009. I keep working on it sporadically so it will get done…. Eventually 😀

  15. I started a pair of socks for a sick friend who sadly passed away in 2005. Those socks are still on the needles unfinished and will always remain unfinished. I call it an art piece titled “Tribute to a Friend.”

  16. It took me 2 years to finish a pair of socks. They were supposed to fit a men’s size 13 and had small 2-stitch cables all around. Wrong pattern for such big feet! I ended up knitting other things in between that time since it was so frustrating to see slow progress

  17. I recently finished a reusable shopping bag that had been in my WIP pile for 3 years. After picking it back up, I remembered why I had put it down — it was a mess! At least it is completed at last.

  18. I started a scarf for myself almost 8 years ago….lol. I am still working on it. It is a cut at the end of a row pattern, so it always freaks me out how permanent it is…esp if you mess up the pattern!

  19. I think it’s a tie between a sweater I started in 2011 for my husband or a blanket I started that same year. To put it this way: the publication the sweater was in is out of business, and the yarn has been discontinued for the blanket. I still want to finish both.

  20. My WIP is a poncho/cape that was supposed to be a Christmas gift three years ago. I’ve pulled it out and am working on it again. This will be the year!

  21. Well, when I was clearing out my craft room for my grandson to move in…..I found parts of a sweater I had started for my husband…..well, we moved out here in 1989 and I know it was begun well before then! Needless to say, I will not be finishing that one……(dont think it would fit him any more for one!)

  22. I have something on a set of needles that has been there long enough that I forget what it was supposed to be…. Pretty red yarn, though! Haha!

  23. Must have been the Egyptian mittens I was making for someone’s birthday a few months beforehand (she has to have her birthday in October). I was making the first one and had some stitches on a thumbholder, and then another friend of mine had her birthday, and then another. It was February when I started the first mitten, it was May when I finished the thumb and started the second mitten (my tension had changed some, so it was bigger). That’s some three months I guess.

  24. When clearing out my craft room to turn it back into a bedroom, I found a sweater I had started for hubby many many years ago. How many I am not sure…..we moved here in 1989 and I know it was well before then. Needless to say, it will not be completed….

  25. I’ve only been knitting for 3 years but already I’ve accumulated lots of started projects and a stash of yarn for projects I intend to do! Ugh. I’m trying to stay focused on one thing until it’s finished but it’s so hard!

  26. I have The Great American Aran Afghan as a wip for a couoke years now. I know I have more that are older but can’t think of what they are

  27. Haha…love these answers. I don’t think I’ve ever let anything go longer than a couple of years. The Yarn Harlot had a New Years post about starting the year by looking the UFO’s and trying to complete them. I try to go through them and at least decide if they have a chance or not.

  28. I think somewhere I have a shawl I started about 4 years ago. Didn’t get very far into it. Now I’m using the yarn for something else….

  29. My LONGEST WIP is a counted cross stitch christmas stocking that is 15 years old. However, my longes WIP knitting is a baby compared to that. It is a pair of mittens and is about 5 years old.

  30. My oldest wip was 7 years. I started it when i moved into my first appartment and when i moved out 7 years later i found it in a box at the bottom of my shelf…. 🙂

  31. The longest knitting WIP is an Irish cable sweater going on 2.5 years. BUT, the longest of all the UFOs is a cross-stitch piece that’s been on its frame for over a decade.

  32. I have a purse that has been completely knitted for about 5 years, but had never been sewn together. One of these days…..

  33. I’ve been knitting for a long time and try to knit one project at a time otherwise when I’m tempted to start another one, I lost interest in the first one unless it’s for someone. I have a summer cardigan that I finished 3 years ago…. and I have to sew it together…. one of these days. 🙂

  34. My longest WIP is a blanket I started when I first learned to knit about 10 years ago. I knit a patch for it now and again, but mostly it just hangs around unfinished and in my way. 🙂

  35. I have 2 scrap afghans that have been in progress for about 4 years, but I don’t consider them languishing since it’s a matter of generating scraps. My record is in quilting: I have a queen sized quilt that I’ve been hand-quilting off & on for 17 years.

  36. The first thing I ever started knitting is still a WIP, about seven years later. I had a grand idea for a shrug sweater with ruffles. Meanwhile I’d never knit or purled a stitch before, and had no pattern, but I showed up to my first knitting lesson with a sketch and a thought. The teacher thought I was crazy, but let me talk… we’re still friends, and I’ve knit many ruffled things since then, but NOT that shrug! 😀

  37. My longest current WIP is a scarf I started 2 years ago when my boy was in U6 soccer. Now we are in U8 and still only 1/3 done!

  38. I am sure that there are many unfinished projects from my childhood that are now a vague memory. But as an adult…a simple scarf from last Christmas that is still sitting at the bottom of my bag. A meager 6 inches in length. Pattern forgotten. 🙁

  39. I’m constantly finding WIPs, especially that second sock. I have a pai of socks I started about 10 years ago that I’ve never finished.

  40. I had a navy and white double knit afghan that I started in the late ’80’s. I finally finished in the mid-90’s and gave to a pregnant supervisor as a gift. Currently, I have a beautiful lacework vest unfinished. Two years. I want to win!!

  41. I have a sock (my first) that I knitted half way then put aside for months then finally finished. It turned out ok for a first although a little wonky. Have yet to mnit the mate, so I suppose its not actually done, is it! Hmmm 😉

  42. I have a throw blanket I started 8 years ago that is only 1/3 of the way done. Guess I better pull it out and finish it so I can give it to the person I am making it for this Christmas.

  43. There are sooo many…a shawl that’s easily 10 yrs on needles…a baby dress that might be close to 15 yrs…a fisherman’s sweater that never got sleeves??? Apparently i have a short attention span…lol

  44. It took me 4 years to make an afghan big enough to cover a full bed. Other than that, I always have at least 4 WIPs going all the time. I’ve never taken more than a few months to finish my projects (other than the previously stated one).

  45. I am sad to say a blanket that I started with my mom when I was in my 20s. Life got in the way of knitting and it sat for decades. It wasn’t until my mom passed that I was sorting through my projects and came across this. It brought tears to my eyes and decided to complete it. I will always cherish it.

  46. The longest WIP was a huge continuous granny square. Started it in 1982-83 for a friend and she finally got it twenty years later.

  47. The blanket that I made for my granddaughter stayed dormant for about a year and a half. I just finished it earlier this month. I was 48 squares. 8 different colors and 4 different patterns for the squares.

  48. My longest project that has stayed on the knitting needles is about 3 months. I either finish them or frog them. No…. I take that back. There is that building blocks sampler blanket that’s been waiting nearly a year. I’ve lost the pattern book and am waiting to find it.

  49. I’ve only been knitting about 4 1/2 years… so the longest project still in my UFOs – is a vest that was one of my first knit projects. Got down to putting it together only to find that I knitted one of the halves backwards. When I realized that I had done… I had the biggest laugh… thinking “only me”. I’m ready to frog it and use the yarn for another purpose down the road.

  50. A sweater that has been sitting in my basket for 5 years. I really only lack the sleeves, but I just don’t seem motivated to complete it.

  51. I have an afghan still unfinished. It’s one of my first ever projects that I still intend on finishing! It’s about 6yrs old so far.

  52. A bamboo intarsia shawl for my mother when I ought to have known better (I was probably 15 at the time and extremely ambitious). It became far too heavy and droopy, I hated the colours, and I was terribly unpracticed at intarsia so the different colours got all tangled. The whole project was eventually abandoned due to the trauma caused. That was almost a decade ago!

  53. I have a long vest/tunic I started knitting and had almost finished during the fall that I finally got pregnant. My boys are 2 now and I am a little closer to fitting into it but still too wide in the middle! When I get back to pre-pregnancy weight I will look forward to wearing that vest for the first time!

  54. My current one is a giant granny square blanket — made from leftover sock yarns — that’s been on the go since February, 2013.
    I also had a knitted cushion that was a joint project with my mother that was over ten years in the making. I finally finished that one. 🙂

  55. About ten years! Random stuff from when I first learned how to knit. I have a bunch of single socks that I never made a second one for.

  56. My longest unfinished project is way before Ravelry so no posting of this crocheted baby blanket using some acrylic yarn. I do not remember when I started it or where I was living but I do know it has moved about the country with me partially complete. I do not even know if the pattern and hook are with the blanket as I have moved on to knitting more with more natural fibers. It has to be at least 10 maybe even 15 years now, maybe it is time to repurpose the yarn, that is if I can find it.

  57. That’s a tough one–I have a shawl I was making from Noro…looked beautiful in the sample, but then I realized how many ends would need weaving, and came to a screeching halt. Then there’s the fair isle tunic that is all done and mostly sewn, but was done flat, so there are metric tons of ends to be woven. And then there’s the baby blanket I started for the child who is now 5 1/2…

  58. I’m sure some of these ladies have me beat, but I started a sweater for myself a few years ago… Didn’t finish because I got pregnant and knew it wouldn’t fit for a while. Besides, I had baby clothes to make! I did loose the baby weight, picked it up again and got pregnant again… Hmm… Maybe if I’m done with babies, I should let the sweater alone! 😉

  59. I’ve been telling my boyfriend I’ll make him a scarf for the entire 3 years we’ve been together. Cast on six months in to the relationship, never went further. .. a year later I got four inches done only to lose the notes on my printed copy of the complicated cable pattern, frogged it, restarted, frogged it again and started a new pattern, frogged that again, now I’m using a knit picks cotton and the Baker Street Scarf pattern from knitty, which is just broken rib the whole way up, and it’s actually going. Three years and he’ll finally have one for Christmas.

  60. i began a colorful blanket for my daughter when she was about 5 and got bored with it, then finally finished it 7 yrs later LOL

  61. It took me just over two and a half years to complete a Lion Brand Cable Luxe Tunic. I finished it and then didn’t like how it looked, so I frogged it back to the underarms and reknitted that part. It didn’t help that I kept putting it aside to work on other projects.

    I have two other projects that took me about 10 months each because I kept setting them aside for other projects, too, and I have one on my needles right now that I started last May and still am only about halfway through.

    Some projects are so exciting that you just zip right through them and others are very set-aside-able.

    I hope I don’t have one that I haven’t finished that is buried somewhere, because I don’t remember it, and finding it would be quite a shock.

  62. I started a multi-coloured, striped scarf using the ends of balls for my dad as a teenager – it was one of my first ever knitting projects and is still unfinished 20 years later! I wonder where I put it….. 😀

  63. The longest time a project has gone unfinished is since I started to knit! About 12 years ago I began a beautiful circle sweater in a deep orange. A bit too long of a project to take on so early, but Thankyou for reminding me!! I think now is a good time to complete it!

  64. I recently ripped out a project I started for my husband when we were dating. We have been happily married for 21 years, so that poor sweater (which would NEVER fit him now) would be about 22 years old. It was dark brown, a color he doesn’t even wear now! Eek!

  65. Six years.It was a green pillow with a skull on it for my son. I made the front and then didn’t touch it for six years.I finished it last year and gave it to him finally. Thank my lucky stars he still thought it was cool.

  66. My oldest wip is probably a sweater I started when my oldest grandson was about two. He is almost 12 so maybe I’ll finish is for the younger one who will be two in February.

  67. I’m afraid I have one lace shawl on the needles which will take forever to finish. Started it in the beginning of this year and forcing myself to knit one row at the time. I hope, it will not take decades to finish 😀

  68. I am back working on an afghan started beginning of May. Have made three with the same pattern so looking forward to finishing it to move on to new items.

  69. I left a shawl sit in purgatory for 3 years because I messed up BIG TIME and didn’t have the heart to rip back (eventually had to and restarted and LOVE the result). Learned my lesson about lifelines let me tell you! 🙂

  70. I always have about ten projects going at the same time. Most people have Spring Cleaning – I have a Fall WIPping where I go through a crazy phase of finishing as many as I can in a week. I don’t know why and I don’t get to all of them. I think it’s my way of justifying my Summer yarn shopping 🙂

  71. As a new knitter my oldest WIP is only one and a half years old…however what you didn’t ask were how many there might be! Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. I was so excited to make patterned mittens that I made one of each of a number of mittens and never got around to making mitten #2. This was around 10 years ago.

  73. I’ve got an expanded version of the Moderne Log Cabin from Mason-Dixon Knitting (sized up for a Queen mattress) that I started 4 years ago shortly after we moved. It’s so big and heavy that I can only work on it when it’s cold outside! Maybe I’ll finish it this winter…

  74. 1998. I started a sweater that I was designing myself and have still never sewn the pieces together… even though it turned out very nicely.

  75. My friend bought me yarn 5 years ago to make her a sweater. In that time I have knitted the back part, and both sleeves. I am about halfway done I guess. But I just need to get the motivation to knit the front parts of the sweater…hopefully someday.

  76. oh, dear…a hooded baby sweater for my older son (started when i was about 3 months pregnant) – who is turning 25 on the 30th?? i’m certain that i can find something to do with all that irrevocably and irreparably wavy yarn…

  77. I’ve only been knitting for about 5 years and I have a sweater for myself that’s been a WIP for about 4 1/2 years. I can never seem to finish something if it’s for me.

  78. I take a long time finishing most of my “creations”. I have mittens that have been knit for at least five years, but await the final sewing up because I want to decorate them in some way. But the icing on the cake is my sister’s unfinished baby bunny sweater–started in 1979 for my son who was born that December. In the meantime, she has had two children, and is a grandma to two beautiful grandchildren. Maybe I should ask her to send the WIP to me so I can finish it this century!

  79. I have a crocheted sweater-filet crochet roses in bedspread cotton-2/3 done that I began and put aside in 1979. Wonder how different my tension will be now?

  80. My longest unfinished knit is probably a pair of red cabled cuffs for myself with lace edging, I started them one fall but they got displaced in the queue by Christmas knits and a series of weddings and house warmings. It’s been 2 years now but they’re still waiting for me in the bottom of my basket!

  81. Started a simple summer top two years ago, last summer finished the knitting and started the seams. Still haven’t finished the seams. Maybe I will have it finished for next summer?? Need to move it to the front of my knitting line.

  82. I started crocheting flower hexagons in 1981 for a blanket, after purchasing “Crochet: The Pattern Library” (now out of print), in pastel acrylic yarns. LOL I still have a dozen or so somewhere in my stash! That was a great little book too and I still have it, although it is falling apart.

  83. I started a sweater in college for my then boyfriend. I designed it myself (having never designed before!) and graphed it out on regular graph paper that I taped together, it was a paisley design and I bought very nice yarn. I had no idea that regular graph paper does not translate to knitting, it was doomed from the beginning (although we are still friends!) I still have it in its project bag. I guess that puts me at 30 years!

  84. Oh dear!
    The longest knitting project has sat in a drawer since 2003 … yikes, 12 years! A time of my life with a lot of challenges but I now have a dear friend who would love it and plan to get it done for next winter as summer is approaching here.

  85. I once made a Christmas tree skirt that took me 7 years to finish the knitting part and then another 20 or so years to finish weaving in the ends. It was done in panels, so the first year I did 3 panels, just enough to cover the front part of the tree stand. Each year I did another panel until I had done all 10. 7 years! I never bothered to sew in the ends, I would just tuck them out of sight underneath until 3 years ago when my knitting group wanted to see it. No way I could show it to them with the ends not sewn in. So there you have it, my 27 year project.

  86. A sweater from when I “officially” learned to knit in 2003. I don’t know why I started making a sweater in orange, it’s not really my color. Just deconstructed it recently and will reassign the yarn to a pumpkin tea cozy I found in the pattern file.

  87. A tote bag I started 10 yrs ago from size 10 cotton thread. It’s still in my yarn basket giving me sad looks every time I take something out to start a new project.

  88. My very first scarf… Took several years from start to finish, and I’m pretty sure my mom was the one who got tired of it and finished it for me.

  89. I started a crocheted christening outfit made with crochet thread, and it turned my hands into knots. It was probably ten years before I could pick it up again and finish it.

  90. I have several projects where the result is not what I like, so they were put to the side. I ll keep looking at them til I feel the project and finish it.

  91. Looks like a great book!

    I have a pair of stranded mittens that were started just over 6 years ago and have never been finished (they are only missing their thumbs) – I suppose I ought to get on that soon….

  92. I decided the kitchen needed a little more color, so I created a simple lace pattern for a curtain. It’s made from roughly a mile of sock yarn, and when off the curtain rod flattens out to about 8 feet wide and 4 long. Two months ago I bought another skein for it. I can’t seem to stop!

  93. The longest project? I have a cross stitch piece that I started in 1998 and intend to someday maybe pick up again and finish… other than that I have this really neat ripple afghan I started 8 or 9 years ago that is sitting in a bin in the basement. It’s really pretty, it has greens and purples, and grapes, but I’ve grown out of the “one afghan a month” phase. Hopefully I’ll get it done when I find some quiet time then gift it to someone.

  94. I have a beutiful tablecloth runner that I havn’t finish for about 3 years.. now that I remember it I’m going to find it and finish it at last!I’m sure it’ll be amazing!!

  95. I have a WIP in my bag that my mother was working on. She passed away in December 2013. I can’t bring myself to finish it so it will stay where it is until I can.

  96. 17 years and counting – a doll + wardrobe that is still in it’s bag and waiting for me to find the courage to tackle the rest.

  97. The longest WIP I have carried around is for 3 years, a beautiful brown assymetrical cardigan, my best friend said I would never complete it because the pattern would bother me too much, I may be a bit anal retentive, but one of these days I’ll show her, lol.

  98. When I was about 15 years old, I almost finished a sweater in one week at our cottage (I even spun the yarn for it!), I just didn’t know how to finish the line for buttons on it and mom promised me that she’ll learn me to do it.. Well, the sweater will never be finished, as I found it about year ago at my parent’s house eaten by moths 🙁

  99. I started a “leftovers” afghan a long time ago in order to use up my scraps of yarn. I stopped working on it for so long that when I finally went back to it, I had forgotten the stitch pattern and couldn’t find it anywhere. So I picked up stitches all around it and just made wide stripes in garter stitch.

  100. A baby sweater for my little girl. I had knit all the pieces but was having a hard time with the seams. I got frustrated, put it away for 4 months & then called my mom. She gave me a few tips, so I picked it up and tackled those seams. Can’t wait for it to be cold enough for my girl to wear it.

  101. I’ve been knitting since late 2008. I have many, many WIPs, but I think my oldest is a monster-shaped pillow that I started four years ago. It’s unfinished because I don’t want to close up the holes by its eyes. Or make arms and legs that I’d have to attach. Can you tell I hate sewing?

  102. I am compulsive about finishing things, so things never seem to be left unfinished … they might “rest” while I’m working on something else & they might get scrapped or donated if I just don’t like how they’re turning out.

  103. I recently finished a sweater for myself that I set aside last November. 9 months may not be long for some, but for me it was too long!

  104. My double knit One Ring scarf keeps getting abandoned in favour of less tedious projects. Must have started it 6 months ago. Whenever I work on it I feel like I am Frodo travelling to Mount Doom. Right now I am on the outskirts of Mordor , but before I go meet Shelob there are these very pretty cable knit gloves I simply must make.

  105. I don’t have a lot of room in my home, so projects don’t languish too long. However, if I have to ravel and reknit, it can seem to be forever before a project is finished. The longest time I’ve had an unfinished project lying around is a cardigan with lace detail on the bottom. It took me 6 months to complete, with lots of psyching myself up before starting knitting sessions. And now I don’t wear it!!

  106. I still have a toddler sweater in the WIP pile that needs sleeves. I started it for my son who is 30 this year. Time flies (unlike my needles)!

  107. A beautiful cabled afghan. I’ve been working on it off and on (mostly off lately) for about 12 years. A few more years, and I’ll have been working on it for more than half of my life.

  108. I am working on a paper pieced grandma’s flower garden quilt that I started over 8 years ago. I pick it up from time to time and work on it when I feel inspired.

  109. Oh, My. Some of my wips are years old. I have a bad habit of shelving projects when I run into problems that I don’t know how to fix or that need design elements changed.

  110. Longest work in progress ever–a mohair scarf from 1974. I actually took it out the other day and moved it to my knitting next in the living room to see if I can either finish or salvage the yarn, but I sure do hate frogging mohair!

  111. I am embarrassed to admit that I still have an unfinished baby dress I was making for my daughter. She turned 25 years old last week. Is this the definition of procrastination. Sad but true……

  112. There is a scarf in my WIP pile that is at least 6 years old. I ran out of yarn and kept thinking I would find more. I think it is time to frog it and find a different pattern.

  113. I started a sweater for my first son when he was born. I just found the pieces last year…while he and his wife were expecting my first grandson. .. 29 tears later!

  114. I have a scarf I started for my daughter when she was 4. She is 7 now and I finally finished it about 2 weeks ago, which would make it about 3 years. I have another blanket project that is patiently waiting f

  115. Oldest WIP is a Kaffe Fassett jacket (oriental flower/ poppy, I think it is called) I took overseas with me in 1988. I discovered I was doing twisted stocking stitch part way through. Might finish it one day.

  116. I have a blanket that has been sitting for almost a year, while I have been learning to knit lace in a shawl and crochet amigurumi animals for my nieces and nephew.

  117. Funny you bring this up! I had hidden enough aran tweed (bulky)
    in a basket to make a plus size pullover for around 10 years.
    About two weeks ago I finally found the pattern that made me pull it out and start knitting. The back is finished…here’s hoping it doesn’t take a decade each for the other three pieces!

  118. I started a linen stitch scarf knit lengthwise about six years ago and it is still languishing in a tote bag, worked on for a few minutes and put away again occasionally.

  119. Started a reindeer scarf before Christmas a year ago and lost interest when the new year came and it wasn’t done. I knew I wouldn’t wear Rudolph in February! I just finished it a week ago so I can wear it as soon as the holiday season starts!

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